Jimmy Fallon to Get His Own Ride at Universal Orlando Resort in 2017

Jimmy Fallon to Get His Own Ride at Universal Orlando Resort in 2017

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I’ll never forget my first phone call from Universal Creative when I joined the company as a creative director last year. The executive producer was calling me with my first assignment. I couldn’t wait to hear what he had to say!

Which blockbuster film franchise would be featured in my very first Universal project?

“Jimmy Fallon,” he said.

“What about him?” I asked.

“He’s getting his own ride, and you guys need to figure it out,” he said.

“We’re gonna do what, now?” I asked.

In all seriousness, I was equally surprised and delighted. Jimmy had just taken the world by storm with the new incarnation of The Tonight Show. He was already sitting comfortably atop the ratings heap and fast becoming a viral sensation.

Plus, I’ve been a late night fan my entire life. I was even lucky enough to attend tapings of The Tonight Show when the previous two hosts sat behind the fabled desk. I was in my element.

But what kind of story would we tell? How could we create a compelling guest experience that emerged organically from the world of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon? That was the challenge facing the entire Universal Creative team, but considering their track record, I was pretty sure I was surrounded by the people who could crack it.

Jimmy wanted a fun and hilarious adventure that was also a valentine to his hometown of New York City—and that’s exactly what you’re going to experience when “Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon” opens at Universal Studios Florida in 2017.

So, what’s the attraction going to be like? I can’t tell you everything, but I can tell you our team found inspiration in the outrageous celebrity races that have become one of the most popular segments of Jimmy’s Tonight Show. The source material already features a wild and crazy ride almost every week! And since Universal Studios Florida has long been famous for placing guests in the middle of their favorite movies and TV shows, we thought it was a perfect fit.

Soon, you will get the full Tonight Show experience as you make your way to the fabled Studio 6B for a very special taping in which Jimmy challenges his studio audience to the ultimate race through the greatest city on earth.

You’ll rocket through the streets—and skies—of New York City, from the deepest subway tunnels to the tallest skyscrapers, encountering colorful characters, famous landmarks and anything else that comes to Jimmy’s mind—and “that is some weird, wild stuff,” to quote an iconic previous host.

Our Universal Creative team has had an amazing experience collaborating with Jimmy and his staff of veteran comedy writers to create an unforgettable adventure that will bring The Tonight Show and New York City to life for our guests like never before. And our creative adventure is just beginning.

As you can probably imagine, Jimmy’s full of surprises and even we are never quite sure what’s going to happen next – just like on The Tonight Show!

To make way for this new experience, Twister…Ride It Out will close on November 2.

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  1. Ryan

    You know, I always though Universal would try to recreated Rockefeller Plaza at one of their parks.
    Seems like a pretty good fit, even more coincidentally since Nintendo World Store is apart of that Plaza.

    • Mark

      Bring back Back to the Future!

      • jo-an

        was there 10-21-15 ,,they need to get a good pr person , the only thing they did was sell tee shirts ,sold out by 10 am, nothing else , people taking pictures in from of the train and car , nothing special

      • Melinda

        yeah—this was a really fun ride and the movie is still a fan fav

  2. Ryan

    I hope it’ll lead to some reinvigorated New York City theme into that area.
    Less sound stages visible, more building/street-front facades to make it feel more like NYC and less like Universal’s faux soundstages.
    It’s a really nice place to walk and hang out at Universal, so some updating would be great.
    Perhaps some references to Universal’s own Rockefeller Plaza?

  3. PJ

    So Jimmy Fallon has “Taken the world by storm”. By ‘World’ I assume you mean North America because he’s unheard of elsewhere. I’m sure it will be a fun experience but why a tie in with a show that means nothing to a large portion of park visitors and that could change host at any time? This ride could become very dated, very quickly!

  4. April

    This is going to be awesome, but I’m going to miss the cow merchandise at the Twister gift shop 🙁

  5. R

    I’m baffled as to why you choose The Tonight Show as an attraction, versus all the great movie properties Universal has to offer. Very disappointed.

  6. Patricia L. Mitchum

    Love the fellow. He is very talented and true as a person. His fun is speaded worldwide with his many talents.

  7. Cody Padel

    Please for the love of god don’t be a roller coaster. Universal already has enough of those.

    • John S.

      It won’t be. There’s not enough space in that location.

