All-New Fast & Furious Ride Coming to Universal Orlando Resort in 2018

All-New Fast & Furious Ride Coming to Universal Orlando Resort in 2018

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You’ve seen the cars. You’ve seen the action. And soon, you’ll be able to live it.

I’m so excited to share that one of the most successful film franchises of all-time will soon become one of Universal Orlando Resort‘s most action-packed ride experiences.

Buckle your seatbelts, because in 2018, Fast & Furious: Supercharged is coming to Universal Studios Florida. You’ll feel like part of the “Fast family” as you embark on a thrilling new Fast & Furious adventure that will put you right in the middle of the action. Fast and Furious renderingThis ride is going to fuse everything you love about the films with an original storyline and incredible ride technology. You’ll get to check out some of the high-speed, supercharged cars you’ve seen on the big screen. You’ll be immersed in the underground racing world made famous in the films and explore the headquarters of Toretto and his team. Then, you’ll board specially-designed vehicles for an adrenaline-pumping ride with your favorite stars from the films.

To make way for Fast & Furious: Supercharged, Disaster: A Major Motion Picture Starring You! will be closed permanently starting September 8, 2015, with Beetlejuice Graveyard Revue closing later this year.

There’s SO much to share about this thrilling new ride—I can’t wait to share more details in the future. Make sure you stay tuned to the blog for updates.

Atracción completamente nueva de “Fast & Furious” viene a Universal Orlando Resort en el 2018

Haz visto los autos. Haz visto la acción. Y pronto, podrás vivirla.

Estoy muy emocionado de poder compartir que una de las franquicias de cine más popular de todos los tiempos pronto se convertirá en una nueva atracción llena de acción en Universal Orlando Resort.

¡Ajusten sus cinturones de seguridad, porque en el 2018 Fast & Furious: Supercharged viene a Universal Studios Florida! Tendrás la oportunidad de sentirte parte de la familia “Fast” al despegar en una emocionante aventura de Fast & Furious que te colocará en el medio de la acción.

Esta atracción combinará todo los que amas de las películas en una nueva historia original e increíble tecnología. Podrás ver algunos de los autos de alta velocidad sobrealimentados que viste en la pantalla grande. Te sumergirás en el mundo de las carreras de autos clandestinas que se hicieron famosas en las películas, y podrás explorar la sede de Toretto y su equipo. Luego, abordarás vehículos especialmente diseñados y despegarás en un viaje lleno de adrenalina con tus estrellas favoritas de las películas.

Para dar paso a Fast & Furious: Supercharged, Disaster: A Major Motion Picture Starring You! será cerrada permanentemente a partir del 8 de septiembre del 2015, y Beetlejuice Graveyard Revue cerrará más adelante este año.

Hay MUCHO que compartir sobre esta nueva y emocionante atracción – y no puedo esperar a compartir más detalles en un futuro. Asegúrense de estar pendientes al blog para más actualizaciones.

Atração inédita Fast & Furious chega ao Universal Orlando Resort em 2018

Você já viu os carros. Você já conferiu a ação. E em breve, você poderá vivê-la.

Estou muito animado em compartilhar que uma das franquias do cinema mais bem sucedidas de todos os tempos está prestes a se tornar uma atração inédita e cheia de ação no Universal Orlando Resort.

Coloque seus cintos de segurança, porque em 2018, Fast & Furious: Supercharged chegará ao Universal Studios Florida! Você se sentirá parte da “Família Velozes” ao embarcar em uma nova e emocionante aventura que o colocará bem no centro da ação.

Esta atração vai combinar tudo o que você ama nos filmes com um enredo original e uma tecnologia incrível. Você mergulhará no mundo underground das corridas que ficou famoso nos filmes e explorará a sede de Toretto e seu time. Então, você embarcará em carros especiais para uma atração de adrenalina pulsante com os seus astros favoritos do filme.

Para abrir lugar ao Fast & Furious: Supercharged, Disaster: A Major Motion Picture Starring You! será fechada em 8 de setembro, e Beetlejuice Graveyard Revue se encerrará no fim deste ano.

