Halloween Coming to Halloween Horror Nights 24

Halloween Coming to Halloween Horror Nights 24

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As I’m writing this, I’ve got the Halloween score blaring through my headphones.

There are pieces of music that have been created for films that immediately place you not only back into the scenes featured within those celluloid masterpieces, but also back to the time and place you saw that film. Back to the Future does it for me. E.T. too. And the themes from Halloween do it every time!

I was 13 when I first rented it (ah, VHS). I knew nothing about the film except that it was a slasher. I had already viewed Friday the 13th and A Nightmare on Elm Street (yes, my parents were pretty cool). But for some reason that I can’t explain, Halloween had escaped the view of my eager, horror-obsessed eyeballs.

I remember making some popcorn, going into my room, popping the tape in, flicking on the small TV above my desk, and sitting down to take it all in.

The glow of that pumpkin during the title credit sequence filled my room; the theme immediately injected me with anticipation. It drew me in completely. It captured me. Then it terrified me with its simplicity as every Myers sighting or jump scare carried with it those jabbing chords.

What I loved most about it, then and still to this day, is that simplicity. It made the most of what it had and fully capitalized on it. A simple story, but one carried by characters you could easily attach and relate to. A setting that could be anyone’s neighborhood growing up. A killer you barely saw, but when you did, his visage quite literally burned into your view.

“The Shape” he was called, and there is simply no better way to describe Michael Myers. The film perfectly established its number one rule: he could be anywhere. He could be any shadow. Behind any door. In any closet.

And the best part? When it’s all said and done and [spoiler alert!] you watched Loomis defeat this pure evil…He’s gone! Vanished right into thin air. Then, perhaps the most brilliant moment in the film – the theme reprises and we cut to various shots of the neighborhood—empty, but not. He’s out there…waiting…watching…End credits.

I lost it!!! I couldn’t help but check my closet and peek out my window looking for him. He could be out there, I thought. It was the first time a horror film truly made me more afraid after I watched it. John Carpenter’s Halloween is easily my favorite horror film of all time. I even have Michael Myers sneakers, for pete’s sake!

As you can imagine by now, I am thrilled to tell you that we’re bringing this movie to life as a haunted attraction at Halloween Horror Nights 24.

“The Shape” will be lurking around every corner in the Halloween house. The theme music will be blaring through every inch of Haddonfield, Illinois. And you’ll now be able to witness, in real life, “The night He came home”.

You can grab your tickets now to step into Michael Myer’s twisted world come September 19. And don’t forget to sign up for Halloween Horror Nights emails to get all the latest info and deals.

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  1. eric you

    soon we will face all ours fears.

  2. chrisrina

    This will b my first time this year. Listening to everyone an watching videos I’m a bit scared.