Immersive Paranormal Virtual Reality Experience Coming To Halloween Horror Nights

Immersive Paranormal Virtual Reality Experience Coming To Halloween Horror Nights

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I am ecstatic to announce a cutting-edge, terrifying virtual reality experience is coming to Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights. “The Repository” seamlessly blends custom virtual reality technology with immersive real-life storytelling bringing guests into the next dimension of horror experiences.

This is one of the most electrifying Halloween Horror Nights’ project I’ve ever worked on – primarily because it is the culmination of 8 years of experimental story-telling, drawing on feedback from our vast HHN audience to learn what thrills and chills them the most.

Step in a horror experience like no other in The Repository

Throughout this heart-pounding, psychological journey, guests’ most personal and intimate fears will be tested as they encounter real-life characters in highly themed physical environments, while working together in teams of four to uncover a paranormal mystery told through the use of the cutting-edge technology.

All of this is set in a centuries old warehouse where paranormal and supernatural artifacts have been collected and stored for hundreds of years. Recently though, the secretive organization behind this practice has installed state-of-the-art technology that allows spectral transportation into paranormal realms.

Until now, the supernatural has infiltrated our world on occasions labeled “hauntings.” Now, and for the first time ever, we will send you across the SDP (spectral dark portal) directly into those terrifying environments. I wish you a safe journey because what happens to you on the other side is irreversible.

“The Repository” can be purchased as an upgrade from your Halloween Horror Nights admission for $49.99 plus tax, per person. It will be available to guests during all Halloween Horror Nights events, beginning Sept. 29 and running through Oct. 31.

Tickets are now available for purchase by calling 407-224-7840. Halloween Horror Nights admission is required.

Get ready for The Repository, because the door will soon be open to a mind-blowing paranormal experience like no other.

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  1. huston hawkins

    But im only going for opening night….*sobs at computer screen*

  2. Nick Soto

    VR is a terrible idea for a maze. Its taking over rides and other attractions. If it fully takes over mazes then what’s the point of hiring monsters or designing mazes when the guest can’t even see with those goggles that allow a guest to only see a screen?

    • mari

      I don’t get exactly what it is?

    • Joe G.

      i have a feeling its more going to use the camera and 360 like Augmented Reality especially if you are in teams of 4 you will have to be able to see the other 3 people in your team.

    • TheFudd

      It is a completely separate event within HHN, with an additional price. It is not a house, there are still 9 houses.

  3. LisafromCanada

    Please offer it sooner in September!!! I am only there from Sept. 22-25!! I can’t believe my husband and I will be missing this by a week!!

  4. Michael

    Is this the 9th maze? or something different all together?

    • K

      The 9th maze is American Horror Story. The virtual reality is a different experience for an additional $49.99.

  5. Mary Beth

    This is the first time we are visiting Universal Studios and staying at the new hotel. We are Disney fanatics but wanted something new.. We’re not sure what to do? We have dining but do we make reservations? Does our hotel included fast passes? My husband and I will be married for 40 years and love something new! And where would I get the list for the restaurants? I like a plan of some sort so we know what we’re doing that day. I’m hoping it’s going to be a good experience! Please help

    • Mary! We’re SO EXCITED you both are coming down to visit us! We have a lot of questions that will ultimately help us craft the best suggestions for you, but in the meantime we have a few nuggets of advice that you might find helpful.

      First off, most in-park and CityWalk Restaurants don’t require reservations. However, higher end establishments like Emeril’s and The Palm at the Hard Rock Hotel strongly recommend them (something to keep in mind when planning that one big romantic dinner). You said you have dining- have you purchased a Universal Dining Plan?

      For a list of restaurants, give this webpage a look-

      We have something for everyone in our parks, CityWalk and resorts. If you’re looking for a great steak, it’s hard to beat The Palm. Looking for something fun and new? One of our weekend favorites is The Cowfish in CityWalk. And in park, The Three Broomsticks (Islands of Adventure), Mythos (Islands of Adventure), The Leaky Cauldron (Universal Studios Florida) and Finnegan’s (Universal Studios Florida) can’t be beat.

      As far as your hotel and Universal Express goes, it all depends on where you are staying. Our Premier Hotels (Loews Portofino Bay Hotel, the Hard Rock Hotel) along with Loews Royal Pacific Resort offer complimentary Express Passes. Loews Sapphire Falls Resort and Universal’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort do not offer complimentary Express, but if you’re staying at either no worries! Each hotel has a variety of great park benefits- like Early Park Admission, which will allow you first crack at a few of our more popular attractions.

      For more on what on-site benefits you get with your hotel visit-

      As far as attractions and shows go, it all depends on when you’re coming down and what your interests are. We have thrilling roller coasters, award winning dark rides, simulators and a swath of great shows. If you’re on Twitter, we recommend following us (@UniversalORL) and sending us a direct message. That will allow us to start a private dialogue with you that will help us assist you better.

      If there’s any way we can assist further, just ask. We’re really looking forward to welcoming both of you to our resort and hope you have an incredible vacation with us!

    • Norm

      Consider a VIP Tour of the parks. During the week it priced a little lower and you cannot beat the experience and the memories you will both have.

  6. Tanya

    Can employees experience this for free???

  7. Chris

    Hmm… not happy that there is an additional charge. I’m already dropping enough money for our 2 week stay in October for our 25th wedding anniversary. I purchased the RIP tour, behind the scenes and scare actor dinner add-ons. But this, being in the park during HHN, seems to me that it should be included. This is getting dangerously close to the Disney model of nickel and dime the customer to death.

    • Anon

      Why would it be included ? It’s just like an extreme house at bush gardens . It should be extra not included

  8. Jordan Stafford

    Will this be included in RIP Tours?

  9. kattianna

    I have a question? How long does the interactive experience last?

    • Pauline

      I was told to expect to be there for at least 90 minutes

  10. Kimberley

    How do people from the UK buy these tickets as it only has a USA number?

    • Michelle

      United States country code is 001
      Ask your cell provider for instructions on how to dial internationally. It’s easy, as long as you know the country code.

  11. Evan Hankins

    question any idea of the type of VR head set they use because i did not know any of them used wireless besides that crappy one you could get with you’re phone so is it a HTC vive or a rift ??