Há TANTO para contar sobre essa emocionante nova atração – eu mal posso esperar para compartilhar mais detalhes. Fique ligado no blog para as atualizações.

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  1. Antony Coukos

    Can’t wait to enjoy this new attraction, however VERY much hope ‘Beetlejuice isn’t closing for good. All those who agree, should consider signing the petition at Save The Graveyard (dot) com

    • Kayla

      I hope it dont close! I love that show, Im coming there in november 2015 wonder if it will still be open?

    • Greg

      BeetleJuice is unfortunately closed. It closed January 5, 2016.

  2. Mike Borley

    What will become of Beetlejuice later in the year? Will it transfer over to the Fear Factor Stage?

    • Heather H

      I hope so because I love the Beetlejuice show.

  3. Christopher More

    Amazing! This is so exciting! Can I be the first to ride!!

    • Sarah

      There are lots or rumors, But it has Been there for a pretty long time

    • Greg

      Twister is closed. Race through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon to open 2017

  4. Sean

    Can you say how similar this will be to the Hollywood version? I’m really hoping for some real speed here.

  5. Shari Francis

    Sounds great. I am a huge Furious fan but also a big fan of Disaster and Beetlejuice. Hate to see either of them go!!! We will not be there before Disaster is shut down, that is disappointing.

  6. Adam Teece

    I am ok with Disaster going away, though if they had promoted that Christopher Walken was one of the main characters in it, I bet more people would have been drawn to it. I am rather upset that Beetlejuice is going away though. That show is fantastic and always has been. Universal used to have so many awesome actors and it just seems like they are removing any chances for their in park actors to shine through performances, or even those actor assisted rides such as Disaster.

    • Dr. X

      christopher Walken is in it?
      I gotta check it out next time..

      RIP JAWS

  7. Hector Martinez

    Glad to see this ride coming, but not Disaster Studios closing!
    You already took Back to the Future away from us to put the Simpsons!
    Now This!
    Come on!

  8. Ashton

    ??? Throwing out Beetlejuice (a classic show with an upcoming sequel and huge family oriented fan base which also celebrates the heritage of Universals Monsters) and Disaster (a classic attraction with a somewhat recent refurb) for a racing attraction that only teens and adults can ride? Nothing about this franchise excites me. I’m very saddened by this news.

    • Greg

      Beetlejuice sequel not happening. Tim Burton trolled the internet.

  9. Kim

    I am so tired of you guys closing good rides and shows (I love Beetlejuice)… Jaws anyone? Why can’t you demolish Twister, which has been a waste for over 15 years. Thank You

    • Greg

      Twister is closed. Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon opens 2017

  10. T

    I’m totally ok with disaster closing but not beetlejuice. I hope they move it somewhere else in the park. I understand keeping up with what is current but there is almost nothing classic or original left besides E.T. The beetlejuice show has had good years and bad years with its updates but it is still all around entertaining.

  11. Patrick

    I thought Skull Island was also next year. Is this still happening.

    • Sean

      Skull Island is 2016, Fast & Furious is 2017

    • Tracii Kunkel

      Skull Island is DEFINITELY happening. It’s already well under construction and appears to be nearing completion.

    • Greg

      Skull Island is open at Islands of Adventure.

  12. Gordon


    This move is ridiculous, Not looking forward to this ride… at all!

  13. Mylissa

    So disappointing that Universal would chose to get rid of the BEST live show they have to make room for another ride!!! My entire family greatly enjoys going to Beetlejuice’ s show every time we go to Universal and we are pass holders!

    • Art

      Actually, Horror Make-Up is the best live show.

      • Jen

        Graveyard closing is almost like horror makeup to me! If closing either Uni had to be lifeless to not know of the fanbases and the über popularity of graveyard matches horror etc. Hopefully 😉 it will move I can’t see Uni closing a popular show when it has unpopular ride/show space up for grabs… Besides disaster itself is a large enough area. Btw, what they need graveyard for queue??? Congrats Uni you became the one thing you hate money hungry like the competition you hate!

