Buckle Up: New Details Revealed for Fast & Furious – Supercharged

Buckle Up: New Details Revealed for Fast & Furious – Supercharged

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If you’ve visited recently, you may have seen signs of Fast & Furious – Supercharged at Universal Studios Florida taking shape. We’re working around the clock on putting the finishing touches on our newest attraction, opening next spring.

So now the time has come to go under the hood and share the details.

Fast & Furious is all about adrenaline and action-packed thrills. We’re taking all of those awe-inspiring experiences and creating the next chapter in this blockbuster franchise with an all-new theme park ride. We’ll immerse you directly into the storyline alongside your favorite characters and make you a part of the Fast family forever.

There are four specific details exclusive to Universal Orlando’s Fast & Furious – Supercharged that make it the ultimate Fast & Furious experience:

  • Supercharged Cars
  • New Characters
  • New Story
  • Virtual Line

Buckle up and hang on tight as I give you a front-row look inside this high-energy adventure with the Fast family.

The Family’s All Here

You’ll encounter Dom (Vin Diesel), Letty (Michelle Rodriguez), Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson), Roman (Tyrese Gibson) and more of your favorite Fast & Furious characters during your action-packed experience. But it’s not all good guys that you’ll come face-to-face with either. Owen Shaw (Luke Evans) and his criminal cartel are back with a vengeance.

And for the first time ever, Ludacris (Tej Parker) and Jordana Brewster (Mia Toretto) will join the all-star cast of this attraction.

Fast & Furious - Supercharged Load Platform Rendering

Cars from the Fast & Furious Film Franchise

We’ve worked closely with Dennis McCarthy, the man behind the insane cars for the Fast & Furious films, to craft 15 authentic cars for our attraction.

Fast & Furious – Supercharged is the only place you’ll find these vehicles, including Dom’s iconic Dodge Charger, Letty’s Turbo Truck and more.

Fast & Furious - Supercharged Turbo Truck Queue Rendering

An Original Fast & Furious Story

Before you even step inside the attraction, you’re immersed in the story. You’ll first encounter Dom’s iconic car parked outside.

The Fast & Furious – Supercharged building has become the all-new home base of operations. You’ll get to explore familiar scenes inspired by the films, including Tej’s high-tech War Room and the Family Room—complete with photos of the Fast family.

Dom invites you to attend a race after-party that you won’t want to miss. The best part is Tej hooks you up with customized party busses to get you there.

As you make your way to the party, Dom calls with an urgent message: Criminal mastermind Owen Shaw has tracked you down. Now, a high-speed chase is on as the Fast & Furious crew strives to keep you safe from the clutches of Shaw. But will you make it?

Virtual Line

Fast & Furious – Supercharged is the next attraction at Universal Orlando Resort to feature the Virtual Line system. All you need to do is download the free Official Universal Orlando Resort Mobile App, or locate the kiosks near the ride entrance, and select your ride time. While you wait, you can check out the other attractions at Universal Studios.

Fast and Furious rendering

And that’s not all.

Throughout the attraction, you’ll hear hit songs from the Fast & Furious soundtracks. Your favorite film clips will play on screens throughout the queue. There will be photo opportunities with cars from this year’s blockbuster The Fate of the Furious after you exit the ride. And you won’t want to miss gearing up with “Family Forever” merchandise in the gift shop.

Mark your calendars for next spring and stay tuned here for more details as we take you inside Fast & Furious – Supercharged.

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  1. Mike

    I love Universal and IOA, been a passholder for years, but not sure how many more 3D rides i can handle. Seems like a cop-out to meet their “1 new attracrion a year” goal. Soon they’ll change the name of the park to “3D Land.”

    • Carole

      Funny, but we are in Canada so for us to see all the Simpsons and all, it was fun, and we love rides that we don’t have in our country. We hope we can go back… sorry !!!

  2. Mike

    Looks like it’s going to be another copy and paste from Universal Hollywood Studio Tour.

  3. Ryan

    Sorry Universal but this just doesn’t look like much fun, especially those ride vehicles.
    This just feels like a less exciting version of Kong.
    I’m always rooting for your theme parks, but this just seems boring.

