King Kong Roars to Life in Groundbreaking New Attraction

King Kong Roars to Life in Groundbreaking New Attraction

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Over the past 25 years, Universal Orlando has created some of the world’s most incredible entertainment experiences by combining emotional storytelling, timeless characters and innovative ride technologies. Today, we honor one of the most monumental figures in movie history, King Kong, with the announcement of a groundbreaking attraction opening in the summer of 2016 at Universal’s Islands of Adventure“Skull Island: Reign of Kong.”

Skull Island King Kong

You’ll navigate perilous jungles, explore ancient temple structures and encounter hostile natives – and that’s only the beginning. Throughout the rest of your excursion, you’ll brave foreboding caves crawling with prehistoric creatures, fend off unspeakable terrors – and even come face-to-face with the colossal Kong himself.

When we began conceptualizing the next great attraction for Universal Orlando Resort, one prevailing thought rose to the top of our minds. How do we make the experience MASSIVE? The sets, the characters and even the story itself. All of it will be larger than life.

Skull Island King Kong

The challenge is also to tell the next generation of the Kong legend, all while delivering an unparalleled, revolutionary theme park experience guests have come to expect from Universal.  We have done exactly that with Reign of Kong – you’ll be pulled into a powerful, intense fight for survival as you discover a side of the iconic beast that has never been revealed…until now.

Skull Island King Kong

To hear more about “Skull Island: Reign of Kong,” check out the announcement video below.

And stay tuned for all the BIG details coming soon. Click here to sign-up for e-mail and stay in the know.

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  1. Brian

    Looks outstanding! Can’t wait. Will this experience include physical elements like sets and animatronics figures?

    Also, will Reign of Kong be located in Jurassic Park, a new eighth island, or a re-branded island that encompasses them both?

  2. amanda casas

    I saw it ..I cant wait for it to open we should be going ..

  3. Auensty Janssen-Reikofski

    I am SO excited for this! It looks like you have once again take the bar and raised it for theme parks worldwide. I can’t wait to experience yet another fully immersive attraction at your parks!

  4. blanki06

    Is it replacing jurassic park?

    • jon

      nope it’s being built near the Jurassic park visitor center

    • BEN

      Looking at the top picture of this blog page, his face is diformed. It look like a comic strip !

    • Matthew

      No it is not, it is located next to it between toon lagoon and Jurassic park

    • Face

      I just returned from Universal, and saw them working on this. it is HUGE!! Never saw an attraction his big. And Kong is not replacing Jurassic Park. Kong is located in the back of IOA, between JP and the comic book land. It will definitely blow away the old Kong that was by The Mummy.

  5. Dusti

    So excited they are bringing this back!!

  6. Diane

    Is this ride on tracks or just a truck on wheels riding along?

  7. Princess Blood

    Looks like so much fun for 2016.

  8. L rae

    Brilliant I remember the old King Kong about time he came back

  9. Paul

    I hope this does include physical effects and a host of animatronic creatures,bugs,dinos and the like. Hopefully if we’re lucky Kong might be a huge animatronic like he was back in the day with the old ride. If he’s ball CG it will be a blah experience for me. Here’s hoping


    I can’t wait to ride next year! Awesome!

  11. DT

    We were at Universal (both parks) a couple of weeks ago, we go down 2-3 times a year (we’re about 2 hours away), and we saw the construction. It’s HUGE. Seeing it from Jurassic Park, it blends in thematically really well too.

  12. Grampa

    Work has been going on behind the trees just inside the entrance to Jurassic Park at the South end . Is this it? The spot is very dark at night. A fitting location for the Big Guy.

  13. Big Norm


    So you spent millions of dollars destroying the old King Kong which made a lot of people mad. Now you are wasting more millions to ad it back? Unreal. What is next, buying land to rebuild Jaws? I was sad to see Kong go the first time but if you are going to spend millions to get me back in the park, you are going to have to do better than bringing back a ride you took away

    • Derek

      Um…you do know that this is NOT the same ride right? Did the old ride feature a jungle theme? Did you ride in a big safari looking truck? Did a portion of the ride take place outdoors? The answer to all those questions is no!