        • H

          While I agree with you Jen closing beetle is like closing horror — And as a fan of the graveyard as most are (disaster too as I assume earthquake fans still exist??? I am proud vintage ie. Jaws earthquake hitch) I assume you as are many commenting… you didn’t need to rail the company!! Universal is still a great company and I have made many friends from graveyard & beyond! Does it hurt yes me and my family (#savethegraveyard) but one thing is for sure and I am sure many agree … Saying you won’t be back but then you love/support those friends (cast) that move on to brighter things and then eventually can say its been a great run for both attractions! Still 🙁 but here’s to hope 🙂 and that’s what the moral should be in both of these Attractions one amazing run!

  14. dee howey

    As season pass holders for Universal, my husband and I visit the park at least once a month all year.. Mainly to go see Beetlejuice the Graveyard Review. It has been one of our favorite attractions since it opened. We are very disappointed that Universal would do away with a show that attracts all ages. However you can certainly do away with Disaster and Twister. I do not think we will be renewing are passes once they expire this year.

    • Tracii Kunkel

      Could not agree more. Disaster is somewhat fun to take others to, but I won’t go myself, but I have no use for Twister at all. But I go to Beatlejuice at least once a month.

  15. Otto

    I hope it’s not the same as the Hollywood one. I want real speed, no simulation.

  16. Jodie vickers

    I hope they keep Beetlejuice in another area. We have d to see it every time we go! It’s a must for our family

  17. Erick

    Im ok with closing both attractions, I will miss then but Universal needs new rides to compete, I hope Twister will be next one. T-2 needs to be replaced for better an enhanced shows.

  18. Elaine

    Oh boy, another screen based ride (sarcasm).

    • Paul

      I can assure you this ride will contain screens and 3D. At least that’s what all the rumors suggest.

  19. Diane Beerwa

    The closing of Beetlejuice is complete bs. That show is the only reason that i go to universal because i am not really a ride person. I meet the cast of Beetlejuice last sunday when we were down. They were so nice and polite. We have been annual pass holders for going on 2 years now. Please reconsider this show closing. I told my husband that if this show closes that i will be giving up the passes.

  20. Steve J

    Sound liek a lot of fun. I won’t miss Disaster, but Beetlejuice Revue was always fun.

  21. Lynda

    Can’t wait love those movies !

  22. robert beerwa

    i do not like this beetlejuice is a great show it would be wrong to close it down take some other shows out. takeing out beetlejuice will not be sorry for saying this but bad move. thank you………………………..

  23. Mike

    Very excited about this ride! Please at least share if you can if this will be different from the Hollywood version. Sorry for the folks that will miss beetle juice but strangely you are the only people I have ever heard say you enjoy it.

  24. Diane Beerwa

    We have been pass holders for going on 2 years now. The only reason i come down to universal is to see Beetlejuice. This is total bs. I am not a ride person so if you take Beetlejuice away i told my husband that i will give up our annual passes. So please reconsider closing this show and put it somewhere else in the park. There are plenty of places. Thank you for your time

  25. Maria Buenrostro

    Im super excited ! With all the new rides coming im a proud premier holder for years! Im happy to see new things its worth me keeping my card on a yearly basis
    old rides gotta bring new ones in !!!

  26. Skiguy

    For all those who are not happy, there are other parks to visit. Make a bucket list of rides, and go. Some may check off thrill coasters, others may like family rides or shows.

  27. Eric

    So, that new ride is going to replace both Beetlejuice show and Disaster attraction right? I thought that ride would be a replacement for “Twister” attraction.

    Speaking of “Twister”, when’s that old attraction is going toto be closed down and replaced/rethemed into at some point?

    • stephanie

      twister is so creepy cuz the twister
      and the fire

  28. BFiggyDJ

    Wow! Another screen based ride! How original. Pretty soon they’ll be able to connect all of them and just have one ride.

