9 Reasons To Visit Universal’s Volcano Bay This Winter

9 Reasons To Visit Universal’s Volcano Bay This Winter

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While it’s snow boots, heavy coats and scraping ice off of cars for everyone else, us Floridians are still enjoying that warm sunny weather. Yes, there’s the occasional cold front that sneaks in, but overall our wintertime makes for the perfect time to visit the parks, especially Universal’s Volcano Bay.

I know what you’re thinking: “A water park during winter? You can’t be serious.” But I am. Let me convince you with these 9 reasons you should go to Volcano Bay now.

1. All the Water is HEATED

Ohno Slide at Universal's Volcano Bay

The weather may be cooler, but the water is still warm. The pools, rivers and rides all have water heated to over 80 degrees.

Tip: I know it’s still chilly when you get out of the water. Have a towel ready to snuggle in to when you get out, and a change of warm clothes when you finish your day.

2. No Rush to Ride 

The thought of cold weather tends to chase people away, making it less crowded for you. No crowds means shorter wait times, so you can ride every ride before lunchtime. Keep an eye out for ride signs that say “Ride Now” and you can get on right away.

3. Enjoy Awesome Food and Fun Bars


One of my favorite reasons to go to Volcano Bay is to kick back and relax with a fruity drink and a plate of hot food. A couple of my favorite foodie finds: the longboard pizzas, Jerk mac & cheese and Waturi Fusion Ice Cream.

4. Get that Perfect Spot on the Beach 

Premium Seating at Universal's Volcano Bay

Because it isn’t as busy, no need to hunt for a free chair on the beach. Grab the perfect spot in the sun and relax the day away.

Tip: There are a couple of great beach locations in the back of the park right to the rivers, restaurants and lockers. Prime locations for ultimate relaxation.

5. Relax at Your Own Pace with TapuTapu

Your TapuTapu wearable is the key to reducing stress during your visit. TapuTapu helps hold your place in line for rides while you relax in the pools or enjoy food and drinks. You can also sync your credit card ahead of time, so you don’t have to carry your wallet around.

6. Staycation in Paradise

Escape the holiday crowds and enjoy a staycation at Universal’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort. Here, you get Early Park Admission into Volcano Bay, a private walkway from the hotel directly to the park and the chance to book rooms with a view of the volcano.

Florida residents can click here for current hotel rates.

7. The Photo Envy Will Be Real

Drinks on Waturi Beach at Universal's Volcano Bay

While everyone else is posting pictures of snow storms and ice, you’ll be sharing pics from a sandy beach with an umbrella drink.

8. Splurge with Summer Luxury

Speaking of photo envy, what’s better than snapping photos from a private cabana? You can relax knowing you have the perfect spot in the park, food and drink service, complimentary water and snacks, and towel and locker service. You can also check out the premium seating option.

Tip: Reserve your cabana or seating before your visit by calling(877) 489-8068. There are limited numbers of each and they tend to book up quick!

9. Explore the Hidden Gems

Waterfall Cove at Universal's Volcano Bay

Now is the perfect time to discover the hidden secrets of Volcano Bay. See if you can find the little waterfall cove nestled at the base of the volcano. Or explore the inside of the volcano and interact with Vol – the spirit of Volcano Bay.

Convinced yet? Grab your tickets or passes today and escape this winter to paradise. Remember to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for park updates and to share your adventures using #VolcanoBay.

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  1. Kat

    Why does Universal close Volcano Bay when it’s cold out and not allow us to get near the waterfalls, if it has all the amenities listed????

    • Hell Kat, for the comfort of our guests, Volcano Bay closes due to cold weather. For updates on when Volcano Bay will reopen, please call 407-817-8317 or stay tuned to Universal Orlando’s social channels.

  2. Kim

    Is there a temp requirement for this park to open? Does the park open for partial days, or once it says “closed”, is that for the entire day? I’m trying to plan our park visits for next week.

    • Hi there, Kim. Volcano Bay does close during days with lower temperatures. If the park will be closed for weather, it will remain closed for the complete day.

  3. Rob

    Can you wear a thin (1.5ml) wetsuit like divers wear when the water is colder?

  4. June Wright de Perez

    We’ll be there in March so are really looking forward to visiting Volcano Bay then.

  5. JIll Parfait

    Will Volcano bay be open this week 25-1

    • Hi Jill!

      Volcano Bay is expected to be open (subject to change). Please monitor our website for any changes.