      The old Kong ride was OLD! It opened with the park 25 years ago. They are taking a theme and character and creating a BRAND NEW, extremely advanced thrill ride that will pale in comparison to the old Kong. You should be happy they are bringing back a character you were sad they took away and giving him the ride he rightfully deserves!

      • DT

        Did you ride the old one? You know, for the time, it was pretty dang fun! Kind of off topic, but we were extra bummed when they shut down Jaws (we actually rode it the last few weeks before it closed). That was old school but still excellent, though happy with the amazing new HP areas that replaced it.

        • Spencer Paluszak

          I agree. I sincerely missed Jaws when it was closed down for Diagon Alley. I loved all of the practical effects and the fact that they used a live actor. It’s unfortunate that Universal Studios has such a limited space to create these massive attractions with.

          Diagon Alley is still awesome, though. (^_^)

      • Andrwe

        the old ride kong had banana breath!!

    • Jiman

      I agree with what Derek and the others stated below.
      Universal is really great, but there are some rides that are still there that are becoming I hate to say it – outdated.
      This upgrade to the park is necessary (Sometimes it’s for the better, and sometimes I’m not so sure)

      I was not too impressed with the Simpsons ride, especially remembering the Back to the Future ride, but unfortunately, that film and series has become dated (while not to me lol). It hardly gets any air time.

      • dk

        I loved that ride I was sad when they took it out . I’m not found of the Simpsons ride at all

    • cheryl

      Big Norm they took down the old Kong as it outlived its purpose. It was replaced with the Mummy and people loved it.
      The new Kong will be more modern and high tech You should be applauding Universal for updating their parks to give the customer new rides and modern to fit in with the time.

  14. Brandi Brantley

    OMG! How exciting. I was very sad when the Kong ride was removed from Universal years ago, it was always my fav!… Thank You for bringing back any ride involving King Kong.

  15. Denise

    We visited Universal Studios with the original King Kong. I loved it then and can’t wait for the new one to open. Now that I know about when, we will be planning our 44 wedding anniversary trip to Universal. Thanks for being such an innovative theme park, even for sixty something year olds.

  16. Alicia

    I was SO sad when King Kong was taken out of Universal Studios. Now I am beyond thrilled about his return to Islands of Adventure!! THANK YOU!!!!

  17. clarsen

    Can’t wait Universal will do Kong justice

  18. arino

    This is what they already have at Universal Studios California, I imagine they’re going to make it bigger and better like a ride of it’s own. The Jaws at California was part of the Backlot tour like this is now and Orlando is it’s own ride but it will be similar with more things. I enjoyed the Hollywood version and looking forward to this but to get a taste visit Universal Hollywood to have an idea of what it’s be like.

  19. nicole

    i really need to start saving money! if orlando wasnt so far away 🙁

    hope to see it one day! the parks in germany suck 😉

    greetz from germany

    • Jiman

      I hope you will be able to come sooner than you think.

  20. Annie

    I hope this is not like the 3d at Hollywood version it was like watching a TV screen

  21. Cliff

    Another reason to love my favorite resort. Thanks Universal, you guys are the best!

  22. Sharon Hodges

    Looks pretty scary, kind of a hybrid between Jurassic Park and a zoo gone wild!

  23. Mick Montoya

    They used to have a ride called Kong fronation, with an animatronic Kong. It was awesome. I was sorry when it left. They also had a good Hanna Barbera ride, Jaws and Back to the Future, which were also awesome. They were replaced with rides that were not as good as the original ones. I am glad Universal will give Harry Potter a break before it turns into Harry Potter Land. I will await Kong and hope he is a good as he used to be.