  8. Arnaud

    This is pretty sad. Twister may be dated, but it’s sad to see such a great attraction leave us for a new one about a comedian with less than 1 year on TV. Out of the millions of amazing options to choose from, why Jimmy Fallon? Why not someone funny and likeable like John Oliver or Stephen Colbert?

  9. Not a fan

    This is probably the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. I would think that Universal’s creative team would come up with something better. Nobody cares about Jimmy Fallon in all honesty

  10. Gary Schmalz

    Hmmm, Jimmy Fallon? Really? At the expense of Twister? Probably benefits Jimmy Fallon, not sure who else will benefit from this experience.

  11. Kevin

    Not excited about this at all. Soooo much other IP they have to choose from for an attraction and they choose this. Twister was a skippable attraction, and is being replaced by another. This will be one of the least anticipated attraction openings of all time! Seems like just a money grab for merchandise sales and advertising for the Tonight Show, not an enhancement to the park at all.

  12. Chad

    Well, your winning streak is going to come to a grinding halt. With all the wonderful, cool and exciting attractions that could be built, you decide on Jimmy Fallon? I thought this had to be a joke, but I guess it’s not.

  13. Cameron

    I hope this isn’t going to be another incarnation of Spider-Man or Transformers. Riding the same types of rides with new skins is very extremely redundant, boring, and a huge disappointment. What happened to ride innovation? The most innovation you’ve had was Mummy back in 2004 (which you’ve now copied at Gringotts with a few added features that aren’t impressive), and Harry Potter and the forbidden journey (which is probably the most innovative ride at the entire park.
    It seems like you guys just pick a ride type and copy/paste it in a new location with a new theme.
    So, that said, my prediction is that this will either be yet another Spider-Man/Transformers OR another Forbidden Journey since you seem to like to keep ride types in pairs.
    I’d love it if you proved me wrong on this. Please.

    • John S.

      There’s not enough space in that location for a ride of that kind and they can’t expand the building either because of Rip Ride Rockit.

      • Vinny

        They should get a bigger building then if that’s true. Go NY! Great job Jimmy! Make us proud Jason!

  14. Nancy

    Can’t wait! Hope he brings his show back to Universal again. Would love to see him live here in Orlando!!!!

    • Nina

      Hi! Was his show live last time?

  15. Christine

    Ok……we have Spiderman,Transformers, Harry Potter, Minions, and upcoming “Kong” ….all using the same type of ride. (indoor 3D) Mummy and Dinosaur, without 3D
    Would be nice if it would be a little different than a 3D simulator ride, again.
    Maybe it will be different ..will see.

  16. Adrian

    I can’t wait to enjoy the ride.

  17. Britt

    Thus sounds like a rip off of Rockin Roller Coaster…

  18. Doug

    Yawn! Really! This is the first project from a new Creative Director!?!? Sounds more like a directive from the top brass, and a bad one at that. The best attractions are ones you want to ride over and over. This is a one and out if I have ever heard one.

  19. Mylissa Dalrymple

    Universal, you are turning your park more and more into a adult theme park. My child would not know who or what this ride was about. You will alienate your family clientele if you continue on this path…closing down “gentler” rides for fast paced, adult themed rides. Disappointed!!!!

  20. Bill

    So it is going to be another ride like the Simpsons/Minions where you are in a car looking at a screen. They probably do not have enough room to make it like Transformers/Spiderman unless they expand.

    This is sad. We liked Twister, but nothing can last forever.

  21. Dee

    Jimmy Fallon is one of the funniest and most talented people in the world and I think it’s going to be awesome. I hope it is part roller coaster and 3D or 4D. I can’t wait! Hopefully Justin Timberlake will be in there with him at some point. Congratulations Jimmy!

  22. jo-an

    really ? taking out the twister,, with all the dead space, Posidens stuff no one goes over there , took me 3 years to see what all the hype was ,,lame, you need to revamp the kiddie place get some things more exciting there, went there just to see and you could have walked 10 people across and not run into anyone, no kids ,no one if you want to do something that is the place ,,put in a splash place ,
    small coaster , and maybe a merry-go-round, something for them ,go visit the other parks for ideas, you will see how busy they are , i do have other park passes,, love love harry potter, and when you do jimmy are you going to have bumps in the road sp he can break a finger or cut his hand? just like real life?

