So Much To Come In 2016

So Much To Come In 2016

How can so much happen in one year?

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It’s only the first week of January, and I’m already overwhelmed with excitement for this year. Even with over a decade under my belt at Universal Orlando Resort, I can’t remember a time when so much was happening all at once.

Here’s a glimpse at just some of what you can look forward to in 2016.

Skull Island King KongSkull Island: Reign of Kong Opens
The next saga in this iconic character’s story is coming to life in a HUGE new attraction this summer. You can see much of the attraction’s façade already from the walkways in Universal’s Islands of Adventure. The rising structure shows just how mammoth of an experience this will be.

The Incredible Hulk CoasterThe Incredible Hulk Coaster Returns
We announced in August that one of America’s beloved coasters was going to be undergoing “new enhancements to its storyline, ride vehicles and overall experience.” Well, if you’re strolling around Marvel Super Hero Island, you’ll already start to see the ride coming back into shape. Just wait until you see what this guy looks like now…

Sapphire-Falls-RenderingLoews Sapphire Falls Resort Opens
We’ve already made a few announcements about our newest on-site hotel opening this summer. And man, is it going to be beautiful. I know I can’t wait to check out the new pool—the largest of all the hotels—and grab a drink in the Strong Water Tavern. Tropical bliss awaits.

On top of all that, we’ve got our incredible annual events and the epicenter of awesome, Universal CityWalk.

2016 is definitely going to be a year of non-stop excitement. And if I know anything about this place, there’s probably even more to come.

Make sure you stay in touch to get all the latest details. We’ll be sharing them on emails, on Facebook and Twitter, and right here on the blog.

Now bring on 2016!

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  1. Mark Hollamon

    Universal once again setting the bar for introducing the highest tech attractions and great resorts to Orlando!

  2. David

    I’m planning on celebrating a BIG birthday this year at UO….some of the new things won’t be open, so I guess that means a second trip to Florida later this year!

    See you in March!

  3. Jason

    When will the USAP square magnets be mailed out? When will Universal step up its technology and not have flimsy paper tickets for Annual Passholders, your most loyal and money-spending customer?

    • Mike

      You can ask guest services fir a free magnet. Just show your pass

  4. Ravenclaw c/o '89

    As a first time annual pass holder I’m extremely excited to experience all that is to come in 2016 – can’t wait!

  5. Evelyn

    By having the annual passes do we get discounts on the hotel? When is the hotel opening?

  6. Jeanne

    I am looking forward to the reopening of the Hulk. This is my favorite rollercoaster (Dragon Challenge 2nd and Rocket doesn’t make the list — too much vibration and too little head padding to protect against the vibration). I hope that the new Hulk will be just as thrilling as the old hulk and that none of the loops and twists will be missing. I also like the Mummy, but a good idea for a new ride would be an indoor rollercoaster with sharp twists and up-side-downs.

  7. Kevin Swan


    Loews as in Loews hardware. Man that is so sad for a name of a resort. Totally unappealing. If Loews cared about it they’d take their name off it and shame on you for going for the $.

    • Kelly

      “Loews” as in Loews Hotels & Resorts which has been in business for over 60 years… not “Lowe’s” the hardware store.

    • Kelly

      Loews = hotels. They already have a couple on site.
      Lowes = the hardware store you’re thinking of ?

    • Gina Davis

      Loews hotel is the main company but they have names for the hotels like the new one opening is sapphire falls, they have cabana bay, Royal pacific, portofino and the hard rock. Lowes hardware is different. Different spelling too 🙂

    • Heather Rogaczewski

      Not Lowes hardware. Different spelling and company.

    • Beck Hamilton

      Kevin Swan Lowes is the hardware store. Loews is the hotel chain that owns it.

    • Yvette

      Loews is the name of a hotel chain as well. This us not a case of advertising. I do think it is a shame that Universal does not build a really great Hogwarts hotel. Missed opportunity, but I have read they don’t want to be in the hotel business.