    • Jiman

      Ha! I remember the Jaws ride …I forgot about the rubber shark that was giving chase

  24. Spencer Paluszak

    This looks amazing!

    However, I noticed on my last visit that a section of Jurassic Park was in the construction zone of the Kong attraction. Will Jurassic Park be significantly reduced by this new attraction? That would be a shame, with Jurassic World coming out soon…

    • Jiman

      I think the Jurassic Park needs to be upgraded (certain sections) … It’s a classic though.

  25. Jiman

    I miss the old ride …
    I am glad a Kong ride is returning.

  26. Andrwe

    They had a King Kong ride 25 years ago. I remember when we went close to his face his breath smelled like bananas. Nice touch!

  27. Ken n Gin

    Will there ever be a come back for Jaws? The king has made his.

  28. larry PALMER

    thank god !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are bringing KING KONG BACK !!!!!!! we just visited jaws…….:( no kong….:( harry potter? not a fan. KING KONG YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Alice

    Just booked for October 2016 can’t wait to meet the mighty Kong

    • Orlando smiley

      For horror nights is in oct also both parks close early due to the kids are back in school in orlando fla no express pass on King Kong

  30. Shirley Parker

    Oooo just saw the construction yesterday. The entrance IS massive. Can’t wait. Universal’s “magicians” have done it again. I remember years ago there was a King Kong attraction where the Mummy is now. This one looks to be bigger and better with new technology. Hurry get it done!

  31. lala29

    It’s going to be similar to the one in Hollywood. It’s a 3d simulator.

  32. Frank

    Universal Orlando and Universal:Islands of adventure Orlando are the two Greatest theme parks in the WORLD. Ive been to many theme parks… But The Universal parks are unmatched and even unrivaled in their attention to detail.. These attractions are more than rides, they are like LIVING in the worlds of the movies they are made after. I remember vividly the first time I rode their “The mummy returns” ride… the grandiose effects and even the mechanics of the ride itself are unmatched. These parks are a fast pass back to the imaginative bliss and fun of childhood.

  33. Johnathan

    Wow! This is amazing! I still remember Kongfrontation as a kid and to know that King Kong will be soon returning to Universal Studios Resort brings joy and excitement to me.

  34. Trice

    So excited about this attraction. We will be visiting Universal Studios next Summer and this ride will be a definite. Will updates of release date be sent to those who are signed-up? I’m in the planning process but want the date to be around the time of the King’s release.

  35. James

    It’s a start… It’s a start. Bring back Jaws and it’s perfect! And while I’m on the subject (go ahead come at me) I feel that Jaws was a better RIDE than HP. But Harry Potter wins in decor because they went to far with it. And it’s not even a Universal film!! Come on man!!!

  36. Wilson

    I really hope that this will be something better than a 3d simulator. Everyone I go on one of those I get sick. Also yay Kong! Bttf, or Jaws next please?!

  37. Samsterjb

    Will this ride have animatronics and 3d screens like the forbidden journey?

  38. JustJessee

    So what happens to the attraction now that Skull Island rights have been sold off to Warner Brothers? Does Universal keep pouring money into the build or will breaks be thrown down on the development?

  39. Ad

    So hope this is ready for our trip in May 2016.

    I doubt it will be, as “Summer 2016” probably means it will be more like June/July, but I can hope 🙂

  40. ronald

    looks great, can’t wait till it opens. this is going to be a good ride

  41. juanita

    Will regin of kong have a soft opening at the end of may 2016? Or will the opening be in June 2016? Made plans the week before the long weekend in may and was hoping maybe it would be open..

  42. jared bailey

    it looks amazing i bet skull island reign of king king is going to be popular new ride and i love king kong so i am really happy for this new king kong ride

  43. Edward

    On the website the ride is listed for teens and adults parents with small kids may want to stay away considering how dark and scary it’s supposed to be

  44. Dennis

    So this is going in a different section of the park, yet the Lost Continent is still a thing?