  29. BFiggyDJ

    Wow! How original. Pretty soon they’ll be able to connect all of the rides together and just have one ride.

  30. Dr. X

    will we be able to crash into a Big Tree???

  31. Amy Rezulak

    i have been coming to your parks for almost thirty years multiple times a year, I worship the place, promote it, and spend big, but I have a big issue with Universal removing all the classic elements and respects and thrill to what made Universal just that. Hitchcock should still be there, Kongfrontation removal was devastating however glad to see a “reboot” – Earthquake/Disaster is one of the very last elements of the classic park. Why not put money into it and get rid of Fear Factor area? Disappointed to see how trendy and money hungry this has become.

  32. Chris Naylod

    HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE MISTAKE. The Supercharged ride out here in Hollywood is just awful. What a slap in the face to everyone who works at Disaster and Beetlejuice. Shame on you, Universal

  33. Hec

    Leave the graveyard and get rid of Twister. That’s the worst attraction. Never has more than a 5 minute wait.

  34. Chelsea

    if this is going to be the same as the Hollywood ride then I will be so so disappointed after watching youtube vids of it, I would expect something like disneys rock n roll rollercoaster for fast and furious not basically king kong ride number 2..

  35. Claire

    Get rid of Twister! It’s a complete waste of space. And the Fear Factor area has been unused for ages. I’m not a massive fan of Disaster but it is a classic and it is a shame to see all of these disappearing. I’m still not over the loss of BTTF and Jaws!!

  36. Robin

    It’s ok that Disaster leaves but please….. keep Beetlejuice! That’s the one attraction my son loves and as season pass holders always the first thing we go to watch when we go to Universal. My son records each and every show and talks about it all the time. We love the show no matter how many times a year we see it!

  37. David

    I will greatly miss Disaster. It’s a great interactive experience, includes real physical special effects, and is overall fun.
    Fast and Furious will be more simulator based technology, which isn’t always bad, but Universal has way overdone it in this category. I’m not looking forward to this at all.

    When is the exact last day of Disaster? Is September 7th the last operating day or September 8th?

  38. Andrew

    Yes somehow Twister says alive.

  39. Mark Stradling

    Good old Universal – constantly making improvements and adding new attractions – way ahead of Disney at the moment.
    The two attractions that are closing are the ones we tend to do if we have spare time so not complaining at all.

  40. micheal chick

    way closedown betal just thoe will the ride be taking up all the spce off betal just wich is shame as it was one the first atration to open with the park

  41. Bowser

    I have been going to Universal since 2001, yes I have the plastic pass that has my 6 year old self as the picture. King Kong, Jaws and most definitely Back to the Future were my absolute favorites. I have been going every other month for years, and the classics are what I am there for. It just reminds me of childhood so much and when I use to go on those rides when I was little with my family. It’s just not the same anymore. I get they have to go with the times and such, but it still sucks. I also think Twister is very neat and I love going and seeing it. It’s something I will (hopefully) never experience in real life so I hope they keep it. So sad though.

    • Otto

      I get it, but nothing is forever in life. I keep my memories alive with photo’s and souvenirs and my memories will never fade. I cherries the time I spend with people I care for but who, like some rides, are gone forever.
      Sure you will never experience that experience with new people in your life, that was exclusively for you, but you will make new memories with them and for them that will be the new thing to cherish for years to come until that is replaced. I only live once and I want to experience as much different things I can so I can’t wait what Universal is thinking up next to entertain me.

  42. Trixter

    Where will rocky horror show be perform then?

  43. Nate

    I’m very disappointed to see the Beetlejuice Graveyard Revue show go, as annual pass holder I would look forward to seeing this show every time I visited. Sadly, I will not be renewing my annual pass because of this news. I think Universal is making a big mistake by taking this away. They need to get their guests feedback before making decisions like this.

  44. christina j.

    we just left universal studios and cannot wait for this new attraction! it looks like it will be awesome. we can’t wait for the new one at IOA as well.
    looks like we have to plan trips for both 2016 AND 2017 🙂
    keep up the great work and amazing thrills! best theme park!!!

