Sneak Peek of the New Parade Floats at Universal Mardi Gras

Sneak Peek of the New Parade Floats at Universal Mardi Gras

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Have you been counting down the days until Universal’s Mardi Gras begins? Mardi Gras is now underway for 50 nights straight with delicious food, music and nightly parades.

This year’s parade features six new floats – SIX! And they’re all themed to different mythical creatures.

  • Manticore’s Majesty
  • The Rise of the Garuda
  • The Dance of the Dragon
  • Phoenix from the Flames
  • Garden Sprites
  • The Flight of the Pegasus

Here’s a sneak peek:

Each float will also have new character performers with elaborate and colorful costumes. And, of course, there will be beads, beads and more beads!

I spent some time with Show Director Jason Horne to learn about how his team brought these creatures to life on parade floats.

DR: What is the inspiration behind the six new floats? Why mythical creatures?
JH: Mardi Gras, in essence, is a fantastical celebration. Mythical Creatures gives us an opportunity to take our guests out of reality.

DR: What was the process like working with Kern Studios to create the new floats?
JH: We have worked with Kern Studios for many years. They’re an excellent partner that keeps our Mardi Gras parade as authentic as possible.

DR: Are there any unique details about the new floats guests should keep an eye out for?
JH: With the new floats, our guests will be able to see the inspiration our costuming team drew from in order to create all of the new looks for our performers.

DR: What about the new costumes that go with the new floats?
JH: Over half of the costumes in the parade are completely different than what our guests experienced last year. We’ve doubled the amount of feathers. Since we were paying homage to Mythical Creatures, you’re going to see a lot of wings.

DR: What are you most excited about guests getting out of this year’s parade?
JH: Just like every year, I want our guests to leave their worries at the door. Come in and just have a good time. It’s the biggest party of the year!

DR: Which is your favorite float in the parade?
JH: That is always a tough question. The Flight of the Pegasus float is really beautiful, but Phoenix from the Flames looks so impressive.

Which new float are you looking forward to seeing? Share in the comments below or on social using #UniversalMardiGras.

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