Leatherface Invades Halloween Horror Nights 26 in an All-New Haunted Maze

Leatherface Invades Halloween Horror Nights 26 in an All-New Haunted Maze

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The entire creative team of Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights has a library of films that have permanently etched their initials in our collective psyche. Tobe Hooper’s The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is certainly one of those films and this year, we’re bringing the original 1974 classic to life in an all-new haunted maze.

It’s a film that if made identically today, it wouldn’t compare to the original. Yes, today’s version would be gorier and with artistic camera moves and edits. But the 1974 original’s grit and journalistic style is what makes it so terrifying; it’s what makes it feel so real.

And I’d be willing to bet this film is the reason a chainsaw’s iconic roar is frightening to so many people.

The film features very little gore, instead focusing on the psychological nature of this warped family. I’ll never forget watching it over at my buddy’s house in middle school. Sally’s ordeal of being captured by this maniacal family is never more pungent than when the family’s near-dead, corpse-like grandfather is attempting to limply bash Sally in head. The family’s sheer joy at this sickening display was indelible.

But nothing can equate to the late, great Gunnar Hansen’s portrayal of the killer, Leatherface. You can see the maniac but also the layers of innocence deep down, that this chainsaw-wielding murderer is a product of his upbringing. Leatherface is a feral character with hints of sadness and humanity. Gunnar brought this to the role and no one has yet to duplicate his performance.

As creators of Halloween Horror Nights, we have the privilege of bringing to life many popular horror films. Every now and then, we are able to replicate one that forged the reason horror has become such a factor in many of our lives. The original The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is undoubtedly on that short list.

Like all of you, the horror fan in me is looking forward to reliving this story and entering that dilapidated Texas farmhouse. The anticipation of coming face-to-face with a horror legend and having my screams drowned by that saw blade is just as prevalent now as when I first witnessed this amazing horror film decades ago.

We’ve got lots more to tell about this year’s Halloween Horror Nights, so keep checking the blog or sign up for emails to get all the details.

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  1. Sue K.

    This is excellent news!! So very excited to see whats lurking in the dark this year at Halloween Horror Nights!

  2. Craig M. Beatty

    Have you possibly considered a celebrity meet & greet with some on the TCM original cast? John Dugan (grandpa), & the others have been at Horror conventions, it would be excellent if he could come for photo ops. I know you’ve had Steve & Tango from Ghost Hunters in the past, & these make for a great promotion. Thank you.

  3. kari

    any idea when tickets go on sale? and i have heard that there is a ticket option called, rush of fear ticket, that is around the same price of a regular ticket, but is good for 10 nights during the first 3 weeks of october. Is this true?

    • Brit

      I think you can already buy vacation packages. And yes rush of fear is real. They also have frequent fear in different tiers. They are good for the whole season. Times of the week depend on what level you purchase.

      • Brit

        I’m not sure what the price for rush of fear is though.

  4. sonia

    wait. i’m confused. is it a maze or a house?

  5. Great question! We generally refer to our houses as mazes, but they are the same thing.

  6. Angelina Hitchcock

    Would be fun to see the Original Hitchhiker Edwin Neal from the 1974 Texas Chainsaw Massacre make an appearance!