Ash vs Evil Dead Brings the Battle of a Lifetime to Halloween Horror Nights

Ash vs Evil Dead Brings the Battle of a Lifetime to Halloween Horror Nights

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“Alright, you Primitive Screwheads, listen up!”

I am thrilled to announce that Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights is partnering with the STARZ original series Ash vs Evil Dead this haunt season. As fans of the series (and of course the earlier films), all of us on the Creative team have been waiting years to bring this title to Halloween Horror Nights.

“Okay, uhh…obviously I know exactly what’s going on but,

for the sake of these people, maybe you should explain.”

When developing a new haunt experience based on one of your favorite movies/shows/etc., different challenges may arise. Creatively as a team, we want to give you, the fans, the best experience possible while still embracing the authenticity to the movie/show. I feel that this house lives up to the stories found within the Ash vs Evil Dead series, and isn’t that what every fan wants to say?

We’re going to take you, regardless of your awareness of the show or the characters, and throw you into the loud, brash, and very bloody world of Ash. There are Deadites to kill and evil to stop, let’s get to it.

“…with stops in Choke-lahoma City and Die-ami…”

The house will feature various locations from the first two seasons of Ash vs Evil Dead  and lots of blood. And for those “in the know,” the answer is yes…We’ll be going back to the cabin; with a few other surprises along the way.

“What? You never saw a guy with a chainsaw hand before?”

This is our blood-soaked, milk-eyed, crass, rock n’ roll amped, chainsaw-wielding felt puppet, love-letter to everyone and everything connected to Ash vs Evil Dead.

“Hey, Granny! I hope you took your Geritol. It’s time to dance!”

It’s time to start daydreaming of chainsaws revving (if you’re not already) and grab your tickets now for Halloween Horror Nights. You can catch up on seasons 1 & 2 of Ash vs Evil Dead now available on STARZ.

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  1. Jason

    YEEE!!!! Oh my stars and (blood-soaked) garters… did the best house for HHN27 just get revealed?? Yes, yes it did!!

  2. Itsa Miash