Introducing Halloween Horror Nights TERROR TRIVIA on the App

Introducing Halloween Horror Nights TERROR TRIVIA on the App

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Happy Halloween (Horror Nights) – my favorite time of the year! I am excited to announce an all-new way to interact with this year’s Halloween Horror Nights event – TERROR TRIVIA.

Built within The Official Universal Orlando Resort App, TERROR TRIVIA allows guests to compete against each other in 11 horror-packed levels. The trivia surrounds this year’s horrifying 10 haunted houses and includes a bonus ‘History Rewind’ level for die-hard Halloween Horror Nights fans. This level quizzes players on previous event years, haunted houses, event icons scare zones and more.

Halloween Horror Nights TERROR TRIVIA Landing Screen

This is your opportunity to challenge your friends, family, or even strangers you meet while in line, and prove who the true Halloween Horror Nights fans are.

YOUR GOAL: Become one of the ‘Top 20’ scores of the night, and get your “Scream Name” (your player alias) up on the leaderboards live throughout the event.

Here’s how it works:

Inside The Official Universal Orlando Resort App, tap any of the 10 haunted houses on the “Event” section to access TERROR TRIVIA.

Halloween Horror Nights TERROR TRIVIA Haunted House Landing ScreenSet up your “Scream Name” alias, and get ready to play…

Halloween Horror Nights TERROR TRIVIA Scream Name Screen

As you enter the queue of each haunted house, that house’s level will automatically unlock. You’ll know you’re ready to play when the bell in the corner shows you the ‘unlock’ notification.

The ‘History Rewind’ level will randomly unlock throughout the night.

Halloween Horror Nights TERROR TRIVIA House Trivia Screen

Answer the questions as fast as you can – the faster you correctly answer, the more points you get!

You’ll instantly see your score once you complete a level — if you want to get more points, you can restart each individual level and try again.

Best of all, it’s a different game every time you play, as the game pulls from a pool of over 350+ questions at random. The competition will get your heart racing before you’ve even entered the haunted house.

You may know about the movies and TV shows we have as haunted houses this year, but what about the original haunted houses our Entertainment Team created? While no one’s looking, I’ll give you a hint…you may have to experience our unique houses first, before you ace all of the questions…and be sure to pay attention to all the house details. Don’t tell anyone I told you that.

We can’t wait to see your scores, and see who knows the most Halloween Horror Nights knowledge.

Keep in mind, you can only play while you’re at the event, and levels only unlock after you’ve physically entered a haunted house’s queue, so choose an event night from September 14 to November 3, grab your tickets (and a portable charger), and download The Official Universal Orlando Resort App before you get to the event.

You can also get show times, event wait times, and additional Halloween Horror Nights event info within the app. It’s time to prove you’re the ultimate Halloween Horror Nights fan. I’ll see you out there…GAME ON!

WARNING: Event may be too intense for young children and is not recommended for children under the age of 13. No costumes or masks allowed.
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