The Incredible Hulk Coaster To Undergo Major Enhancement and Refurbishment Work

The Incredible Hulk Coaster To Undergo Major Enhancement and Refurbishment Work

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We want to let you know that The Incredible Hulk Coaster will be getting some great, new enhancements to its storyline, ride vehicles and overall experience.

That work means we’ll have to close the attraction beginning September 8, with September 7 being the last day guests can ride. It will roar back to life next summer, and we’ll keep you posted on the details. In the meantime, be sure to check out the other great, thrilling, experiences at Universal’s Islands of Adventure, including Dr. Doom’s FearFall, Dragon Challenge, Jurassic Park River Adventure and more.

I’ve been lucky enough to get a sneak peek at plans for The Incredible Hulk Coaster, and I can tell you the overall experience is going to feel more immersive and high-tech. But don’t worry—the attraction will still have the same “Incredible” personality that makes it one of America’s most popular coasters.

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The Incredible Hulk Coaster experimentará grandes mejoras y renovaciones

Queremos informarles que la montaña rusa The Incredible Hulk Coaster va a recibir unas grandes mejoras a su historia, los vehículos de la atracción y la experiencia en general.

Este trabajo implica que tendremos que cerrar la atracción empezando el 8 de septiembre. La atracción rugirá a la vida el próximo verano y los mantendremos informados de los detalles. Mientras tanto, asegúrate de ir a las otras increíbles y emocionantes experiencias de Universal’s Islands of Adventure, como Dr. Doom’s FearFall, Dragon Challenge, Jurassic Park River Adventure, y más.

He tenido la suerte de poder echarle un vistazo a los planes para The Incredible Hulk Coaster, y les puedo decir que la nueva experiencia se va a sentir más inmersiva y de alta tecnología. Pero no se preocupen, la atracción seguirá teniendo la personalidad “increíble” que la hace una de las montañas rusas más populares de los Estados Unidos.

Seguiremos compartiendo noticias próximamente.

The Incredible Hulk Coaster vai passar por grande restauração e avanços

Nós queremos que você saiba que a The Incredible Hulk Coaster vai ganhar novos e incríveis avanços em seu enredo, carros e em sua experiência total.

Isto significa que precisaremos fechar a atração no início de setembro, no dia 8. Ela voltará à ativa no próximo verão norte-americano e nós manteremos você a par de todos os detalhes. Enquanto isso, assegure-se de conhecer as nossas outras grandes e emocionantes atrações no Universal’s Islands of Adventure, como Dr. Doom’s FearFall, Dragon Challenge, Jurassic Park River Adventure e muito mais.

Eu fui sortudo por poder dar uma espiada nos planos para a The Incredible Hulk Coaster, e posso contar que a experiência completa vai ser ainda mais imersiva e high-tech. E não se preocupe – a atração manterá a mesma personalidade “Incrível” que faz dela uma das montanhas-russas mais populares dos Estados Unidos.

Nós ainda compartilharemos outras atualizações bem legais.

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  1. Jonathan

    do you think that they will finish working on it before December 22 comes because i am going to universal studios Orlando this winter and i was so looking forward to this ride

    • Sean

      The post says it will not be open until the summer, so no, it won’t be open.

  2. Sarah M

    I genuinely cannot believe my absolute misfortune. I fly out on 8th September from the UK and this was to be one of my top MUST DOs. I realise this is important, but this really blows… 🙁 short notice!!

  3. One pissed off person


    Was so looking forward to going on the Hulk this fall as we’re going in October/November for HHN2015 what a let down Taken all the excitement out of it now?????

  4. Sharoann

    Are you freakin kidding me?????? We come down there on the 27th of September, and this is one of the reasons! They should post this way in advance for people who plan their vacations around their park. We WILL most likely switch our plans to a Disney vacation rather than Universal after this Bologna!!!

    • Janel

      Disney has almost closed half of Hollywood studios with no explanation, yet you mad about 1 ride being closed for improvement at IOA…Really?

      • B

        Half of the Hollywood Studios is still less of a loss than not being able to ride Hulk!

