Halloween Horror Nights 2017 Merchandise Has Us Freaking Out

Halloween Horror Nights 2017 Merchandise Has Us Freaking Out

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Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights is sneaking up. And as it gets closer, we’re excited to share some of the new merchandise items that will be available at this year’s event.

Each item boldly displays the Halloween Horror Nights 2017 logo, giving the entire set a sense of unity—and also making it really hard to just buy one thing.

I just had to find out the backstory behind the incredible colors and detail in this year’s design, so I talked to the man behind the merch himself, Executive Creative Director of Merchandise and Global Licensing at Universal Parks, Brian Beauregard.

What was the inspiration behind this year’s logo-centric design?

The concept was really driven by this year’s theme, Festival of the Deadliest. This is a theme we’ve been chatting about for a long time and was initially inspired by some artwork we did for a “Titans of Terror” campaign for Universal Studios Hollywood.


What does the creative process for Horror Nights merchandise look like?

This year, we were able to come up with sketches and renderings very easily because we had dialed in the concepts so early on and already had the image in our heads for so long.

We partnered very closely with Entertainment and Marketing to assure the overall theme was visually seamless for all departments. From day one. We started in February concepting the “Festival of the Deadliest” aesthetics you see like the candles, skulls, bones, bright colors and different ambiances inspired by the overall thematic for the event. This process takes sketch after sketch to finally dial it down to the illustration and design theme you see now.

We then share the piece of key art and possible variations with all departments to make sure a cohesive story is being told. We work very closely with our Food and Beverage team, taking the artwork and theming it all the way down to creating logos for the event drinks.


What is new and different about this year’s merchandise?

This year, we haven’t just created t-shirts, but have pushed the boundaries of fashion. These are not just your basic tees. There is a lot of sculpting in the graphic, giving dimension to the actual products.

Also new this year was getting to meet with the Academy of Villains show team and collaborate. You will not only see pieces of our key art in show visuals but you’ll also be able to purchase a unique piece of show merchandise we created together and push the boundaries of screen printing using UV inks.


What can fans expect at the merchandise store?

Similar to last year, the Halloween Horror Nights Tribute store will be next to Revenge of the Mummy in the New York Area of Universal Studios Florida. But this time, it’ll be themed for Festival of the Deadliest. Walking into the store, which will be open on September 15, will feel similar to going into a crypt, with lots of skulls and candles throughout illuminating the merchandise.

What is your favorite piece of merchandise this year?

Luis Orazi, Senior Designer, is responsible for the main key art and overall look of the artwork. My favorite piece of merchandise is the Event tee. I truly think this is the best illustration we’ve had for Halloween Horror Nights and showcases Luis’s amazing talents. The blend of colors really pulls together all the elements of the Festival of the Deadliest.


Ready to sport your own Halloween Horror Nights merchandise? Grab your tickets now for this year’s Halloween Horror Nights.

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  1. Shawn adams

    Everything looks so amazing! I cant wait to get my tshirt & lanyard! Better start saving for Oct 23-30th! @kandisamples

  2. Ryan

    26 was kind of an odd number to end titling them on, wasn’t it?

  3. Jameson

    This looks amazing! When is the first HHN event?

  4. Debs Law

    Would really like you to bring back the tall shot glasses, have quite a collection but havent seen one for a few years now. See you soon

  5. Kathy Jenkins

    Can we order any of the merchandise now that Halloween Horror Nights is over?