New Loews Sapphire Falls Resort Opening Summer 2016

New Loews Sapphire Falls Resort Opening Summer 2016

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I’ve always had a love for hotels—usually because they meant I was on vacation! So, when I heard we were going to be building a fifth hotel, Loews Sapphire Falls Resort, here at Universal Orlando Resort, it made me recall a lot of those childhood vacations.

Growing up in Baltimore, my family and I would often visit Ocean City, Maryland and rent an oceanfront beach house. Those trips brought about so many memories that make up a big bulk of my heart to this day.

But do you know what those beach houses didn’t have? Room service. Housekeeping. (Well…hi, mom!) Pools, glorious pools. Restaurants. (Mom…hi again! I love you and your spaghetti sauce.) Poolside bars. All the mini soaps and shampoos you could want.

There’s nothing quite like the anticipation of walking into the lobby of a beautiful hotel, being handed your hotel key, and making your way to the place that you will call home for the next few days.

And when it comes to hotel options here in Orlando, the world is seriously your oyster (I never understood that expression; oysters are slimy). And soon there will be a new, themed hotel gracing Orlando with its presence.

Officially announced today, Universal Orlando Resort and Loews Hotels will be opening another spectacular on-site hotel, Loews Sapphire Falls Resort, during the summer of 2016.


For those of you reading this that don’t already know, here at Universal we have four other resort hotels on property: the luxurious, Italian-inspired Loews Portofino Bay Hotel, the stimulating Hard Rock Hotel, the exotic Loews Royal Pacific Resort, and our newest baby, the retro Cabana Bay Beach Resort. We love partnering with Loews because they bring world-class service that you’ll also find at Loews Sapphire Falls Resort.

Isn’t that a cool name?

The inspiration behind the name and the overall concept comes from the Caribbean. Think old-classic-Caribbean-stone-architecture meets colorful-casual-hideaway. Rustic, yet tropical. Pshh, give me a cocktail and I’m there. 🙂 Except it’s not built yet. Boo. 🙁

And if you’ve ever been anywhere in the Caribbean, you’d probably agree that the water isn’t just blue, it’s something bluer than blue. It’s, well…sapphire.

From the moment you enter the lobby and look out through the floor-to-ceiling windows, you’ll feel immersed with picturesque water views including a lush, flowing river and towering waterfall. Then add in a really unique resort-style pool, waterslide, cabana rentals, a sand beach, and laid-back island flair.

I think I can already hear the steel drums. No wait, that’s my Pandora station.

So, what else do we know? There’ll be a poolside bar and grill (that’s where I’ll get my cocktail!), a full-service restaurant that will offer al fresco dining (remember those water views I was referring to?), as well as a Caribbean marketplace where you can grab all kinds of tasty, yet quicker, nom noms. Oh! And you can bring your furry travel partner with you because this hotel will be pet friendly! It will also offer a fitness center, valet parking, full-service concierge, and a business center.

Business center? Who wants to think of business while they’re on vacation?

Well, I’m glad I mentioned that because there will be a lot of business going on at this hotel in addition to those who will be sitting near the resort-style pool all day. (See: me)

Not only is this Universal’s fifth hotel, but it will be Loews’ second largest convention hotel next to it’s neighboring sister hotel, Loews Royal Pacific Resort. Loews Sapphire Falls Resort will boast a meeting and event space equaling 131,000 square feet. This will really be an incredible venue for companies looking to host conferences for thousands of people.

If 131,000 square feet isn’t enough, how about adding a covered, air-conditioned bridge that will connect the meeting space at Loews Sapphire Falls Resort to the meeting space at Loews Royal Pacific Resort, which will actually be undergoing a meeting space expansion in 2015! That’s a combined meeting space of 272,000 square feet. What better way to complement a day of meetings than with a side of Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit? “Calling all corporate professionals and trade show exhibitions!”

