The Purge Returns for Halloween Horror Nights 25

The Purge Returns for Halloween Horror Nights 25

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Are you ready to face the chaos of The Purge again? You better be, because the Purge is returning to Halloween Horror Nights—and this year, we’re taking it to the next level.

You may remember our wildly-successful Purge scarezone from last year’s event—complete with violent and chainsaw-wielding citizens. This year, prepare yourself for the same turmoil and more as you find yourself living your very own “Purge Night” within the confines of an all-new house experience.

You’ll be hunted by dozens of masked vigilantes who will stop at nothing to purge as they are entitled. And just like in the films, you’ll either fight to survive or succumb to the chaos of the Purge.

Good luck.

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  1. Kyle

    YES!!!!!!!!! I loved the scare zone and can’t wait to see what’s in store for the house 🙂

  2. Dom

    ‘Stop at nothing’ but can’t touch you lol

  3. jim

    for a 25th anni , so far this year seams pretty non-interesting to me.
    3 more houses to be announced so maybe this will change.
    but as of now we will not be making the trip down from Atlanta for Horror Nights.

    • Sean

      Uhhh….there are 5 more houses to be announced.

      • jim

        my bad. i meant 5. hit the 3 by accident.

    • cocaine heart

      agreed. I was really expecting classic horror movies/characters or truly scary themes for a 25th anniversary. The Purge and Insidious…. really? Those movies will never be classic or remembered. Feeling kind of bummed about these houses so far.

  4. Gabe

    ANOTHER repeat theme for this year????? Time for new talent on the HOS team….wait, Busch Gardens looks cool this year. But HHN needs some serious help. Definitely time to “scare up” some new brains. HHN has been stale for years now. Unfortunately, this is yet another year that I can only suggest to people that have never been before.

  5. George

    They immediately need to do an attraction based on Batman: Arkham Asylum just in time for Halloween Horror Nights; it’s about damn time!!!

  6. Jen

    Does anyone know when the tickets will go on sale at Publix ?

    • Olga

      They usually start to go on Sale in September

    • Vinnie

      Jen Ticket displays are just starting to arrive in the stores and should be making it onto the sales floor any day now.

  7. Stephanie

    Can’t wait! HHN is my favorite but last year the streets were lacking some fog effects hoping there’s more this year, I know it sounds silly but I love the fog!!


    HI I have a question are they going to have Michael Myers this year for 2015 Horror nights for the one in ORLANDO FLORDIA please write me back thanks

  9. Tierney Seebantz

    I have already purchased a multi-park admission card for all the parks. I would like to add on the Halloween Horror Nights Purge ticket to Universal Studios for one night. How do I go about adding that on? What do I ask for and where? Thank you! TS