First-Ever NBC Sports Grill & Brew Coming to Universal CityWalk

First-Ever NBC Sports Grill & Brew Coming to Universal CityWalk

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Last year was an incredible time for Universal CityWalk, with eight new venues joining the impressive dining line-up—and we’re not done yet! I’m happy to announce the newest MVP coming to CityWalk: the first-ever NBC Sports Grill & Brew, opening this fall.

This new restaurant represents our vision of delivering the ultimate sports dining experience. It’s like crossing your favorite sports restaurant with stadium VIP suites. Fans of all types will be able to enjoy the very best food alongside award-winning NBC Sports coverage. And with nearly 100 HD TV screens throughout the restaurant, every seat is the best seat in the house. NBC Sports Grills & Brew Interior RenderingThe food will be a one-of-kind experience that can be found at no other sports grill. You’ll be able to choose from an extensive menu of more than 75 different items. Pick from traditional favorites like burgers and steaks to custom creations like crab scotch eggs. And to top it off, you can watch the chefs in action as they prepare your meal in an open kitchen and on custom open fire grills.

And, of course, no sports game is complete without the perfect beer. You’ll be able to select from over 100 different beer varieties—including an exclusive draft you’ll only find here. There will even be a outdoor beer garden where you can relax after a day in the theme parks, enjoy a good meal and brew, and catch a game.

Check out the video below, where NBC Sports anchors Liam McHugh, Mike Milbury and Keith Jones chatted a bit about the new restaurant.

Then tell us in the comments which game you’d most like to watch at NBC Sports Grill & Brew when it opens.

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  1. Jeany Sanchez

    This is awesome! I can’t wait!


    I would like to see the Superbowl in NBC Sports grill and Brew that I really wanted

  3. Flfreak

    please do the beer right. Lots of craft beer from local and US sources. No one wants 40 different flavors of Bud Light.

  4. Jeany Sanchez

    I love NBC Sports grill and Brew! It’s awesome!

  5. clarsen

    When in the fall will it open?

  6. Amanda Sweet

    I am so excited for this restaurant to open! Over 90 televisions and over one hundred beers? Count me in! #Winning

  7. Samantha Capote

    Where can I go to apply for a job working here ? I go to Le Cordon Bleu and I am extremely interested in working here.

  8. Horst

    Will it be possible to do a reservation there? If yes, when are guests able to do a reservation?

  9. Elisha Scott

    How do I make reservations? (specifically for 9/5/2015)

  10. Elysiumxv

    Do you have a date when the new NBC will be opening? We vacation in Florida in 5 weeks and will visit if open in time.
    Thank you

  11. Jeff Clary

    Do you have an estimated opening date or soft opening date as of yet?

  12. Judith McDowell

    Hi, we’ll be in Florida for the USA f1 Grand Prix on Sun 25th Oct and we’re looking for somewhere to watch! Will you be open by then and can we make a reservation somewhere we can see the screen it’s shown on please?

  13. Janell Nick

    well in theory its a good idea. Thursday night game with Broncos coming on and so we hit their soft opening. Asked to try a cozy area to sit and try a couple of drafts and watch some football.
    So they sat us next to servers station by the open fire grill…no good easy view of any tv. AND That Grill is hotter than dammit. We asked to move away from grill…we were sweating so they could see we werent happy. So we reasked for a cozy area to watch game…again…so she moved us to a booth under a boom box (like clubbing loud) with the only tv easy to see football was bad and skipping.
    We tried to stand it and after our waiter finally could see what beer we wanted to try first…hearing was not an option…we got it to go and left.
    Nick -a manager – tried to talk us into staying but we were just done.
    He said when we come back insist on sitting upstairs. Not as loud and better TV seating…
    So yeah…in theory a good idea…soft openings hopefully are for working out kinks like listening to what customers are asking for…

  14. Orlando visitor

    Very poor food quality. The chef didn’t even know what was on menu

  15. Nichola prenderville

    Premier league soccer!!!!

  16. Charlotte

    Do you have an email for NBC bar & brew to make a reservation? We are travelling to Orlando in 21st October from the UK & I’d love to take my son. I’m aware your not open till 23rd.



  17. Horst

    Will it be possible to do reservations at NBC Sports Grill & Brew? If yes, when and where?

  18. Richard Lam

    I am annual pass holder to Universal and usually have great service with staff. However I was disappointed with the reservation service last night at NBC sports grill. My party of 3 was trying to wait for a table to find out it could be up to 45 mins. It was suggested by the staff that we can grab a seat at the bar. As our group look for a seat we saw over fifteen tables open, but could not seat there because we not assign reservation to those tables. It was frustration to wait when there so we many tables available. My party end up going to another restaurant on city walk. Please improve you reservation time for guest and annual pass holders.

    Thank you

  19. Dana Newman

    We went to the restaurant Saturday night. The kids were in the park and we decide to have dinner and wait them out. We liked the ambiance, but the food was OK. I had higher expectation, and was let down. Hopefully they are working out the kinks and gets better with time.

  20. Camille

    This was the first time ever visiting Universal Studios Orlando and eating at your grill establishment. What an absolute disappointment. I ordered the Grilled Citrus Chicken salad. It had ingredients that were not listed on the menu, the lettuce was soggy and the chicken had more tendons than meat. My husband ordered the pulled pork sandwich and there was one fat in the meat than meat. When we mentioned the experience to the server, she asked if I was allergic to any of the added items, when I said no, she completely disregarded our comments.
    The bathrooms were a disaster and out if toilet paper and paper towels. It was evident that the workers were more concerned about their personal affections for one another than for those who were paying for their hourly wages.
    Pathetic service and experience all the way around.

  21. Sandra Craig

    I would like to visit when I can see David Feherty. How does that work?