And, because I feel like it can’t go without saying, when you stay at any of our hotels, you’ll really get the best experience when it comes to not only your hotel experience, but your overall experience, as well. Our two theme parks, Universal Studios Florida and Universal’s Islands of Adventure, are literally RIGHT THERE. So is Universal CityWalk, the dining and entertainment complex that connects the two theme parks.

Whether you’re here on vacation or attending a conference, as long as you’re staying at one of our five hotels, you’ll receive an exclusive package of theme park benefits including early access to the parks, as well as complimentary resort-wide transportation. You’ll never have to leave our universe!

While we wait for more exciting news to share, here’s to heartwarming memories and sapphire blue skies. With cocktails.


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  1. Chuck

    The article without the campy attempts at being funny would have been just fine!

  2. Maryann J.

    No thank you. I have 2 dogs of my own that I love with all my heart, but when I am on vacation the last thing I want is to hear dogs barking all the time or stepping in dog poop. I will stay at the Loews Portofino again when I go back. My favorite.

    • Pam Bowman

      ALL Loew’s are pet friendly- including Portofino Bay!

  3. Sherry

    LOVED Cabana Bay!!! Was there 3 weeks ago. Maybe this will be our next ORL destination!

    • Hi Sherry. Thank you for visiting us! We’re so glad you enjoyed your stay at Cabana Bay Beach Resort.

  4. Pam Bowman

    Looking forward to all the exciting things Universal has in store. Will this hotel fall in the “moderate” category? I assume it will not offer Express Pass.

    • Hi Pam. We’re excited, too! While we wait for more information to share, keep checking for the latest updates.

  5. Melissa

    I am assuming that this will be another Deluxe Resort that will include the Deluxe Resort benefits, such as the Front of the Line Pass?

  6. Doris

    It is beautiful would like to work there loved the waterfalls

  7. jessie and maria walker

    To Ashley Westfall

    love it!!! looks amazing we are premier holders we visit all the time and it always feels like the 1st time
    thank you much for the fun beautiful things you and everyone else!!! do for us

  8. S.pickavance

    We live. And. Breathe. Loews hotels. And. Hope. To. Visit. New. Hotel. When. Ready. Portafino. Our. Favorite. Sue. England

  9. karen jobson


    We come to Orlando every other year from the UK and always stay at the Royal Pacific, have tried the other on site hotels but this is my favourite.
    We are coming next year and bringing our whole family of 11 with us who have never been before.
    I have read about the expansion of the conference centre next year and am concerned that there will be building work going on at the hotel. Just wondered if that will be the case.

  10. Scott Keglovic

    Hi Ashley,

    Nicely done.

    Looks like it’s going to be another winner!


  11. Renee

    I’m a travel agent and my family and myself always stay at one of the Lowes Universal properties. This one looks amazing, wish it was opening next summer don’t think I can wait until 2016!

  12. Angelica

    I can’t wait to visit this resort. I am waiting for it to be done and I will booked it with I want to visit Disneyland in Orlando again. It gets me back to my childhood.

  13. Michelle G

    The company that my mother works for built the cabana bay resort and is now building this one. I can not wait to see what it looks like in the end. My bf and i just staied at the cabana bay and it was just amazing. We were upgraded to a pool view room ( breath taking) and were giving a drink card each , because we were celebrating our birthdays. It was just the best trip we have ever had. I was already looking up info to plan our next trip , while we were checking out from the cabana lol

  14. Universalfan

    Will this hotel offer bellservices?

  15. Kurt

    Do I understand correctly that there will be no Express Pass offered?

    What about club level?

    As beautiful as this looks, without those two perks we will continue our annual visit to either PBR or RPR.

    • Kathy

      Agreed! We did the Hard Rock in 2012 and Royal Pacific in 2014. Either we will try the Portofino or go back to Royal Pacific. Loved the Hard Rock in 2012, but it was too much of a price jump in 2014.

  16. Kathy

    The Express pass is a must for our family. Shame they are not offering it.

  17. Joyce Gilmour

    Visiting on 25th July from Scotland can’t wait looks amazing !!!!!