    • Jennifer

      We are coming to Universal Orlando spring break. Will Fast and the Furious be open?? Last time we were at Universal the Hulk coaster was under construction and we had to watch practice runs everyday!! That was brutal because thats our favorite ride. Cant wait to visit the parks and hope we get to ride The Fast and the Furious!!!

  4. Jason Z


    Please cool it with the screens. You walk down Production Central, and before you even get to The Mummy, you have four 3D attractions (Shrek, Minions, Fallon, Transformers). Then you do Mummy and continue on and you have Gringotts with yet another video screen. Then you do Men In Black, which is fine, but next, you have another screen ride at The Simpsons — which looks like blurry, outdated Six Flags quality. At least we have E.T., Mummy and Men in Black still.

    And that is just one park. Spider-Man, Kong, Forbidden Journey are in the next park. How many screens do we need at the resort?

    • Schuer

      You forgot transformers..oh that’s 4D.

  5. Laz

    So you build such a massive building … for more screens on your rides.
    All that potential for so much more and it’s just another Kong. I’m sure it’ll still be cool but not what the park really needed, yet another screen ride.
    Universal, you can do better.

  6. Norm

    Virtual Line is awesome. Especially when the park is busy. The Race Through New York virtual line just might be better than the ride itself.

  7. Jordan

    Because nothing says adrenaline and action-packed thrills like a slow-moving bus. This is merely a clone of Kong with something different playing on the 3D screens. Because the world really needed two of these. So incredibly lazy. Is this the sort of effort we can look forward to from Universal in the future?

  8. Carole

    I want to go back, the 1st time was fabulous !!! Carole 55 years old but 10 at heart !!!

  9. Otto

    I want to get excited about this ride but the whole simulation thing is getting a bit overdone.
    The bits of ride clips don’t look very convincing either. I love Universal to bits but this huge plot and this huge ip doesn’t get what it needs and that is a fast and furious ride.

  10. Lenny Mastropieri

    I’m there when it opens with my kid, it looks like a great ride.

  11. Galadriel

    I hope “adrenaline and action-packed thrills” includes the wind in my hair and real thrills, not just simulated thrills. I assume that this will be like another park’s fast car ride and that I will actually get an adrenaline rush at some point in the ride. I love Universal Orlando, but it really needs more truly fast rides, in my opinion.

  12. Pentti Pirkola

    I’m old Finnish rallydriver and very interesting about cars.If you need extra to the movies that would bee nice to take place there and acting like extra.I’m 66 year old but in good health have also pilotlicence.I like those Fast and Furious because there is so many wonderful actor actris.

  13. Frances

    Awesome! Can’t wait to ride it!

  14. Andrew Chiang

    I think it is going to be the best attraction for young and old fans.

  15. David

    Looks to be Way too similar a ride experience as Kong, I also Hate Hate Hate the virtual queue. The Fallon ride is OK, I don’t love it, my kids do, but I avoid it as much as possible due to the annoying virtual queue experience.

  16. Christina John

    I think I can hear my 13 year old going into meltdown at the thought of doing this ride next summer………..WOW!

  17. Kevin Keen

    I was one of the first individuals to be there, when the first turn of soil created USF/IOA.
    Themes were based on people pleasing attractions, using REAL PEOPLE. At least the humor and off the cuff ad lib, from
    the human beings, was something to FEEL THE MAGIC! Yet, anything to cattle herd
    a 1 to 2 hour line, and think they are going to come back next year for the same thing.
    At least the water slide wettens the mind, body, and soul. But, it ain’t ET come home either!!
    Bring back the purpose of remembering the past, to the present and future! Show what it
    means to be a kid, when your parents and grand parents grew up. It gives us older ones
    the memories of what we had and what we will never experience again. Show something
    that technology brings out on a daily basis. Where it gives a us people, WHO PAY THOSE
    FREAKIN OUTRAGEOUS $$$, A simple, good REASON to come back…you kinda one the
    hearts of the Halloween horror crowd. But, your scaring off the other half, who wouldn’t pay
    a bart simpson dollar, for a harry potter wand.