        We only complain because we care and love that beast.

  5. Lee

    WoW talk about short notice.Absolutely livid we will miss this ride at the end of september.Will admission prices will decrease as a result of closing orlandos best coaster?. #pigswillfly

  6. Kevin

    I know there is alot of negative comments but people don’t understand in order to make these rides better they need to shut them in order to improve on the experience and make it better for us the guests who visit these them parks to ride them if they leave the rides the way they are they won’t feel up to date with the technology we have in this day in age

    People be nice the guys are doing the best the can if the didn’t do anything then I would see why your complaining


    • Nige

      It’s just sad that it’s short notice for people who have booked to go, I’m going in June next year so hopefully all be open ??

  7. Baka

    Super excited for this! I can’t wait to see what they add..

  8. Lee

    Well the closing is a bitter sweet birthday present that will be delayed by months. Seems like forever. But I welcome IOA giving the Hulk some TLC. A lot of parks just let the rides rust or rot over time. Eagerly awaiting Hulk II.

  9. Ryan

    You know who’s Marvel rides WON’T be getting some great, new enhancements to storylines, ride vehicles and overall experiences?

    Disney. ;D

    Keep it up Universal!

  10. Chris Blanc

    While it’s great that the ride’s being refurbished, I’ll be gutted if it’s not open when we visit next year at the emd of April especially as I doubt King Kong will be open by then either

    • scott

      April is not summer, in theme park language summer is typically late august or into september

    • Jesse

      King Kong doesn’t exist anymore

  11. Logan

    This is the first time reading your site/blog, and I have to say I am impressed that the article is written in two languages! Nice one!

    (Also excited, yet nervous to see what will happen with my favorite ride at Universal -)

  12. Stuart

    This has be the most disappointing news ever. 🙁

  13. Colin s

    Nothing wrong with the hulk ride as it is they messed around updating the Spider-Man ride and it was worse for it

  14. Jerrell

    Going back in a little over 2 weeks, just in time to ride it before it closes. Glad I picked the week I did.

  15. Richie Parton

    Will the last rides be on the 7th or can you ride The Hulk until close of day on the 8th?

  16. Joe

    25th Anniversary of the Park and this is when you decide to shut down this centerpiece ride????? The sound of the Park is going to change dramatically… Where is the roar?????? I will be there on the 30th of September through the weekend… Trips paid for. CANNOT wait for your sweet little How Was Your Experience Survey… Going back to Disney next year and Dreams Do Come True there. EVERY ONSITE GUEST SHOULD GET INTO HHN25 AS A GRATUITY OR AT LEAST 1/2 pricing.

    • heath

      Lol for one ride, your overeacting big time. Chill. DIsney will have almost half a park shut down.

    • Jon

      Islands of Adventure is only 17 years old, not 25…

  17. Bill

    phew, flying from uk on 4th Sept. Will be changing plans to make sure I ride before it closes down. Bit short notice though

  18. Donny

    Lets take our guests money then tell them a major attraction will be closed. Wow no notice at all. Way to go uor

  19. Bruna

    I arrive at Orlando on september 7. my plans is going to universal ON september 8. My question is it’ s closed On september 8 ir it’s gonna be the last day?

  20. jammy

    GUTTED! Fly out on the 8th September ! Annoyed that when i checked last week on the calendar it said (and still says) ‘attraction closures; none at tis time’ and now i see this ! wtf sort it out!

  21. Thomas

    oh man going to Universal’s 10.October
    comming from Germany ???

  22. Marcia

    I can’t believe it!!! They should post this way in advance for people who plan their vacations around their park! I’m soooo sad!!!

  23. scott

    I am done with orlando official they have closed all the rides I loved as a kid been saving up for 4 years to come here to ride these rides and yesterday to top it off went to universal to find the main ride I came here again for was shut down holliday over and have park tickets I don’t want to use as there is nothing there that I want to go on i feel like this holliday has been a total let down why don’t they just leave stuff as it is. To fly 9 hr on a plane to be let down am not happy that I have payed nearly 2 grand for tickets to all these parks to find about 3 rides I like.