    They’re not doing everything right.

  45. Carlos Pucharnau

    Viajo a Universal en mayo 2016 y quisiera saber si estara terminada la atraccion, gracias

  46. TRACYM

    HOPE ITS MAY OR JUNE 2016 !1

  47. Richard

    Any idea which month this will be opening? Visiting from the uk mid April/ early May. Really hope it’s opened by then. What do they class as summer? Cheers

  48. Sandra Tucker

    We have a trip planned for May 29th – June 4th, will he attraction be open by then?

  49. Pam Mason

    We are trying to book a trip over Memorial Day 2016 – please give me an idea if this event will be up by June 2016 or the end of the Summer 2016

  50. fabio

    Hola estos viajando el dia 01/06/16 y queria saber cuando va a estar abierta la atraccion de King Kong . Muchas gracias

  51. Angel

    it says opening summer 2016, does anyone know the date? June 1st?

  52. Dana

    Hi….Super Excited about this attraction….however, we will be vacationing June4th and 5th…..i am aware that it says “opening summer 2016″….but am really hoping it will indeed be OPENED for our family vacation…ANY info on the likely hood of this happening?

  53. Darryle B.

    Darryle from Raleigh,NC: (117 days 1 hour ago.)
    Reader Rating 5 out of 5
    I like most of the commits made and I am very disappointed in the Universal Studios Orlando thrill ride “KONGFRONTATION” being eliminated. It was truly a feat of creation from the minds of Totally Fun Company; and what I was looking forward to when had another chance to visit Universal Studios. I was one of the lucky ones to have enjoyed it; in fact I had to experience it twice my original home where I was raised is NEWARK NJ. so going back and forth hanging out in NEW YORK took me back to the long lines awaiting to get on the ride of “KONGFRONTATION” in fact it made me feel like I was at home again getting on the subway trains with what I had seem to get was a whiff of the stench of the underground rail system. Wow! Probably my mind taking control of that anticipated experience. Well I searched Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Studios Japan thinking that maybe it was relocated there but no such luck.

    I am so excited to see that Universal Studios is bringing this iconic theme ride experience back. I wrote the Blog above to Totally Fun Company years ago and was disappointed to learn that KONGFRONTATION was no longer. I shared with my son on my experience and he was wowed and now I hope to be able to share in this new experience again Thank you! so much Universal Studios.

  54. Leticia

    I am going to Universal June 14th…. Is the ride going to be open??

  55. Nitalia

    Will this ride have fast passes???? I hope it does, respond please

  56. Kylee

    Is the ride scary?? Does it turn in to a roller coaster? Is it meant for children??

  57. Lol

    Yo this ride is going to be boss

  58. Estefania


    Does anybody know about the express pass regarding the King Kong Attraction? Or are the queues not that long by now?

  59. M.Muir

    Have been visiting Orlando for 25 years and came this time to see new Kong ride. Always loved the original with the banana breath etc. However after waiting in two and a half hour line, which I’m not complaining about, we were seated in row 1 of vehicle 1 and our only view was of a poorly made animatronic driver through a messy Perspex screen. We had a couple of glimpses of Kong and a stiff neck as reward. Much as I would like to try again I am not prepared for a repeat experience. So disappointing, Yours sincerely M.Muir

  60. M.Muir

    Was so excited to see this new ride ! Was such a fan of the original. However was seated in row 1 of first carriage and was unable,, even twisting around , to get a view of what was happening and this was after a two and a half hour wait, which we were prepared for.

  61. Ethan

    I was sad when they closed down kongformastion but don’t worry you guys this ride will open soon

  62. Luke McNair

    I want you guys to add in an Animatronic Vastatosaurus Rex into Skull Island:Reign of Kong! Do you guys think you could do that for me?! I also want to meet the eighth wonder expedition crew! You know Kate Mcaffery Flores Joe and Juan!

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