    • Kevin Keen

      And, yes I spelled ONE wrong on purpose!!

  18. Michele

    I can’t wait to ride it,

  19. Mark

    I am a huge Universal fan but I feel like Universal has lost its soul. It used to be a park filled with all sorts of attractions that had tons of practical effects and things that you couldn’t see at your local theme park at home. But now ever since Spiderman was a huge hit, Universal seems that they have tried to copy that attraction over and over…..and over…and over. Universal please go back to practical attractions with animatronics and actual real scenes that don’t include wearing glasses. I miss attractions like the original Kong and Earthquake. Even Twister was cool because it was something unique and practical. Something you could actually see and feel. Universal needs to be Universal again. Blow us away with fire, explosions, wind, water. Not another tv screen.

  20. Tim

    *Yawns* Can we please move on from 3D rides? It’s getting tiresome and boring.

  21. Ann

    Those 3 D rides give me motion sickness. I want real rides that move!!!

  22. Jim

    We love both parks and are local annual pass holders(not sure how much longer)… but this looks like another lame ride that mismatches movement with what you are seeing in 3D and makes you sick.

    I guess on the positive side of things, rides like this pull the people to them and make the lines on the real rides shorter 😉

    Build a 2 car roller coaster that simulates a car chase and we are all in…

    Put some thought, creativity, and reality back into new rides!! No more 3D.

  23. The Dawson Gang !!

    Me and my family ( Really ) Love the Universal Park, All the rides and 3D great,!! Thank You Universal For A great day out,
    Thank’s The Dawson Gang. – Marvellous !! ( We Will Be Back ). !!

  24. David

    What a disappointment. This was Universal’s chance to redeem themselves back to their epic-scaled rides, but instead what looks like the most disappointing major ride of all time. Screens can work great (look at Spider-man and even simulators like Flight of Passage), but Universal is using them to cheap out on actual expensive props/aa’s/sets that would otherwise add 10’s of millions to the attraction’s cost. How on Earth does The Fast and Furious fit anyway? It’s really a really nice amusement park at this point, not a theme park. Things need to make sense. They should have just saved the money and used it to upgrade the theming around the resort. What a slap in the face to pass holders especially.

    At least Nintendo looks promising, but that still will feel out of place at the park. How do video games relate to New York and San Francisco exactly? It’s about time Universal fans hold Comcast to the same standard as they do to Disney when they are paying about the same amount of cash. I love Universal so that makes it even worse.

    Maybe I can just think of it as ‘Those silly tourists that are going on a bad ride so I can get on Mummy with a shorter wait’.

    • Rose

      LMAO The shorter lines on the good rides is literally the only promising thing out of this, cause nintendo is going to ruin the whole classic Universal Kid feeling. But welp.

  25. tony franklin

    another virtual ride. Boring. Fast n furious should be fast and furious. Not going. SORRY

  26. rjpete

    At least at Universal Studios Hollywood, you can meet Tyrese Gibson and get an autograph.

  27. kurt

    i like the fast furious race car/

  28. Kristopher

    Start making roller coasters again please!!!! Have been an annual season pass holder almost my entire life, and have been making a 15hr car ride just to go to universal studios and islands of adventure and see a tv screen. It is starting to get hard to justify spending all this money when I can just stay home in Texas and go the theater. Once again, it looks like thay are making another cheap cash grap ride t. If things don’t change within the next 5 years, I will be taking my business elsewhere.

  29. Vikram Bansal

    maybe for the nex ride you guys make it could be like a hybrid between roller coaster and 4D

  30. Rose

    These virtual rides are great, and like they’re not bad csue hello this is Universal. But common, half of the park consists of VR rides, were all just waiting for some actual action, like Hulk or (RIP yall better make a similar ride) Dragon Challenge. Just a thought, cause the whole sitting in a bus to watch a screen thing isn’t really my favorite. Plus, its Fast and Furious! (Key word: Fast)

  31. Ray

    More Hulk, less glasses to put on!

  32. Lisa Rose

    Can someone please tell me what the music is playing while you queue? There were some fantastic Latin songs playing and I’d love to download them. Thanks