Loews Sapphire Falls Resort: 10 Reasons You Should Escape to this Island Getaway

Loews Sapphire Falls Resort: 10 Reasons You Should Escape to this Island Getaway

From white sand beaches to rum tastings, here's the 10 reasons you should escape this summer to Loews Sapphire Falls Resort at Universal Orlando Resort.

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Summer in Florida is closer than we know. That also means we’re closer to the opening of our fifth on-site hotel, Loews Sapphire Falls Resort.

I’m counting down the days until I can sit back and relax to the sound of tranquil waterfalls, rum drink in hand and digging my toes into a white sandy beach. I can already hear those steel drums.

While you plan your stay to this Caribbean-inspired resort, just minutes from the thrills and adventure at Universal Orlando Resort’s theme parks, take a look at some of the fun facts you’ll be able to see, taste, hear and feel at our newest on-site hotel!

LSFR Loews Sapphire Falls Resort Infographic

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  1. Jeanne

    Will my stay at Sapphire Falls be credited to my Loews You First account? I’ve already booked my summer trip and am very excited! I’ll book more often if I get credit toward my Loews You First account and my platinum dining credit. This looks like a fun hotel!

  2. Heather

    I cannot wait to stay here in September. The wait to see actual pictures of the hotel is killing me

  3. Lesley


    Why when sapphire falls is a preferred hotel same as Royal Pacific guests aren’t getting the benefit of the fast pass for rides?

    • Teri

      Agree- I was wondering the same.

    • Delores Addington

      Looking forward! Having stayed at the other two this looks to be grand……for a water babe!

    • Brett

      This Hotel does not currently include a fast past. My assumption is that there are as many as 4 major attractions that are not open (Hulk, Kong, Fast and Furious and Jimmy Fallon), this creates a load on the other attractions, and with Sapphire having 1,000 rooms, the Fast Pass load might make it not so fast. Note that the prices at Sapphire are considerable less than the three properties that include a Fast Pass. I asked Universal if they may eventually offer the pass at this hotel, and I was given the very well rejearsed response, “not at this time”. If it is offered in the future, look for the price to climb.

      • Pam Hutmaker

        Thanks for the fast pass information. I was wondering the same thing.

    • Neecee

      No express pass because the hotel rates are over $100 less per room than the lower end royal pacific. In fact, I don’t think you could get the express past at Royal Pacific until after Castaway Bay opened.

      • Jeannw

        I don’t know what Castaway Bay is, but I’ve been getting the express pass at Royal Pacific since 2010. I never stayed there before then, and an Internet search for when the Royal Pacific started giving express passes was unsuccessful.

    • Karol

      I would like to know that too. That will make the difference as to where I book my reservations. Sapphire Falls should also have the Fast Pass perk.

  4. Vicki

    Does this hotel include the fast pass?

  5. linda

    Already booked for September…..stayed at Cabana Bay 3 times…loved it..watched sapphire falls going up……

  6. Char

    Looking forward to staying here this December but why on skip the lines for the new hotel???? Bummer

  7. Stephanie Krutchik

    Does the hotel give you express passes

  8. Linda Smith

    Sounds Great !! Would love to bring my Children Grand children and Great Grand Children !! Can I get a group rate discounte ?

  9. Kim

    Also this hotel is not part of the Loews reward program and the Universal Express Pass isn’t available for this hotel but it’s part of the preferred hotel? What gives? I have reservations in July but I think we’re going to have to change hotels because of the express pass. Isn’t that why everyone stays on the onsite hotels?

  10. Tania

    Our family have stayed at all the original three resorts…. And we love it!!!…..Is fast pass being offered at this new hotel? Is one of the best perks about staying on property….

  11. elaine

    i would stay here if you included the fast pass in the stay ; seems very cheap to not include this when its a universal hotel , even as an introductory offer ; also is there building work still happening after the hotel has opened ? the hotel drawings look good.

  12. Patti

    We recently returned from a fabulous trip to Universal Orlando. I had read about Sapphire Falls. We were a few months early to stay there. My kids and I had so much fun, I have already started saving for another Universal trip! The on-site hotels make it so much more fun!

    • Lillie V Keeton

      Yes staying on site is great, especially if you are a senior citizen. I could only go to the park for a few hours with the grandchildren and then I went back to the hotel to rest and enjoy the amenities.

  13. Lillie V Keeton

    Can’t wait to see this resort in person and enjoy the Caribbean! Hope I can get a discount as a Florida resident or a special sale. Forget the theme park, just let me enjoy the resort.

  14. Janice & Jason

    Will there be a soft-opening? Any chance we can get an invitation? My husband and I travel to the Caribbean frequently and this is a lot closer!

  15. JoAnne Francobandiero

    Can’t wait for it to open let me know when it is expected to be ready for booking!!!
    Thank You

  16. Ninja

    Sounds great, however, if not including the express pass as the other preferred hotel does, surley you’d be better saving the $ and stay at Cabana Bay? I see I’m not the only person questioning this. To label two Hotels in the same category and not offer this seems like false marketing to me.

  17. Jeanne

    This hotel sounds great, but several people still have unanswered questions. Does anyone from the hotel actually read these postings? I’ve contacted various people at Loews & Universal and received both Yes and No answers about Loews YouFirst benefits. I don’t know which answer to trust.