Quench Your Thirst All Day with Coca-Cola Freestyle

Quench Your Thirst All Day with Coca-Cola Freestyle

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Ready to taste hundreds of Coca-Cola drinks all day at Universal Orlando Resort?

By picking up a Coca-Cola Freestyle cup, staying refreshed on your vacation has never been easier. With 18 Coca-Cola Freestyle locations inside the parks and over 100 drinks, you can stop at any station without missing a beat.

The easy-to-use touch screen lets you try all of your favorites and more. Simply place your Coca-Cola Freestyle cup under the dispenser, pick your favorite and enjoy.


There are many Coca-Cola Freestyle machines inside Universal’s Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios to keep your cup full. In addition to the Coca-Cola Freestyle machines located inside restaurants, you can also find “free standing” stations around the parks. Mix it up, or keep it classic – it’s your way!

Universal Studios

Universal’s Islands of Adventure

A couple of things you’ll what to know:

  • You’ll get discounts on multiple purchases and additional days of use.
  • Each refill dispenses 24 oz of product into each cup.
  • Refills are only good on the day of purchase.

A new drink called Celebrity Fizz will be available starting in September — it tastes like Orange Vanilla Swirl, and will be at all in-park Coca-Cola Freestyle locations through next February.

You can purchase your Coca-Cola Freestyle cup at any of the Universal Studios and Universal’s Islands of Adventure locations, or when you buy your ticket online. Enjoy and open happiness!

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  1. Ryan

    Just do us a favor, never stop offering normal fountain drinks.
    I cannot stand Freestyle. The sodas from it, never taste like the normal ones.

  2. Kyle

    One additional note about these machines:
    You can get ice and water no matter what cup you bring with you. I like to pack my normal souvenir cup, and just head to the freestyle machines to get some icy H2O. If you just want a refresher on a hot day, you can’t beat free ice water!

  3. faackanders2

    Easier to find machines in Islands of adventure, than Universal studios.
    In summer, Most machines are out of ice, ice not first thing around opening.

  4. Will

    they also have coca cola freestyle machines at AMC theaters

  5. Iwont B. Back

    On a recent visit to Universal Orlando, I purchased several of the “free refill Coke Freestyle” cups at a counter service restaurant. I wasn’t told, until I went back to the counter to ask for a free refill, that I had to go outside the restaurant, down the street, around the corner, refill my cup – and then come back to finish my lunch. Note: The soda dispenser was less than 6′ away. As if this wasn’t lame enough, these four cups (over $45!) are only good on day of purchase (Another nugget of info that wasn’t explained at the point of sale, presumably in small print, somewhere). I understand, these parks exist to drain the guests completely dry and leave us broke and destitute by the time we leave, but seriously, a $16 cup that I can’t use the next day? AND have to walk around the world to get my refill? How much more money do you need? The most frustrating part was talking to the same girl that sold me the cup, the same girl that originally filled the cup and having her tell me I had to LEAVE THE RESTAURANT to get a refill…when all she had to do was take my cup, turn around, take two steps, refill the cup and hand it back. Great setup, guys. Genius.

    • Sharon

      That weird because we ate at Finnagin and the waiter was more than happy to fill our refillable cup for free.

    • Jennifer

      We used our refillable cups for three days in a row. Just paid the refill fee each day.

  6. Nelson

    Here at Island Of Adveture right now, No Ice, My Favorite Drink unavailable…. Lines for refills are too long… Universal can’t keep up with this machines, is a waste of time and money… Everytime I go to this lines for refills everyones talk about the horrible experience…

  7. Kevin

    Found these at Universal on my last trip to Florida. They are fantastic and totally worth it. yes there are long queues at some (not all, mainly in the restaurants) but that is because they are free refills (after you buy the cup obviously) On a hot day with kids this is beyond a godsend, we bought one cup and filled it so many times throughout the day(s). Compare it then to Disney during the same vacation $3 for a small bottle of Fanta x4 people at least 3 times a day.

  8. gai dunlop

    I saw commercial buy 1 sprite soda plus pay for 1 ticket for universal studio in Orlando florida and get 1 ticket free is this for real how do I go about it Gail Dunlop gaildunlop1948@gmail.com

  9. Josef Prado


    Are visitiors allowed to share their Coke Freestyle cups with their family members or party visiting the park?