The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Interactive Wand Guide

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Interactive Wand Guide

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So, you’re planning your trip to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

You have your robe…



GIF Butterbeer Pour

and your interactive wand…

Wait, what do you mean you don’t have a wand? You don’t know where to get them? You know what they do though? What?! Okay, come with me and I will guide you along your journey.

What do the interactive wands look like?

Let’s start off simple, here are all 22 interactive wands inspired by the wands of your favorite characters from the Harry Potter film series. Go ahead and swipe through, I will wait.


Pretty awesome, right? And (in case you needed even more options) there are also interactive wands that are not based on a character and are instead unique to the witch or wizard’s personality.

Now that you are torn between 2 or 3 different wands, let me show you where you can find them in our parks.

Where do you go to find the wands?

In The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Diagon Alley, you can find interactive wands at Ollivanders

Ollivanders Wand Shop

as well as Wands by Gregorovitch.

In The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Hogsmeade, you can find interactive wands at Ollivanders

Ollivanders Hogsmeade

as well as the wand cart on the path to Hogwarts castle.

Hogsmeade Cart

If you have the time, we recommend visiting the wand keeper in Ollivanders so you can witness the magic of a wand choosing its witch or wizard.

Wands can also be found at the Universal Store in front of Universal Studios Florida and at CityWalk.

What do the wands even do?

Now that you have your interactive wand, you are now ready to cast spells all along your journey!

In total, there are 16 spells you can cast in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Diagon Alley and 9 in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Hogsmeade.

Inside your interactive wand box is a double-sided map that comes with the details of all the spell casting locations.

Diagon Alley Wand Map

Hogsmeade Wand Map

At the location, a gold medallion shows wizards and witches where to stand as well as the correct wand movement for the spell.

gold medallion

With some practice, you’ll be creating magic in no time. Here’s a quick glimpse of Reparo, one of the many spells you can cast. This charm fixes something that has been broken.

GIF Reparo spell

Now you’re all set! You’ve got your robe, Butterbeer, and an interactive wand! Which wand is YOUR favorite all throughout #WizardingWorldOrlando? Tell us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or in the comments below!

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  1. Josie M

    Cannot wait to visit this place!!

  2. Paul Fretwell

    Any idea how much these cost ??

  3. Cece P

    I have Dumbledors wand. Why? Because his can do anything & everything!
    Signed 65 years young female

  4. Dan DeBartolo

    Bringing my HP obsessed 9-year old on her first visit to USF on 2/26. We are staying at a Lowe’s on-resort hotel. Does this mean we can come see the HP area during the early access hour?

  5. Hi Dan!

    On February 26th, 2019, Universal Studios Florida will have Early Park Admission so you would able to visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Diagon Alley prior to the park opening.

  6. Carla

    If you have wand you bought and used in 2015 will it still work. We are planning on coming in August 2019. Just wondering if we need to buy new wands or we should just bring out wands we have to save us some money.

    • Hello, Carla!
      Wands traditionally work years after being purchased so you should have no difficulties.