Jack the Clown Returns to Host Halloween Horror Nights 25

Jack the Clown Returns to Host Halloween Horror Nights 25

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Irreverent, sarcastic, trash-talking, sadistic, prankster, psychotic… Yeah, I missed him, too.

Is this your first introduction to Jack? Welcome! He’s your master of ceremonies, your host—and your worst nightmare. The things he has in store for Halloween Horror Nights 25 draw on our past and on terrors yet to be seen.

For fans who know his tale, you’ll notice he has escaped the shadow of Oddfellow completely. He has shed his old coat for something of his own design. His face is more weathered, more lived in.

Jack has come into his own, and he is eager to preside over the spectacle of it all—especially if that spectacle is filled with screams, blood and gore. He, most certainly, wouldn’t have it any other way.

HHN25 Jack TunnelHistorically, Jack represents a key change in the story of Halloween Horror Nights. From 1991 to 1999, the event’s visual presentation—from chainsaws through pumpkins to green eyelid-pulling-demons to the Crypt Keeper’s decaying features—were just illustrations that filled the marketing materials. Halloween Horror Nights hadn’t really established a unique character that could speak for it.

That was about to change in a big way…

In early 2000, the creative minds of Entertainment’s Art and Design team developed an insane clown by the name of Jack. His look played into people’s inherent fear of clowns and would hopefully give the event the sledgehammer to the chest needed to take it to the next level.

Well, a monster was unleashed, both literally and figuratively. Unbridled, uncontrollable, freakish and violent, Jack the Clown sprang from his box and completely took over. He grabbed the event by its face and crushed it, laughing manically the entire time.

Jack made appearances all over downtown and the Orlando area, yelling and cackling and scaring everyone within his broken-fingernailed-reach. He even presented tiny, gore-covered jack-in-the-boxes to local TV stations and City Hall. Cops were called. Screams were heard.

Job well done.

Jack made an impression, no doubt. So much so that, to this day, fans stop us and exclaim passionately, “Bring Jack back!! He’s my favorite!! He is Horror Nights!”

That statement really says it all… Jack is Horror Nights.

Among all the characters that have headlined Halloween Horror Nights over the last 25 years, Jack represents the event in the purest way possible—he is the embodiment of all the tricks and the treats. And I couldn’t be more thrilled that we’re bringing him back for this year’s historic event.

Happy Halloween to us all.

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  1. Sharon

    I’m soooo….excited that Jack is back!

  2. Eileen

    What a brilliant way to bring us something that says “25 years”. I am thrilled that you are focusing on the history instead of a single IP (TWD). We are beyond excited and cannot wait to immerse ourselves into all that you’ve created. Congrats on 25 years of the finest Halloween event anywhere. You guys ROCK!

    • Alyssa Snell

      Yep, so true. They are epic.

  3. Jennyfer

    So very excited to see Jack is back!! I can’t seem to wipe this smile from my face! Thank you!!

  4. Eric You

    i hope universal also brings back some other icons like an scary more sinister looking Eddie who is jack’s brother, have an updated Albert Cain the caretaker the bringer of death, a new director icon or something to represent sacrifice, the storyteller also to return with newer scary tales, and also bring back Julian Browning the usher with his own dark new twist as vengeance also bring back Cindy or chance jack’s girlfriend. i also want to see nine houses and five scare zones tie the background around on fear or the iniquitous legions like vampires, beasts, warriors, prisoners, and scary traditional characters from around the world.

  5. John L. Porter

    Sweet! Looking forward to Jacks’ ‘Horror House’ at the 25th HHN in Orlando. Got 9 houses this year, awsome!! It’s gonna be great! Can’t wait for more info from HHN web site.

  6. Chris

    I thought Albert Caine was better than Jack. I liked the Screamhouses.. that was my first ever HHN house and set me on a path to going every year from that day forward.

  7. Eric You

    universal studios i dare you to reveal something when the countdown goes to 100 days until the event see you soon from Nero Pitts i will be uncovering some of the new haunted houses, five scare zones, roaming hordes, shows, and all the other surprises i was the security guard when fear was unleashed i have played many games with lady luck i also worked when universal studios unleashed the terrible iniquitous upon the land. i survived the zombie infestation that suddenly attacked the world. now i hear strange voices inside my head and i will warn you about this year’s event will be beyond your worst nightmares.

  8. Blane

    Awesome Review Mike! Jack is my favorite icon. Thank you for bringing him back!

  9. Alyssa Snell

    Wow! I can’t wait for this. I am so going this year, especially with my free HHN ticket from my Premier Annual pass!

  10. Ben

    Bring back Alfred Hitchcock-he needs to be at this event-house please! Pyscho and The bIrds scream Universal horror nights.

    Classic universal monsters also have to be there this year.

  11. Jack

    Like Ben’s comment at the bottom, we too hope Alfred Hitchcock will make an appearance. Especially after seeing it on the survey Universal sent out last year for this event. Will buy my pass straight away.

    Please bring him back Universal-

    with love from a group of 24 Universal horror night fanatics.

  12. Mike

    When are you going to release prices for these events?

  13. Mattb

    Screw jack, I just want 9 walking dead houses

  14. Michael j citak

    I’m moving down to the Merritt Island area this August and have volunteered for the past few years at the Trail of Terror in Wallingford, as one of their q line actors.. Changing nightly from a memorable talking clown “coney Collins”, reminiscent of a 50s icecream man meets lounge singer, to an over excited and scare jungle skeleton ape in the mannerisms of Caesar from Planet of the Apes. Sometimes I’d wear a smoke breathing dragon beast of my own design. Once I get a car under me, I’d love to audition for a part with Universal as acting in character is very fun for me. Welcome back jack!! And hopefully if I don’t get to work the event, I’ll at least be able to come see it!

  15. Laurence

    This will be my very first year attending with my Family!!!! I am so ciked and hopefully will be able to meet Mr. Jack himself!!! Yes! there will be pictures…….. Yay!!!!!!

  16. Gary

    Was at universal for 25th seen jack on stage performing his act? And it was fantastic great to be scared again can’t wait till next year