Insidious Coming to Halloween Horror Nights 25

Insidious Coming to Halloween Horror Nights 25

Go Into The Further

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Some evil spirits want to live again—and some want to pull you into the eternal darkness.

Insidious: Chapter 3 has hit the theaters, and Halloween Horror Nights 25 is celebrating the trilogy by opening the “red doors” to the Further. For those new to the successful franchise, Insidious has scared audience members for the last six years, and all three films are represented in this year’s event.

You’ll come face to face with the evil denizens of the Further—the Long Haired Fiend, the Lipstick-Face Demon, the Bride in Black, and the newest evil: The Man Who Can’t Breathe.

The path through this terrifying maze can only be accomplished by going into the Further, the mysterious world of the spirits. Many of these spirits crave the souls of the living. And while guests are dodging the grasping hands of death, the Further will disorient any who travel into the great beyond.

Paranormal mazes bring a unique opportunity to engage the guests with an eerie theme and pervasive creepiness that will inhabit every turn. You can look forward to an unsettling feeling of terror following you home and roaming your nightmares.

Grab your tickets and be on your guard: the spirits want to take what you love most.

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  1. Marie B.

    Whys is Florida resident prices the same as regular prices??????????????????????????????????

    • Chuck

      Why not? People will pay the crazy prices, might as well charge as much as they can. They will come regardless.

    • Kay

      Because for the FL resident since it’s classified as an event it doesn’t matter since we have the coke deals distributed everywhere during that time of the year. It’s cheaper to buy using the coke deal at your local public than getting it with a resident ID anyways.

  2. Zayra

    Ohhhh I cannot wait to visit universal horror nights! My younger sister and I have a sister vacation every year from our deltona home to Orlando and we stay at universal cabana bay this year and last year for the grand opening.horror nights is our fun time where we can become part of wonderful movies and enjoy ourselves…last year my sisters ponytail and hair stood up straight as she raced through the exit of Jason house…myself and the couple we met at universal laughed so hard…just a wonderful time..,hope this year is better and better..we even purged! Lol

  3. Eric You

    i hope that the walking dead, scream , american werewolf in London, Alice in wonderland 3-D house, run house, blizzard body collectors shady brook house,and hallowed past 2 are released soon i speculate in 49 days or something.

  4. richie

    went last year. spent my whole time there in line just to see two of the haunted houses. while the houses were great im not sure if its worth 100.00 per person for a night out to spend it standing in line. not sure if I would go again

  5. Valerie Zeleniak

    Cant wait my husband and I will be there in September, we both love Halloween and have Halloween parties every year! hope you have a costume store see ya soon!

  6. Bárbara Lima Portugal

    Hi, i ve already bought my parks day ticket, and know i decidem to go to Horror Night. My hotel will be Cabana Bay. Is it possible to buy my HNNs ticket using my park day ticket, in the add-on ticket? Thanks.