Encounter The Mighty Legend Himself In Skull Island: Reign Of Kong

Encounter The Mighty Legend Himself In Skull Island: Reign Of Kong

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I’ve shared with you the incredible story, the revolutionary ride vehicle and the unimaginable creatures that await you in the multidimensional attraction, Skull Island: Reign of Kong at Universal Orlando Resort. And now, I’m going to let you in on a little secret…

Actually, a three-story tall secret. That’s right – this summer, we will astound you with the most visceral encounter with King Kong ever.

As you near the finale of your heart-pounding expedition, you’ll be so close to the legendary beast that you can feel his breath sweep across your skin and his thunderous roar reverberate through every bone in your body. You’re in his territory now.

But is he our friend or our foe? You’ll have to come ride Skull Island: Reign of Kong for yourself to find out.

Encounter the mighty legend himself in Skull Island: Reign of Kong at Universal Orlando Resort

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  1. Gabriel Lezama

    Ladies and Gentlemen….Universal is going old school again…..and IT’S GLORIOUS!!! 3 STORIES TALL GLORIOUS!!!

    And Kong….

    Welcome Home!


  2. Jade Light


    Will E.T. be removed for Nintendo

    • Alice

      I hope not! I love ET, it’s the last old school ride. The musty smell and the turn looking out over the star lite sky, please don’t get rid of ET!!

      • Monica

        I agree with you I LOOOoOOoOOOOVE ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ ET! It was mine and my grand pops favorite and he passed away 3 years ago last Friday ?

      • Sheryl

        Marvel has to go since Disney has bought it out, so Nintendo should be going in there.

    • Ryan

      I really don’t see that happening. E.T. is pretty classic. it’s moved into sort of a “Haunted Mansion/Pirates of the Caribbean” position of being such a timeless ride.
      I’m super hyped for Nintendo, but I don’t see them removing it.
      I could be wrong, but i hope not.

      • Monica

        Yayyy I pray Not either. Pirates is also Awesome and Haunted mansion. Those were mine and grandpops favorite as well. Remember him taking me when I was 5, now in my 30’s still Loving it.. Yay ? KEEP E.T.

  3. Deb

    When will the ride open?????

  4. Rei N. Gofkong

    Have an exact opening date yet?

  5. mimi

    can not wait to experience this ride

  6. Todd Charske

    Cool stuf I can’t wait to see it

    – Todd Charske

  7. Laura

    can’t wait!!!!! when is it happening?????

  8. Steve

    We understand you guys want to get it right, but can we at least get a month? Many families need to plan their vacations & could resort to alternative places other than Universal if they are left in the dark much longer. Thanks Much

  9. Susan Briggs

    My husband and I will be coming to Universal in August and we’re REALLY hoping this ride will be up and running.

  10. Wil

    woody woodpecker, barney land (kids area) will become Nintendo Land after an initial Japanese release.

  11. Davey

    My family will be coming down the 3rd week in June . We’ll be in Universal June 21 and 22. I hope the Kong ride will be open by then. Otherwise, you’ll have a couple of teenage girls as well as adults disappointed!

  12. Chrissy

    Will you be able to use a fast pass on the ride?

  13. Sylvie

    When is the ride opening date?

  14. Telstar

    ET is not going, but others will…..Stay Tuned ! Great Things are coming !!!

  15. Lori H

    Have you sent out RSVP emails for the social media meet-up on the 23rd?

  16. Todd Charske

    The ride is open now! It’s been open for a month or two

    – Todd Charske