Your Wild Ride with Jimmy Fallon Begins April 6

Your Wild Ride with Jimmy Fallon Begins April 6

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I’m happy to share that “Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon” will officially open on April 6 in Universal Studios Florida. You may have heard Jimmy himself announce it last night on his show, along with the fact that The Tonight Show will be taping here from April 3–6.

You’ll be able to get the ultimate “Tonight Show” experience by getting up close and personal with the show’s most hilarious moments before taking off on a wild race through the Big Apple against Jimmy Fallon himself. Your race course includes New York’s biggest landmarks, sight, sounds, and even smells (New York City pizza)! But you’re racing Jimmy Fallon, which you know means surprises!! So hold on tight for the wackiest race on earth.

The grand opening of the attraction is going to be celebrated in a big way! “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” will take the show on the road for tapings from Universal Orlando Resort from April 3–6. Stay tuned for additional details on your chance to become part of the audience. There will also be celebrity guests, which will be released over time.

And that’s not all. How does spending less time in line and more time experiencing the thrills of Universal Orlando Resort sound?

“Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon” will be the first attraction to feature a Virtual Line experience at Universal Studios Florida.

You’ll be able to access this new system through The Official Universal Orlando Resort App or at kiosks located outside the attraction entrance. This allows you to virtually wait in line while still enjoying the rest of Universal Studios. When it’s your time, just head back to the attraction, head inside, and get ready for the race of a lifetime.

Stay tuned to the blog for more sneak peeks and details as we put the pedal to the metal towards April 6.

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  1. Phil

    How do I get tickets to a taping of the tonight show being filmed at Universal Orlando?! He says get your tickets at the end of the clip but there isn’t any information.

    • B

      If you follow @Fallontix on twitter they will post when tickets are available!

    • SAM

      I am wondering the same thing

  2. Donnie L.

    Can’t wait for this attraction!

  3. Ana

    It’s my dream to meet jimmy Fallon please make it happen!! I’m a preferred annual pass holder. I love universal

    • Karen Crabtree

      We sooo want to meet him and Race against him! Do we keep checking this for tickets? Or where to purchase them? Karen Crabtree

  4. J& C

    These 2 season pass holders want to be there!! How can we make this happen?

  5. Marinel

    I neeeed to be an audience for this show, pleeeease let me know how do I get to participate in the taping of the Show between 3 to 6 april!!!

    Thank youuu


  6. B. Baker

    Where are the celebrity guests being held now?

  7. Genie morris

    When can I get tickets for the live taping of Jimmy Fallon’s show? On the video he said get your tickets now.

  8. Kari Swindle

    My husband and I will be visiting Universal all the way from Seattle and would love to be part of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. We’ll be there the 2nd through the 5th and would love to participate any Tonight Show activities. We love it at Universal so much that I’m became an annual pass holder and this will be out 2nd trip to Universal in the year and we’re super excited for this ride (as well as Kong). Please keep me informed. Thank you!

  9. Marisol Guerra-Morales

    I would love to be part of the audience for the Jimmy Fallon taping. Please let me know what I need to do. I am a preferred annual pass holder for the past 10 years. Thank you! I can’t wait for this to open already!

  10. Andrea Cope

    I am a premier pass holder and yes I do want to go to the taping, what do I have to do to get on the list

  11. Mary Cleary

    having lived in New York City back in the 70’s and 80’s I am looking forward to bringing over the kids and grandkids for this ride

  12. Jayne

    Can’t wait for this ride and hoping I get to go to a taping of the show while they are in Orlando 🙂

  13. christina j

    This is amazing! I wish more rides had the virtual wait experience! Can’t wait to see this…we’ve been watching and waiting as things progress…the countdown is on!’
    Thank you Universal!!! Another great ride to experience

  14. Dcnyhc

    I’m looking forward for this attraction….Anything to deal with NY I love……Can’t wait to smell the NY pizza. Hope there’s a soft open before the taping of April 3.

  15. Helen V

    A short clip of the ride would have been great.

  16. Myrna

    Two Preferred Annual Pass holders here that want tickets for any of the live tapings. PLEASE! My birthday is on April 17th so this would make for an awesome early bisthday celebration!!!

  17. Thomas Hobbs

    Annual passholders here.
    Would love to attend one of the shows being taped at Universal between April 3-6,2017.
    Please e-mail me the way to go about that.
    Thank you!

  18. Maggy

    How do pass holders get tickets to see a taping of The Tonight Show?

  19. Omar Quijano

    where can I get tickets for the tonight show in Orlando?
    in April

  20. Angie Gomez

    Omg how will that line thing work???

