Seek Out The Latest Chocolate Frog Wizards Card

Seek Out The Latest Chocolate Frog Wizards Card

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Chocolate Frogs are a fan-favorite in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and today we’re excited to share there are two new cards you can collect!

This past summer, we released the Jocunda Sykes card – she was the first witch to fly over the Atlantic by broom.

Jocunda Sykes Chocolate Frog Card

Another card arrived this fall. Devlin Whitehorn is known for creating the Nimbus Racing Broom Company. With his help, the Nimbus brooms revolutionized our favorite game – Quidditch. You can find this card now in Diagon Alley at Sugarplum’s Sweetshop and in Hogsmeade at Honeydukes.

Devlin Whitehorn Chocolate Frog Wizard Card - Blog Image 2

Collector’s Tip

In every box, you’ll find a Chocolate Frog Card after famous witches and wizards. Collectors know new cards will be in boxes that are stickered when first released – keep an eye for the sticker to ensure the new card. Not too long after, the new cards will be mixed in randomly with the rest of the inventory – happy hunting!

How many cards have you collected? Tell us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook with #WizardingWorldOrlando.

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  1. Jessica

    I love the new releases of Chocolate Frog Cards and I’m always quick to pick up the new one before it’s mixed into the whole lot. I’m disappointed with this release though since this post was shared on your Instagram page on 12/3 and when I went to the park that day it was no longer available. It’s also a bit misleading to say you can pick up this card on your online shop when the option to order online is a four pack that does not include this new card.

  2. Hi Jessica, thank you for your feedback. I am very sorry that you weren’t able to get your hands on this Chocolate Frog card on your last visit, and will make sure your feedback is shared with our merchandise team. This card will be mixed in randomly with the rest of our inventory, so there is still a chance to grab it when you visit us next. I hope we will see you again soon.