Announcing Universal’s Volcano Bay – A Water Theme Park Unlike Any You’ve Ever Experienced

Announcing Universal’s Volcano Bay – A Water Theme Park Unlike Any You’ve Ever Experienced

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Today, we are announcing a project of incredible vision – bringing to life an entirely new water theme park experience for our guests. This addition will join Universal Studios Florida and Universal’s Islands of Adventure as our destination’s third highly-immersive park and will be called Universal’s Volcano Bay.

This is one of the most exciting projects we have had the opportunity to be part of because Volcano Bay will completely redefine the water park experience for our guests.

The park will feel as if it is set in picture-perfect tropical islands, formed by a massive volcano – and it will have something for every member of the family. It will feature radically-innovative attractions, peaceful moments of relaxation and an experience that we hope will change the way guests think about water theme parks.

We’ve already broken ground on Volcano Bay, just south of Universal’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort. Construction will move quickly, and the park will open in 2017.

Volcano Bay shows how Universal Orlando is continuing to evolve at an unprecedented rate that will not slow anytime soon. Since 2010, we’ve launched more than 18 remarkable experiences across the destination – from new attractions and theme park lands to new on-site hotels and restaurants. Our team will continue delivering new guest experiences that push the limits of theme park entertainment.

More details on Volcano Bay will be announced at a later date. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook or via email for the latest news.

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  1. Martha Gonzalez

    I love going to universal studios it’s a fun team park

  2. Michelle Galland


    Hi, this new theme park sounds great. I was just wondering, as an Annual Pass Holder, do you know how much extra it will cost us to enable us to visit the park?

  3. Dwight

    exciting. Can’t wait to see how much the annual pass goes up now for all 3 parks

  4. Gerard Murphy

    was only in Florida there last week went for two weeks had problems with my hotels but the parks was outstanding I would love to be there rite now best place in the world in my eyes

  5. Jeffrey


    looks like another Typhoon Lagoon……….

    • Mark


      Yeh, and cost twice as much and be half the fun

  6. Whitney

    I am super excited for this to come out!! I’ve been a pass holder for 7 years now and i love coming each and every time. Just like every one else, is this gonna raise our pass prices? Looking forward to some answer!

  7. reesa

    i can’t wait!! this will be so much fun & im excited for it to open. Universal Orlando, you never disappoint me, and I know this will be no different!!!

  8. Barbara Kiger

    I extremely enjoy going to Universal theme park. Most of the rides are inside, and with the tall buildings , and lots of shade shelters and trees and plenty of fans, so you’re never stuck in the direct sunsun. I have MS. , and from 12:00 to 4:00 is hard on me. Last year my husband and I got grandson and stayed at Caribbean baby Beach resort, it was great. In the following month took a granddaughters and stay at hard rock Casino resort, all the grandkids loved it so did we. Hope the new part brings much joy as Universal has.

  9. Joe Agurcia

    This will be a great addition to the Universal parks. I’ve been an annual passholder since 2011. Will my annual pass allow me access to the water park, just like Islands of Adventures, or will there be an additional cost for an upgrade? If so, what will be the upgrade cost, especially for FL residents.

  10. Iliana

    We can’t wait! I know it will be awesome.

  11. Jenna D

    We have been annual passholders for the last 8 years and watched our 2 kids ages 10 and 7 now grow right along with Universal we are there at least 1 to 2 weekends a month as we live in Florida and it is only a 2 hour drive. We are SOOO excited that there will now be a water park do you have any details on the additional cost it will be to add to our passes? Will we be able to add it on? And will it only be open seasonally? Thank you for your time!!

  12. Steven J

    I’m stoked about having yet a new addition to Universal Orlando Resort, I’m already a huge fan of IOA and Universal already. This looks to be a great park and can’t wait to indulge in it when it opens. I thought Kong was going to be a huge enough attraction, I think this will be bigger.

  13. Susan Parker

    I am a annual pass holder for islands of adventure and universal. Can’t wait to see how much more it will cost to upgrade for all three parks and what I have to do to include the water park.