  45. Carl Anderson

    Universal Studios has plenty of room for the new ride without getting rid of the Beetlejuice show and the theater. This show has been a great part of Universal since 1992 and should remain a part of it. The performers are wonderful and they should be able to keep their same jobs. Tom Schroder should not get rid of the awesome show and the theater! It is also home to the Rocky Horror Picture Show Tribute. That show makes HHN extra special with excellent music and performers. Do not get rid of something that continues to make many generations so happy. Getting rid of the theater and the show will mean less people coming to Universal. The new ride will only be popular for a short time but the shows have remained popular. Both shows have become famous fixtures that many guests look forward to seeing. Keep the Beetlejuice Theater! It makes so many guests happy and the performers will still have their jobs. The performers make a big difference in so many lives and make Universal Studios a theme park that is unique and exciting. Having a Beetlejuice character throughout the park is not enough! Guests want the show! Since Universal has become a part of a larger corporation, it seems to be adopting the corporate mentality of getting rid of as many employees has possible, paying them as little as possible, and making as many part-time as possible so the CEO and stockholders can make a bigger profit. Universal should set an example by keeping these excellent performers in those awesome shows and by treating their employees and guests better. Universal shoudl care more about having happy employees and guests and less about the CEO’S and stockholders profits.

  46. Anthony

    Beetlejuice was one of the many reasons our family came to Universal Studios Florida year after year! Not keeping the show is truly a disappointment…

    Doesn’t anyone in PR realize that you can’t have all thrills without some sit down entertainment? What happened to all the shows and exhibits at Universal?

  47. sean maklein

    I think that the decision of taking disaster it’s ridicoulus because it’s a place for acting and have fun.Can we enlarge universal studios instead of taking a very classic games.They also take jaws and put that rare game that is fear factor live that is very bored,so plan before taking the classic games. You have to think to enlarge because if you take many games people won’t go to universal or island of adventure if you take the original games.

    Think about this and don’t take the game of disaster take fear factor to put that game for teens but it is not for adults or younger kids
    thank you,listen and think about this.

  48. Rickey Carter

    Really? The Hollywood Universal closed Beetlejuice down years ago along with so many of the other great shows and haven’t replaced them with anything worth seeing. This makes me so mad that I am bringing my grandson there and he is so excited to see Beetlejuice. We used to go to Universal Hollywood every year but haven’t cared much to go back because the only good show left is Water World. Now Florida is following suite.

  49. Lucio Johanek

    Take a close-up look at what goes into and oozes out of some of Hollywood’s strangest creatures during the Horror Makeup Show at Universal Studios Florida.

  50. Ben

    If this is anything like the version in Hollywood it’s going to suck…BIG TIME!

  51. Don B.

    Twister is gone to make way for the new Jimmy Kimmel New York ride in 2017.



  53. michael

    i cant believe youve got rid of beetlejuice for a car chase wow im amazed

  54. Ethan

    Fast and furious supercharged is for my mom not for me

    • Galadriel

      I’m hoping that the new rides will be the exciting type that gets the adrenaline pumping and makes me hold onto my braid to keep my hair safe. I want to feel the wind on my face as I race around New York and do what ever the Fast and Furious ride is all about. If your mother likes to check her glasses in her locker and hold on for dear life, then yes, I want these new rides to be something she would like. I just hope I get my wish!

  55. James Ray

    why on earth are they replacing good rides with some stupid copy-and-pastes of other rides? jimmy fallon is basically just the simpsons ride with some guy i have never heard of and fast and the furious is just spiderman…

  56. Galadriel

    This looks like it will be a real wind-on-my-face type of ride! Speed racing, here I come.

  57. Michael

    I’m tryibg to go the firsy day…..

  58. JeffO

    Uncover Tourist is hopefully sending me to experience this ride first hand and I can’t wait! Very cool.

  59. Min

    can’t wait to get on Fast & Furious: Supercharged