New Electric Car Charging Stations at Universal CityWalk

New Electric Car Charging Stations at Universal CityWalk

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At Universal Orlando Resort, we’re always looking for ways to further our Green is Universal mission to be energy efficient and promote sustainable technologies.

That’s why I’m excited to announce that we’ve collaborated with Tesla and the Orlando Utilities Commission to add four charging stations in the valet parking of Universal CityWalk for electric or hybrid electric vehicles.

archThese stations are available to any guests who valet park their electric vehicles. Two of the stations are Tesla chargers and two are Clipper Creek chargers. They are the standard chargers used by the majority of the electric vehicle automobile manufacturers.

You’ll even find Universal Orlando on the Tesla Charging Station Locator Map.

This installation is just the latest step in our “green” commitment. We are continuing to work with OUC on providing more locations of charging stations across our destination.

For ideas on how you can have a positive impact on our environment, click here to explore the “Act” section of our Green is Universal website.

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  1. Good But Not Great

    Would be nice to be made available without having to pay exorbitant valet parking fees!

  2. Sarah

    What about customers who are staying at the resorts, and paying $22 a night to park there? Are there charging stations available?

  3. David

    Do employees also have access to EV charging in their respective parking lots/garages?

  4. Jack

    Small businesses will put up complimentary charging stations. Both Disney and Universal who make more money than most countries charge you more to charge your car that to get gasoline. I do not understand !!!!!!!!!!!!!!