Universal Orlando Resort Vacation Planning Tool: A How To

Universal Orlando Resort Vacation Planning Tool: A How To

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Anyone who’s ever planned a family vacation knows it can be an overwhelming experience. Whether you’re traveling with little kids and great aunts or thrill-seekers and video game buffs, there are a heap of considerations to take into account before crafting the perfect family travel game plan.

As the resident Type A traveling guru in my family, the task of coordinating our vacations always falls to me, a monumental assignment that involves long, late hours online searching for solutions for entertaining everyone in the group.

I grew up with Universal Orlando Resort virtually in my backyard, so my family has spent quite a bit of time onsite. Since this is a banner year at Universal Orlando Resort, I want my family to be among the first to experience The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Diagon Alley, Cabana Bay Beach Resort and all the new venues at Universal Citywalk. So, I thought I’d try out Universal Orlando’s new online Vacation Planner.

My task: Coordinating a visit for my family: an unwieldy, opinionated, multigenerational crew including wee ones, grandparents and everyone in between.

My tool: Universal Orlando’s new, free online Vacation Planner. The vacation planner allows you to completely customize your vacation with videos, personal recommendations, travel tips, sample itineraries, vacation packages and more.

Universal Orlando Vacation Planning Tool

Universal Orlando Resort Vacation Planner Tool


Step 1: Watch videos featuring The Travel Mom Emily Kaufmann for inspiration. There are a bunch of videos — some giving an overview of each theme park and the onsite hotels, some giving you a sample itinerary and overview of Universal Orlando’s annual events.

Universal Orlando Resort Videos

Universal Orlando Resort Videos


Step 2: Customize! Plug in details, including number of adults, children’s ages, month of visit and interests. Choose from options including Thrills, Movie Rides, Shows, Romance, Live Music and more.

Universal Orlando Vacation Planner Tool

Universal Orlando Vacation Planner Tool


Step 3: This is where the fun begins! After entering my family’s info, there’s an amazing page of personalized recommendations, customized to my specifications, and categorized by location for easy sorting.

Scrolling down the page, individual destinations are highlighted focusing on the interests chosen on the page before. It’s easy to add additional interests as you go, too, because the list slides with you on the left of the page. I love that I can change my options at any time and it will immediately reflect in the personal recommendations.

Personalized Recommendations in the Vacation Planner Tool

Personalized recommendations in the Vacation Planner tool.


Step 4:  It’s easy to save favorites and customize my family’s itinerary by clicking the star icons at the top right. All the favorites pop up into a special box at the top of the page. Once I’m happy with my selections, I have the option to share them with the family either via email, PDF, on Facebook or Twitter. Then everyone can chime in with their specific requests before I finalize the reservations.

Save favorites and customize your itinerary with the vacation planner tool

Save favorites and customize your itinerary with the Vacation Planner tool.


Step 5: Now that I’ve figured out WHAT we want to do, it’s time to book! On the next screen, The Vacation Planner walks me through the options for packages, hotels and park tickets, with a slider at the top to account for number of people, days and park ticket budget.

The Vacation Planner walks you through the options for packages, hotels and park tickets

The Vacation Planner walks you through the options for packages, hotels and park tickets.


From here, all that’s left to do is book and pack our bags. Now, that was the easiest vacation I’ve ever planned! Check out the Vacation Planning Tool for yourself here.

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    Trying to find out what are opening times for the Universal Orlando parks. Please advise!

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