  24. scott

    Universal is great about announcing new attractions, but they fail to mention it replaced another attraction. Examples: Hanna Barbara to Nickelodeon to Minions, Alfred Hitchcock to Shrek(Hitchcock attraction, had movie, soundstage show, and special effects area), King Kong replaced by Mummy, Ghostbusters replaced by Twister, being replaced with Jimmy Fallon, Back to the Future replaced with Simpsons (weak), Wild West Stunt show replaced with Fear Factor(when it is actually open), Murder She Wrote replaced by ??? and then Transformers, Earthquake replaced by Disaster being replaced by Fast and Furious, Jaws replaced with Diagon Alley, Nick Studios and tours closed.
    Very little original left at the Studios

  25. Tom

    My theory is that is it getting a totally new re brand to another Marvel character. Disney owns the rights to The Incredible Hulk, so I reckon it would have to be a character that Disney does not own like Xmen. The Spider man ride does too pose questions but it is only part owned by Disney so they can get away with keeping that good ride.

  26. Oliver Hunt

    Will this be open in June 2016 do you think?

  27. Jesse

    Listen people, after the thousands of riders that ride these rides per day, the rides get worn down.unless you want some final fantasy stuff to happen, they need to close the rides for a temporary period to do maintenance and improvements. They also need to be approved and granted, so it’s not like they knew it was going to happen 6 months before it actually did. Get over it. Stuff happens

  28. Shannah

    Does anyone know of the ride will be open before June 10th of this year? We’re planning on coming for my birthday, but if we need to delay in order for this ride, we will. I just need to know so we know when to fly down. Thanks!

  29. HJ

    Any chance the ride will reopen a little early for Spring Break??

  30. Luis

    You all are complaining all I want to know is when is it going to open ?

    • Lee

      I hear you. Have a trip planned in May. Would love to ride then. But hey I am just glad Hulk is coming back together. Piece by piece.

  31. Kevin

    Stop your whining guys, the Hulk is coming back, they’re not demolishing it, you will get to ride it again at some point.

    It’s not like Disney that just continually replaces their best rides with crap. I’m still upset about Disney replacing Maelstrom with the Frozen Ever After ride. Nonetheless putting it in Norway in the World Showcase…. You go to the world showcase to learn, not for Frozen. It would have been so fitting in the Magic Kingdom instead. And I know people may not see me eye to eye on this but the new Test Track at EPCOT, ruined it. It’s like Tron….

    I’m sorry for those of you who planned your vacations after the closing date that aren’t Florida residents and don’t have much of a chance to revisit any time soon but just remember, though it is one of the best in Florida, it’s just ONE ride; Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure have plenty more for you to enjoy.

  32. pissed off park goer

    I would have loved to ride this when me and my family visit the park july 1 2016 but you guys obviously don’t know your seasons cause its summer and the ride is still closed.. HELLO!!!!! its almost july and now I can’t even enjoy my favorite coaster with my sister because your workers obviously don’t understand what it means to open up the ride in the summer of 2016 cause its the summer of 2016 right now…. I’m sure it takes a lot to rebuild such a big coaster but I saw test runs of this ride on memorial day weekend and it made people believe the attraction would be opening soon, but no you keep teasing us with testy runs and all of the updates and its not fair. this ride is what makes most people visit your park.. It is not fair to all of the people that its been closed for 10 months already! when will it be finished???? it would be nice I you had a release date cause its summer and its still not open!!!!!!!!

  33. pissed off park goer

    this is bs its summer of 2016 and the ride is still closed even though you run test runs all the time teasing park goers… its messed up and not fair this is one of the only coasters I can go on with out getting major anxiety. My sister and her boyfriend and my boyfriend and I all planned on going on this ride july 1st but since you people have no sense of time we can’t enjoy our favorite all together.. plus its both of our boyfriends first time going to the park.. so thank you so much universal for making this the worst visit I will ever have…

  34. Smitha9

    Appreciate you sharing, great blog post.Thanks Again. Really Cool. kedcfdededebdeeb

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