Thoughts from the Twisted Minds Behind Halloween Horror Nights on Opening Night

Thoughts from the Twisted Minds Behind Halloween Horror Nights on Opening Night

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Today is the day we’ve been working toward for over a year. Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights 2018 begins tonight.

As a group, the Creative Development team has been a part of Halloween Horror Nights for more than 20 years. Being a part of the event has made each of us share special memories from past events, as well as look forward to the future of the event.

Our motto is to “Create, Collaborate, and Communicate.” And we get to do this every day with a wonderful team of the most talented technicians, designers, costumers, make-up artists, production crew, and scareactors, in the business.

Here are some reflections from the creative minds behind this year’s Halloween Horror Nights…

Show Director, Charles Gray

Halloween Horror Nights is a piece of art. It’s like a collection of once beautiful images and stories deconstructed and reformed into a horrific mosaic. One by one throughout the year we have placed each piece in a frame to be viewed opening night. As you, our guests and fans, walk into the event tonight, I will be excited to see your reactions.

Carnival Graveyard - Halloween Horror Nights 2018

It’s not one person who puts it together, but a collaborative effort filled with some amazing craftsmanship and care. This year will never happen again. This will be the only time we see these scare zones and haunted houses. Those who visit are part of an exclusive club. So let’s open the gates and let the creatures loose. This year will be intense in laughter and screams. If you hear chuckling in the shadows, it may be me enjoying the event as much as you are.

Show Director, Blake Braswell

When I think of how I first fell in love with horror, my mind is immediately filled with images of video rental stores. I would stalk the horror aisles, and the cover art of each film would tantalize my imagination as I wondered what terrors lurked within. I am so proud to be a part of Halloween Horror Nights 2018 as I get the opportunity to bring some of those very films to life in our scare zones.

Killer Klowns from Outer Space Scare Zone 2 - Halloween Horror Nights 2018

I remember snatching up the cassettes of Chucky films and Metro Goldwyn Mayer’s (MGM) Killer Klowns from Outer Space—and now I get to use these very stories to scare our guests in the streets. That kid that went home buzzing with excitement over the new horror film he had just rented is grinning ear to ear.

Show Director, Patrick Braillard

The gates are about to open, which is great because we can’t contain our excitement about everyone experiencing this year’s event. Every Team Member here at Universal Orlando Resort (as well as our sister parks in Hollywood, Osaka, and Singapore) work collectively for weeks, months, and yes, sometimes even years, developing experiences worthy of the Halloween Horror Nights title.

Stranger Things - Halloween Horror Nights 2018

With a huge legacy of horror to live up to, this is no small task. But with those combined efforts we will continue to give you more of what you want—ghost stories, gallons of blood, pizza fries and screams…just not in that order. So enjoy!

From the Whole Team

We’re already working on Halloween Horror Nights 2019, and it’s going to be another amazing year.

Happy Halloween!

Academy of Villains Show - Halloween Horror Nights 2018
Academy of Villains - Halloween Horror Nights 2018
Revenge of Chucky - Halloween Horror Nights 2018
Vamp 85 - Halloween Horror Nights 2018
Vamp 85 Scare Zone - Halloween Horror Nights 2018
Killer Klowns from Outer Space - Halloween Horror Nights 2018
Trick 'r Treat - Halloween Horror Nights 2018
Halloween 4 Return of Michael Myers - Halloween Horror Nights 2018
Twisted Traditions - Halloween Horror Nights 2018
Poltergeist - Halloween Horror Nights 2018
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