New Fast & Furious – Supercharged and On-Site Hotel Details Announced

New Fast & Furious – Supercharged and On-Site Hotel Details Announced

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Just about a week ago we were celebrating the opening of our new water theme park, Universal’s Volcano Bay. It was a memorable couple of days where we celebrated the next chapter in Universal Orlando Resort’s evolution.

But we’re not stopping there—there’s so much on the way for 2017 and beyond.

New Cabana Bay Towers Now Open

The expansion of the popular retro-inspired hotel, Universal’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort, is officially open. The hotel’s proximity and benefits makes it a great way to stay on-site and enjoy all the thrills and relaxation at Volcano Bay.

Enjoy a view of Universal's Volcano Bay when you stay at the new Universal's Cabana Bay Towers.

A select number of rooms even offer amazing views of the impressive volcano Krakatau and some of the water theme park’s attractions. And for those of you travelling with family, the new Cabana Bay towers include 20 all-new two-bedroom suites that sleep up to eight people.

Fast & Furious – Supercharged to Debut in Spring 2018

Today, we are officially announcing that Universal Studios’ upcoming attraction, Fast & Furious – Supercharged, will open in Spring 2018.

This action-packed ride will take guests on a high-octane journey that fuses an original storyline, incredible ride technology, popular characters, exhilarating environments, nonstop action and, of course, high-speed cars. You’ll feel like part of the Fast & Furious family as they join Dom Toretto, Hobbs, Letty and Roman on a thrilling new Fast & Furious journey.

This new attraction will also feature the Virtual Line experience. This allows you to select a time to ride in advance so you can wait in line, virtually, as you enjoy other experiences throughout the park.

Universal’s Aventura Hotel to Offer Techie Accommodations

Also debuting in 2018, the new Universal’s Aventura Hotel will offer tech savvy accommodations. Using the provided in-room tablet, you’ll be able to control many of the room’s features, like the TV, temperature and more.Universal’s Aventura Hotel to Bring Affordable-Chic to Life at Universal Orlando Resort in Summer 2018.The hotel will also have a virtual reality game room and an underwater speaker system in the hotel’s resort-style pool. Stay tuned to learn more about other high-tech amenities that will be available at this sleek and modern hotel.

Right now, you can get a sneak peek inside Universal’s Aventura Hotel with this 360 VR tour around the hotel, including the pool, a room and our first ever rooftop bar. Try it with VR goggles or Google Cardboard for the fully immersive experience.

Reservations are now open for stays beginning August 2018. Rates start at as low as $97 per night for a seven-night stay and $116 per night for a four-night stay.

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  1. David

    Please don’t ruin your park with Virtual lines like Disney did with Fastpass+
    When i want to ride a ride, i go get in line or use Express, i DO NOT want to make a reservation and Wait, and Wait, and Wait.
    By the time my reservation is ready, I may not even be interested any more, or be in another park.

    • Will

      SECONDED. One of the great features of the Universal parks is how casual they feel. Partly this is because the walkways are not overcrowded with people waiting for their ride times. Disney is ridiculously crowded lately due to Fastpass and it makes the whole situation more stressful. Lines are actually good.

    • James

      Universal’s virtual lines for Jimmy Fallon are so outstanding & relaxed that you never feel any pressure. Sure you can reserve a time to come back on your app, but it’s not needed. Instead of a line you are given a color coded feather. From the you can hang out in lounge chairs, re-charge your phone, tour the museum, play games on several computers or just enjoy clips of the Tonight Show. When the lights change to match your ticket, you ride! It’s that easy & simple! If they do anything like this for Fast & Furoius, it will be fantastic!!!

      PS: We went about a month after Race Through New York opened, & reserved a time for 15 mins later…. BIG PLUS! You pick your own time & you have an hour to show up!!! Love this idea!!!

  2. Julian

    Any chance of getting a rendering of the video that can be viewed conventiallly? We’re already booked to visit next September and can’t wait!

  3. Deborah

    By the looks of the video, I won’t be a fan and don’t want to even consider it, I like modern casual but this is not what I’m looking for in a vacation, I go to enjoy, unplug and relax, furniture like chairs look uncomfortable, food court area is the same setup pretty much but different décor all the other theme parks have as food courts. not do the same tasks do at home and I agree the virtual line wait doesn’t work, it’s like the other guy said probably be somewhere else by then.

  4. Jim D

    Deborah’s nd Will’s comments pretty much sum it up for us and totally agree. And yes, the fastpass doesn’t work for us at Disney.

  5. Jess

    Is there an exact date for the fast and furious ride opening yet? It just says spring. I will be in the area in March and it’s opening is the deciding factor if we will be visiting the park or not.

    • Brittney Mizer

      Same!!!! Spring is so vague 🙁

  6. Kudy

    Has Universal included parking in their room rates? I’m local & have tried for years to stay on site then the FINE PRINT is at the bottom of bill adding daily fees for parking. I get free parking as an annual preferred pass holder, but if I stay at your resort, I AM CHARGED EXTRA FOR PARKING. Please fix this because I really want to stay on-site.

  7. Lija

    It says reservations are open to stay at the Adventura hotel, but I don’t see a link anywhere.

  8. Galadriel

    I cannot wait for Fast & Furious to open! I am looking forward to a really fast ride with some furious adrenalin rushes (maybe a little like another park’s fast car ride before they toned down much of the track only with Universal’s wonderful flair). I am eagerly anticipating “high-speed cars” that allow me to feel the wind in my hair. I love high-powered rollercoasters and desperately miss the Dragon Challenge, but if this ride lives up to its hype it could be almost as fun. For the next ride (after replacing Dragon Challenge with something just as thrilling), how about an indoor upside-down-looping/twisting roller coaster. I’ve seen them and they can be fun if done right. Still, Fast & Furious might be exciting if it really does live up to its hype.