  23. Jon

    I have to agree with a lot of the other posters here. This is a horrible choice by universal, and it’s a shame because me and my girlfriend literally lover coming here every year. So to be out another attraction for two more years. Disaster and now twister, to make room for two rides that won’t be done until 2017 this is a huge slap to the face to yearly visitors such as myself.

    Why doesn’t universal take some advice from their loyal fans and do what’s needed. Remove shrek, remove sinbad, remove poseidons adventure and put in some quality new innovative attractions. It’s such a shame that these project leaders get hired and have really bad ideas , but all they have to do is say do it and sign a paper. Yet us as fans could come up with a million better ideas. Really disappointed in you universal. I can’t say I’m never coming back because me and my girlfriend love it and come once a year in October and enjoy the park as well as hhn but seriously get it together. You know this ride will be dated in a year or two and then probably have plans to be removed.

  24. Todd

    I am not sure about your choice of the new subject for an attraction or ride, very strange. However, It would have been nice if you guys would have given those of us who are loyal Universal enthusiasts enough time to get to experience Twister one last time before you shut it down.

  25. Michael

    Well this sounds like it could be a one and done ride. Disappointing. As much as the Transformers ride was an exact copy of the Spider-Man ride. That was such a let down! The Spider-Man ride is amazing! But to have an exact replica with a different badge on it and bill it as something new was such a let down as a frequent visitor and annual pass holder for about a decade, since I live in the Tampa Bay area. Twister may be old, but it is a goodie and always full when I’m there. Why not get rid of Earthquake. The almost hour of preshow is grueling for such a short ride.

  26. Jake

    Universal should simply hand out 3D glasses at the park entrance and change their name to “Universal Screenworld Florida.”

    SERIOUSLY, taking out classic attractions to replace them with freaking 3D simulators is getting OLD. I realize that Comcast/NBCUniversal wants to update/freshen up/develop the parks, and I’m ALL for that. Please keep it up! However, please realize that there is more to this world than 3D simulators!

    Knock it off, Universal. You’re SO much BETTER than this!!!

  27. angelo tanzi


  28. Vinny

    This is so AWESOME!!! I wish that the audience seating at the Tonight Show can turn into roller coaster cars and there would fast parts, and also slow parts to just take it all in, and then also it needs some elevator drops like in the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, and all that other cool stuff Jason was talking about. And the roller coaster cars can go past street food vendors and if Universal Studios is really cool they’ll let us eat the food on the ride. Maybe then the roller coaster can go into Macy’s and we can see cool clothes to buy, why not. And I would definitely ask Jimmy what else to put in there. Make NY proud! We love you guys!

  29. Andrew Fontanez

    You need to bring back the Ghostbusters show period you closed way too soon 1990-1996 enough with the screens okay we all love ghostbusters and also bring back Back to the future too since Kong is coming back

  30. Brandon

    Very disappointed with this theme park. They keep taking away all the great attractions, like back to the future, jaws and now twister. Twister is my all time favorite movie. I went on the ride a few years ago and was really looking forward to it again since I’ll be going the April. No clue that you actually closed the ride for a talk show host until just now. Pretty stupid move. What a joke, Very disappointed. Change a tone of money to get in and take away all the good rides.

  31. Tyler Jones

    What is the restraint system going to be like on the ride?

  32. Patricia Beckett

    Oh, Yes. PLEASE Please help me get tickets for April 2017 Universal Florida. We are retired Canadians living here in Leesburg Florida six months each year. What a wonderful treat to actually be there instead of in front of the TV every night.

    • Angela DiMattei

      I called Universal and they do not have any information yet on how to get tickets for the filming.

  33. Angela DiMattei

    How can I get tickets for the filming in Universal Studios?

  34. Peggy Little

    is he going to do his show from there..if so..how do you get ticketss and date

  35. Karen D

    How do we submit contest word for winning grand opening tickets?

  36. Kara Hinze

    We rode the ride yesterday and it was awesome! It was fun, fast and the simulation was really realistic. The wait inside is well done too was just at Rockefeller last summer and this ride is right on. Great job!

  37. Krista Gorman

    This was the best “ride” ever!! My fiancé and I TOTALLY LOVED IT!!! Laughed till I cried!!! I’d love to tell Jimmy that in person!

  38. B.Carr

    We went on your ride 4 times and couldn’t get enough of it. It’s so awesome. Can’t wait too return.