  21. LORENA

    My daughter and I enjoy very much going to Universal Orlando. We go at least once a month and we’ve been there the past 3 weekends. On our last visit (last week) we were wondering when this ride would be open. We would love to participate in the live taping of the show and meet and greet Jimmy Fallon. Please give us more information on how to be part of the audience.
    Thank you!

  22. Dj Betinho Britto

    Very Good! Congratulations Jimmy!
    I wish I could be there!

  23. Barbara Church

    How can I get tickets for the taping of the show?

  24. Rosalind Russell Hoppen

    To meet Jimmy Fallon and to ride through New York, it can’t get any better than this….. I’ll keep looking for more information. Thanks Rosalind Russell Hoppen

  25. Kim L.

    How exciting!!!! Jimmy Fallon + ride at Universal = Woo-hoo!!!! Can’t wait to be a part of the audience and one of the first ones to ride this great adventure. Please keep that information coming. 🙂

  26. Sandra Bowers

    I am originally from Queens and we to Florida and I miss everything from NY. I can’t wait to ride your ride. To be able to be in Manhattan again. My first love is NY. Unfortunately, we have not been able to go back so this is an opportunity to visit home again. Please pick us to be in your audience.

  27. Kerry

    Yeah! Can’t wait! Our daughter (future comedian), age 12, is looking forward to this ride as much as her parents. Thanks Tonight Show and JF.

  28. Belkis Sierra

    My 10year old daughter would love to meet Jimmy Fallon, please let me know how i can get tickets.

  29. Kathy Frederick

    Please would love to come. Preferred annual pass holders AND our 32nd anniversary is April 6

  30. J & B

    Another great attraction from Universal. Love the idea of virtual wait. Hope it spread throughout the park. Thanks Universal. UOAP for many years.

  31. Sharon

    We just came back from our trip to Universal Orlando. The outside of the ride looks great!

  32. suzie geary

    I have never been to Universal Studios.What a thrill that would be to be there and mainly meet Jimmy Fallon.
    Suzann Geary

  33. Julie S

    I LOVE JIMMY!! I want tickets to see him!! Please!!

  34. Barbara Becker

    My sons and I have annual passes because we enjoy the parks and resorts. We visit often. I think the new Jimmy Fallon ride is going to be awesome and hope we can be there on opening day. Can’t wait!

  35. Ed Benitez

    Count me in Jim! 😉 Great opportunity to visit my old stomping grounds; I grew up in NYC and haven’t visited for a while.

  36. Belinda

    Season pass holder would love to find out how to get tickets!!

  37. Rich

    Love Jimmy I spend a lot of time in Orlando every year. since we live one and a half hours away . Would love to take my wife to see him because she is such a big fan,

  38. Galadriel

    This sounds like fun! I hope I get a chance to feel the wind on my face and my hair blowing behind me as I race Jimmy Fallon through New York (not just another simulator that pretends to be fast). I have a quick trip planned later in April, just by coincidence. I had thought of canceling, but now I’m not. I wonder how the virtual wait will feel. April, get here fast!

  39. Laura

    How do I get tickets for the show?

  40. Geri Jaques

    Why r they not running a contest for fans of the show to attend like other shows do?? That would b a great thing to do like Ellen of Steve Harvey Shows!! But then Tonite show very rarely gives anything away!! I watch the show every nite and it would b nice to show appreciation to his fans!!! Thank u!!

  41. Ray

    How do we get tockets to see Fallon at Universal?

  42. Pat Sieck

    How do you get tickets for The Tonight show taping in April

  43. Chris

    trying to find out ow to get tickets! I’m an annual pass holder

  44. Karen Crabtree

    How do we get to meet Jimmy? LOVE HIM!

  45. Monty Scruggs

    How do you get tickets for the taping of The Tonight Show? We’re going to be there during the taping, and it’s my wife and granddaughter’s birthdays. They would love to see Jimmy Fallon.

  46. Carolyn Redhall

    Will you email passholders when it is time to get tickets?

  47. Jules & Family

    To be able to get the ultimate “Tonight Show” experience by getting up close and personal!!!!!! YES



  49. Maria pagan

    I would love Jimmy Fallon and would love to get a couple of tickets. My husband and I are pass holders. This would be like a dream come true! Very exciting!

  50. Jean Donohue

    yes how do I get Jimmy Fallon TIX?????

  51. Carmen Nazario

    How can I get to see and adventure this great event?