  14. mike scarano

    I hope the wave pool is like the one at typhoon lagoon or better. please don’t give us the basic bobbing wave pool. This can make or break the success of the park.
    universal studios don’t have the land to be wasting please do it right the first time.
    Thank you

  15. cindy

    will we be able to add this water Park to our annual pass without renewing our passes

  16. Luz Angelica Lagos

    These two parks are truly spectacular, it’s for all ages, and the best are next to each other, unlike other parks that are far apart, it is a facility to visit and now with this new water park will be wonderful !

  17. Michael Sutko

    I’m delighted to learn of your new product. As a long time fan of Universal, this addition will enhance my ability to sell the Universal destinaton and I look forward to seeing this come to pass.

  18. Droupadi Budhu

    Will there be an annual pass?

  19. Ryan

    The question now is, what will become of Wet ‘n Wild?

    • Stephen

      True. I thought I heard a long while ago that Universal had acquired Wet’n’Wild in Orlando. I could be wrong though.

      • Jennifer

        They are closing it as of Dec 2016

  20. Rich

    I’m going this week too check it out , can u email me the menu, if any Kids menu also thanks

  21. Rich

    I’m going this week too check it out

    • Stephen

      Did no one read that it opens in 2017?

  22. Carlos

    It’s amazing park and more to come 🙂

  23. liz

    I love universal I am 60 and still love going there …………..can wait for new park……..

  24. Iris Fajardo Preston, Carefree Travelers By His Grace

    Another great attraction to offer our clients when visiting Orlando Florida!

  25. Amy Bridge/Tammy's Journeys

    It looks amazing. We can’t wait to check it out!

  26. Nevit

    Seems cool, but it’s sad that it’s replacing Wet n’ Wild….

    • Sharon

      I wonder if this new park will still host large parties such as I have been organizing for the last 14 years. Will they be able to hold a group of 400-600 or will they close the park once 200 people have entered like Aquatica has done? I don’t know about the Disney water parks but Wet N Wild did a wonderful job with large groups with private suppers and private park hours after it closed at 5 p.m. Will the new park be able to do this? Will the new park require a Universal ticket as well as water park ticket? If they charge for Universal tickets just to use the water park, they will lose our group after Wet N Wild closes. Not everyone can afford Universal and Disney prices just for a water park and not everyone wants to go to the major theme parks when they want a large group private party. I hope enough people make enough noise about closing Wet N Wild that they re-think this decision.

  27. Craig Hare

    Ya know.. Universal was great a few years ago.. but the rising prices are whats killing the park… Get those prices under 50.00 per day per park.. and your revenue will increase…
    I havenet been back there in years due to high prices.. Sorry Universal…



  29. Lisa P

    This is going to be AWESOME can’t wait to see what they do with it 🙂

  30. jim o'

    what will happen to wet/wild once it closes down, is there something new going to be built there in it’s place, my first time there was back in 1991 and I have been going back ever since, I have a 12year old son now and he has been every year since he was 1year, he just loves the place, so I don’t know what to tell him that wet/wild is closing albeit he is pretty excited about the new park, but for me there is just some things in life that are irreplaceable but still looking forward to the new park

  31. Keri

    Boo!!!! You are closing my favorite water park that is affordable for our family of 6 to make this happen and force more people to your new park which I’m sure will be far more expensive and cost prohibitive for families. Not impressed at all !

  32. Jo

    Ready at the beginning of 2017?

  33. sarah

    i can not wait until it gets here i will be going to the water park

  34. Joey

    why do you have to close wet n wild?

  35. Shirley Parker

    Hey guys I’m kinda old please hurry!!!!

  36. Mary Ann Vinarta

    Exciting another water fun. Hope entrance is affordable too.

  37. John Salvatore

    Will the Volcano Bay tickets be available in the Florida annual passes as an option as well?

  38. Bill

    Will the new park be a seperate price on top of the 2 theme parks? And do you have an opening date figured out yet? I am planning a trip in 2017 and want to make it around the waterparks opening.

  39. Ethan

    I gonna go to universal studios next year along with my plushes and electronics

  40. chery

    i hear the tickets were going on sale. i was wondering if they have the yearly pass just for volcano bay yet and how much?

  41. Donna Duel

    I am wondering if there will be cabanna rentals and how much? Any one have any idea?