Understanding Universal Orlando’s New 3-Park Annual Passes

Understanding Universal Orlando’s New 3-Park Annual Passes

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If you’ve been living under a lava rock for the past few years, you may not know that we’re adding a third park (and a water theme park, to boot) to our stellar resort- Universal’s Volcano Bay.

With Volcano Bay erupting on May 25th, we’re adding four new 3-Park Annual and Seasonal Passes to help our Passholders (or UOAPs, as we affectionately call them) maximize their experience.

UOAPs can decide to retain their existing 2-Park Pass, upgrade to the 3-Park counterpart, or even upgrade to a higher 3-Park Pass. Adding Volcano Bay to your existing 2-Park Pass is done with a single upgrade as low as $99, and that’s even if you’re on FlexPay.

You can upgrade your existing 2-Park Pass to a 3-Park Pass at our Passholder Upgrade Center at Universal’s Islands of Adventure’s Group Sales window now through May 25 between 8:00am and 6:00pm. Click here to learn more about upgrading to a 3-Park Annual Pass.

So grab your new 3-Park Annual Pass, your swimsuit and I’ll see you at Volcano Bay on May 25!

Oh, and don’t forget your sunscreen…

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  1. Juan J Gonzalez

    Is this upgrade only possible at the Passholder Upgrade Center? Can it be done on-line or by calling?

  2. Laura serdar

    Want to upgrade our two passes any way we could do this via email. We live in st augustine and Oman to be back there in June to bring our grandkids but we bought ourselves the season passes so need to see how we could do this on live as we live 21/2 hours away is there any way to upgrade on line

  3. John G

    Let’s say my annual pass ends in august: does that mean the access to the water park is $100 more for just that amount of time or does that extend my entire pass another year when I upgrade?

    • Becca


      If you upgrade your annual pass and it expires in August, your upgrade will only last you until August as well. It is best if you wait until you renew your pass before upgrading it (unless you still have several months left in your plan of course)! =]