  52. Maris Rivera

    Love to get tickets… Would love to experience this awesome ride. Need info on how to get tickets:)

  53. Maria Rivera

    Love to experience this thrilling ride.. And be part of the audience. Need info on how to get tickets;) looooove Jimmy Fallon!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Donna Ray

    PLEASE My daughter and I would love to go see you at Universal in Florida! Please I do not see a way to sign up for a contest. We are your biggest fans and would love to see you there. You won’t be sorry if you let us come PLEASE. We also need a vacation away from this cold weather. We live between Chicago and Wisconsin border. We need you to help us man. Please

  55. Zona Dirks

    Love to be at one of Jimmy Fallons shows at universal as we plan to be there that week, and of course the Ride through New York is such a great Idea, Please let us know how we can get tickets!!!! So exciting!

  56. Genie Morris

    Looking so forward to this ride. Please send me tickets would love to be in the audience.

  57. M Guzman

    Jimmy I would love to see you in ORLANDO. I am your biggest fan!! Please send tickets!

  58. olga figueroa


    I would like to get tickets to the Jimmy Fallon taping in Orlando

    How can I request the tickets please 🙂 ..

    I missed him the last time he was here too 🙁

    thanks so much

  59. Alison Buchanan

    This would be perfect for many. I feel that for my husband and I who have never in 36 yrs had a vacation with just us and a child is not with us when we get to where we are going. Military families go on yr to one side of family, next yr the other side.Even though my kids now have kids..they are still meeting us on vacations. Since I have MS the heat is terrible for me it is hard to do anything fun. No ,Im not in a wheelchair, I have only a few signs. So Im hoping and wishing to not only see you but to be where you are you and it is always so funny to see everything on tv, that it has got to be even better live. maybe…..see ya on ride!!!

  60. Valerie Pinnock

    I’ve been watching the tonight show for years and it be a delight to meet him even to see him in person.

  61. Lynn LR

    Would love to see Jimmy and race him!! Huge fan!!!

    Make dreams come true!!!!!!

    #Ludwig #Roots


  62. Cathy Rogers

    As an annual pass holder, would love to attend this event. How does one obtain a tic ticket for this show?

  63. RR

    Girlfriend and I are celebrating our birthdays that week at universal. It was be a dream come true to be in the audience. She lives in New York and still have no luck. We got to get tickets but how??????

  64. Susie

    Yes I want to be there very excited!

  65. Carmen

    Omg! I really would love to get to ride this new ride

  66. Cecilree Miles


  67. Caroline Laborda

    My Daughter is a big fan of Jimmy Fallon. I would love to take her there on April 3-6. Please let me know if I can have the opportunity being there and watching a show. Thank you

  68. Kathy Downes

    how can I get tickets to Jimmy FALLON’SA SHOW IN ORLANDO?

  69. Isabel Lozada

    Where can we see who won the contest?? I’m a Fla. resident and just came back from the park yesterday. Would love to be present for opening or taping.

  70. Carson Weeks

    how do I get tickets for the show in April

  71. Dana A

    Have there been any updates on how to get tickets for the shows that are being taped April 3-6?
    We live in Orlando now and would love to attend…..2 tickets Thanks so much 🙂

  72. Kari Swindle

    Looking for people to test out the new Jimmy ride, please contact us. Coming to Universal from Seattle April 2-5!!! Would love to see Fallon live!!!

  73. Don Zeiner

    Looking forward to the new attraction and a chance to attend a taping.

  74. Dorothy King

    Universal studios is one of my favorite places. My daughters took me about 15 yrs ago. I’m 64,don’t know how much longer I can walk. I have been hoping I could go one more time in my lifetime. One daughters is saving so we can go ,but has 3 girls with special needs. Her vehicle is big enough but not too dependable. We hope to find a way. The kids would have so much fun. I love universal studios. Will be watching in April.
    Love Dorothy,

  75. Sue Halpin

    My 10 year old grand-daughter LOVED the ride!! She was at the park with her dad and called me and she was just so excited because she didn’t think that the ride would open until April 6th! Instead she was there Saturday, April 1st and got on the ride! She was a little disappointed that Jimmy Fallon wasn’t there to ride with her!!!!!!! She couldn’t stop telling me how much fun it was and told me that it was an OK ride for me since I am 68 years “young” !!!

  76. Zhyar

    Hello universal studio
    my name is zhyar I live in Munchin in Germany. I really really wanna become an actor and have a role in one of Universal Stodio movie , but I don’t know how to do that. Please if you have any suggestions And help me to make my dream come true I will be very thankful 🎥🎥🎥🎬

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