Inside My Bag: What to Pack for a Day at Universal Orlando Resort

Inside My Bag: What to Pack for a Day at Universal Orlando Resort

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I try to prepare as much as possible when I spend a day at Universal Orlando Resort. I make a mental list of the rides I want to tackle, pack my bag the night before, and try to get a good night’s rest (but I’ll admit that sometimes it is hard to fall asleep when I’m so excited!). Being prepared has always helped me make the most of my trip!

I’m here to take you through the essentials you need in your bag while visiting Universal Orlando. Tie up your sneakers, strap on your backpack, and load up these 9 items that will guarantee an amazing day.

GIF Inside My Bag at Universal Orlando Resort

1. Bag: Let’s start with the bag first. In the park’s gift shop I found the cutest lightweight tote bag to keep everything in! It was the perfect size and fit all of my items inside. A backpack is a great choice too. Inside My Bag - Universal Studios Orlando New York Library

2. Portable Power Bank: Imagine standing in front of the iconic Universal globe with your phone, ready for the perfect selfie… then the battery dies! This has happened to me more times than I care to admit; now, I will only travel with a portable power bank. If you’re like me, you’ll be taking plenty of photos, posting on social media, and keeping in touch with friends and family back home. Throughout all of this mobile activity, your phone battery is probably going to take a hit. Having a portable power bank comes in handy, because you can keep enjoying the park while charging your device! No need to sit down and look for an outlet.

3. Map: Be sure to grab a park map as soon as you enter. You can always download the Official Universal Orlando Resort App, but a paper-copy of the park’s map comes handy as backup. It alsodoubles as a great (and free!) souvenir.

Inside My Bag - Hogwarts Castle Journal

4. Journal: I love carrying a journal with me whenever I travel. It’s so exciting to document my adventures! Whenever I visit Universal, I try to find time to sit down and write about my day. Sometimes I’ll even sketch what I see in the parks. Doodling and writing is also a great way to pass the time if you’re waiting in a line. Just don’t forget your pen!

5. Suntan Lotion: You’re going to need suntan lotion if you’re spending a day in the bright Florida sun! Remember, fall and winter visits need protection too. Even on cloudy days powerful rays will seep through. I know, I know! I sound like your mom… But it’s true! Suntan lotion is always a necessity.

6. Sunglasses: Sunglasses are needed just like the suntan lotion, After all, you’re going to be in Florida and you don’t want to be squinting in all the family photos.

Inside My Bag - Universal Orlando Resort Umbrella - Splash Zone

8. Umbrella: You’ll wish you had an umbrella handy for those unexpected showers! This is a must during summer visits. Have you ever spent the day in soaked clothing? It’s pretty uncomfortable. Plus, if you pack a compact umbrella, it won’t take up much room in your bag.

7. Sweatshirt: Don’t let the sunny Florida climate confuse you! While you’ll need suntan lotion and sunglasses during the day, it can get chilly after dark. A light sweater or jacket will keep you cozy at night.

9. Water Bottle: At Universal Orlando, there are water fountains all around the parks, so you can conveniently fill your water bottle or reusable cup whenever it’s running low. I try to keep water with me at all times. This way, I don’t have to rely on standing in line for rehydration. My adorable Minions cup kept me cool throughout the day! Inside My Bag - Universal Orlando Resort - Minion Cup

I hope you find this list helpful! Of course, you can also try being a minimalist for the day and travel bag-free. But for me, having everything I need throughout the day makes my vacation more enjoyable.

What do you typically pack for a day at Universal Orlando? Tell me in the comments below!

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  1. Rebecca Solnitz

    Good list!! I totally would have forgotten the portable charger

  2. Linda

    I would add to the suntan lotion, lip balm with spf!
    The portable power bank is a good one for me to add to my list!

  3. Kara

    I always forget the umbrella!!

  4. Robb Rice

    Great list! Thanks for the tips!

  5. Brenda

    Great tips. Love Universal
    Umbrella can be used to protect from summer sun!!

  6. Jo Ann Corvino

    All great ideas of what to pack. Not sure I would have remembered the umbrella.

  7. Maureen

    I have never been to Universal but it is on my bucket list. Hopefully I will get there soon. I enjoyed your article and think your suggestions are great.

  8. James (YALE)

    Great list and a cool ring

  9. Sharon H

    Great tips. I love the journal idea. I enjoyed reading this article

  10. Joyce Mooney

    Good suggestions; especially the portable charger.

  11. Debbie Mastranduono

    Great advice! Would’ve never thought of bringing a journal. What a cute idea to help remember everything you loved about the experience!

  12. Ginger E Rotella

    Great job once again – now I just have to make plans to get there

  13. Brenda

    Love the journal idea. Definitely, bring your chap stick and I like to pack a couple of small snacks instead of loading up on a big meal. (Slows me down and then I want to go take a nap 😉 )

  14. Catherine Bird

    Great list, though I’d probably go for a poncho rather than an umbrella, can use it on the wet rides then if I don’t want to get too soaked.
    Also, for me a handheld fan is a must in the Florida heat, as well as some wet wipes to freshen up.
    I agree with the other comments that lip balm is also a must.
    143 days to go…

  15. Jenny Friesen

    Great List! The only thing I would add is a small bottle of ibuprofen or Tylenol. Sometimes the combination of the heat + a thrill ride can bring on a headache, especially for those of us used to cooler climates.

  16. Kathryn Negron

    Hi! great list! and great comments too! I do have a question though. Where are you putting a bag when going on rides?? TIA

  17. Kat Lollipop

    OMG, your a life saver! I’m going to Universal’s Islands of Adventure tomorrow and am absoutely siked. I would have forgotten almost everything i need!

  18. Kim

    You might want to add band aids for scrapes/blisters. Aspirin or your choice for headaches from too much sun/dehydration. Tums for after wild rides or too much good food. Ear plugs for children who might be afraid of the load noise of some rides. Hat for head/neck protection from sun-takes very little room. All these items together take very little space in a bag

    • Thanks for sharing this, Kim! We’re sure future Guests will certainly appreciate your suggestion, and consider these items for their upcoming trips to the parks.

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