    • Me

      Not Loews…the name of the hardware store is LOWES…different

    • Ryan

      @Kevin Swan

      I’m honestly not sure if you’re trolling, or actually think Universal named their new resort (as well as the existing Loews Royal Pacific and Loews Portofino Bay resorts) after the Lowe’s hardware retail chain as a sponsorship cash grab.

      Notice the spellings: Loews and Lowe’s

      Loews is a 70-year-old hotel and resort chain.

  8. Sandy

    Can’t wait to get there but can’t stay on site because you are lacking an rv park. Hope to see one soon

    • Lisa

      I second that. You need an RV park! When this summer are these rides and attractions expected to open? Don’t want to miss them!


    are there any onsite resorts that have package deals that include tickets to the parks?

  10. B

    Universal needs to get with the program and give their pass holders bracelets like Disney. Those paper tickets are worthless and impossible to keep them from falling apart after a while. I have been a pass holder for 5 years and had to have it replaced several times, which after a few times I get charged for them!!!

    • Kitty

      Or at the very least, a plastic card. My first ap was a laminated card with my picture on it, and that was nearly 20 years ago.

    • Tracii

      After having to replace the first one from just having it in my wallet and it fading, I wrapped my new one in a layer of shipping tape for a quick and easy lamination. While I’d prefer a nice plastic card (Kennedy Space Center) or bracelet (disney), I’d LOVE to see them change the Annual Passholder login system to something I wouldn’t have to have my card in front of me to log into. Or am I the only one who hasn’t memorized their 28 character passholder number as 12 digit “password”?

  11. Felicia Jackson

    I absolutely LOVE Universal…my family and I can’t wait to experience the new awesomeness!!

  12. Andy G

    Awesome year! And 2017 is shaping up great too!

  13. Graciela

    Buenas noches, tuve el agrado de visitar el año pasado los parques de universal, realmente maravillosos!!! Con mi familia quedamos asombrados de tanta belleza; el único inconveniente que tuvimos fué el idioma, ya que todo se habla en inglés y no subtitulan nisiquiera las pantallas previas al ingreso de alguna atracción, sería conveniente que tengan en cuenta mi observación porque lamentablemente no entendíamos los diálogos en ningúna atracción y habían otras familias en la misma situación que nosotros. Gracias!!!

  14. June Perez

    Going to Orlando at the end of this month. Will HAVE to go later this year to see the new attractions!!!

  15. John Maziarz

    would like to possible book loews sapphire for the fall – when will reservations and rates be published

    • Hi John,

      Good news! You can start booking Loews Sapphire Falls Resort now. We recommend reaching out to our Vacation Specialists at 877-801-9720 and they can assist you further. 🙂

  16. jem

    when will rates and reservations be taken for possible fall visit- love the portifino – hope this is just as good

    • Hi Jem,

      We recommend reaching out to our Vacation Specialists at 877-801-9720 and they can assist you further. 🙂

  17. Greg Kersul

    Thanks for keeping it One step above all other Theme Parks.

  18. David Russell

    I am excited about Skull Island and the return of the Hulk. There are some new rides coming in the future also, but I miss some of the old rides like Twister, Jaws and the Earthquake rides they weren’t as high tech as some of the newer rides, but more physical in your face, you didn’t have to worry about motion sickness on those rides. Older people like Universal too, I’m 60 and love rides just can’t handle some of the newer rides. Wish I didn’t have to skip some of the rides. Overall love Universal. Just one of your Annual Pass Holders keep it up, good job.

  19. Steve

    As Annual Pass holders or anyone who frequents the parks, you notice things others may not.

    I’d like Universal to crack down on employees manning the wait time signs on attractions.

    We’ve found that much of the time they are not accurate & the wait time is much longer than stated.

    Im sure others can attest to this.

    Another thing i dont like is seeing people wait an hour in line, and as they are close to reaching the ride, they are made to exit because they are carrying a bag or something not allowed on the ride.

    Met some ppl from Englad as we waited in line for Harry Potter, and 45 minuted in, they were made to exit for the reason above.

    That really upset me & takes away from people’s experience.

    Either have employees do a better job catching it early, or have a last-resort locker setup where ppl can re-enter back in line after waiting so long.

