Sinister, Insidious and The Purge Come to Halloween Horror Nights in One Terrifying Haunted House

Sinister, Insidious and The Purge Come to Halloween Horror Nights in One Terrifying Haunted House

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What’s better than going through a haunted house based on your favorite horror film? How about going through one based on over five films from three of horror’s darkest franchises. This fall, the multiple films of Sinister, Insidious, and The Purge are coming to life at Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights.

Blumhouse Productions is responsible for producing some of the creepiest movies over the last two decades. There is a wealth of content to use and we’re packing every inch of the house with something invasive, something wicked, and something that wants our souls…something altogether Blumhouse.

The advantage to creating a house with multiple properties living inside its decaying walls is each scene is a completely different world. What tie the scenes together are the otherworldly themes that run in all of the films. The characters that roam the house are terrifying yet gorgeous in design. From Bughuul (Mr. Boogie) and to the Red Faced Demon, you’ll get the chance to see them face-to-face. We’re ripping the most terrifying scenes out the creepiest movies from the Blumhouse vault and dropping you into the middle of the action.

What excites me most about this house is the access we were granted to use and recreate elements of Insidious: Chapter 4. That’s right, you’ll be walking through a living trailer of the upcoming film. Insidious: Chapter 4 doesn’t hit theaters until 2018, so this is a big deal for us and the guests who will meet the newest villain of the franchise. I can’t give anything away yet, but I will say that we dive into the Further and see some very horrific…imagery.

What are you looking forward to seeing? Share with me in the comments below and head here for more Halloween Horror Nights details and ticket options.

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  1. Warren Pearce

    Very excited, we coming all the way from South Africa to attend Halloween Horror Nights and visit the Parks at Universal Orlando.
    We have booked our tickets for the 24th of September. Excitement is an understatement.