    As for the Halloween Horror Nights tickets included in our pass, allow us to pass them on to friends if we cannot attend.

    The majority of us have little kids who we probably cannot take to HHN, so what good are they to us if we cant use them or give to someone who can?!?

    Lastly, and i know i speak on behalf of anyone who attended the first few Halloween Horror Nights, bring back the parade with all of the Halloween beads, as it was the best part of HHN!

    Universal is still the best, but a few fixes here & there leaves them untouchable 🙂

  20. Nick

    With such a rich history over 100 years of movie UO should have a store that sells models of the characters,vichiels ,props and gagits.Building Plastic models have been a great way to celebrate your favourite movie or contraption by placing your finished project where it can be seen and enjoy.I talking old fashion models that anyone can afford and build And enjoy. It would be awsome to have the night bus setting next the train engine from back to the future and a terminator all on the same shelf.Just a thought i hope you would consider.

  21. Warren

    I would love to see running races at Universal. Are there any plans for a half marathon or distance race?

  22. Daniel niner

    we used to go to unversal every year when we lived in Illinois then we stopped in 2000 we had a house fire and decided to move to florida and we can’t wait to get to your parks see you there Daniel niner

  23. Teresa phillips

    Thank for the upgrades! As a 10 year pass holder I can say this place cares about its visitors and pass holders.

    Can we get a pass holder event specially for us?

  24. Ada

    Are there car magnets for USAP Holders and where do we get them? Never see them, but do see Disney ones all over.

    • Hi Ada,

      We do have Universal Annual Passholder magnets! You can grab one at Guest Services when you get to the parks. Thanks for being part of the Universal Annual Pass family! 🙂

  25. Lat

    Anyone know what the height requirement will be for kong ride?

  26. Chris

    I am a travel agent. I am planning a trip there with my kids in June. Are there any hard dates yet for any of these openings?

    • Hi Chris,

      We do not have exact dates at this time. As soon as we know, we will be sure to share it out with our fans! 🙂 We hope you have an amazing time in June!

  27. judi

    Hoping to spend my 50th wedding anniversary there in June with my 2 granddaughters. Love this place!

  28. Michael

    Weren’t there rumors dealing with Nintendo an Universal collaborating and building Nintendo attractions? When could we possibly see that?

  29. Derek

    Now, This is The Core Reason I Moved to Orlando, Florida… ?

  30. Neelixm8

    I can’t wait to visit again. Last year was wonderful apart from the Hulk closing down on the day we arrived lol. Love Universal, Love Orlando…..

  31. Bess Yearsley

    I am an annual pass holder and our favorite time is Halloween Horror Nights. I think Annual Pass holders should not have to pay extra for HHN. Also, Will the best rides ever be fat friendly. It took me three years to be able to fit in the Harry Potter seat. Not everyone who loves coasters are trim. Some of us have big boobs and butts and tummies.

    Other than that, we love Universal and will keep our annual passes going indefinitely. BTW, wish you hadn’t raised the price but free parking makes up for it, I guess.

  32. Ruth Knoblauch

    CTime to carry on the great memories

  33. lilly

    i just want to know I’m going to stay at universal in the end of may will the incredible hulk ride be open by may june time I really hope so xxxx

  34. Archie D

    Islands of Adventure will have a tag-team attraction opening this summer: Hulk & Kong! Let’s just hope for the right timing for stand-by wait times this summer, because IOA will be PACKED!

  35. Michele Andrade

    We will be there in March celebrating my son’s “25”th birthday while we are there!! We can’t wait!!!

  36. Crystal

    Will the Skull Island open in June?

  37. Nancy

    I understand from a friend first hand that the Beetlejuice Graveyard Review has been torn down and a Fast and Furious ride is going in….why isn’t this mentioned as something new coming to Universal and what will it be like?

  38. Genie morris

    Looking forward to the new excitement at Universal. Would like to know when and how do we sign up to be in the Madi Gras Parade?

  39. Nate Tringali

    any word on when Hulk will be back open?

  40. Fox Carmichael

    Is there a way to get a plastic type of card for AP Holders? I would like to have something little more stable and stronger than the paper versions! Thanks!