American Authors Performing at Mardi Gras this Weekend

American Authors Performing at Mardi Gras this Weekend

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What’s the best day of your life?

It could be catching a performance by American Authors this weekend at Universal’s Mardi Gras!

You can watch American Authors as they take the stage Sunday, March 15. These guys are known for their multi-platinum single “Best Day of My Life,” which was named the number one song played in 2014 on Adult Pop Radio (and is one of my favorite running songs.)

Before making their way here, I got the chance to ask lead vocalist Zac Barnett some questions about their performances and about the best day of their life!

What inspired the name American Authors?
An author is someone who tells a story through written words. We consider ourselves authors because we tell our stories through our music and lyrics. Before we met in university we grew up all over the United States — Minnesota, Florida, New Jersey, Texas, California. We all have these different backgrounds and upbringings which reflect on the art we create.

When coming up with the name “Best Day of My Life” was it the best day of your life?
A lot of our most upbeat songs come from some of the lowest points in our lives. When we wrote “Believer” and “Best Day” we had lost our jobs, there was a massive hurricane in NYC. We were broke and at an all-time low in our musical career. At that point, do you quit or push even harder to find that light at the end of the tunnel?

What was your favorite song to record?
“Home” was a lot of fun. It was a great experience adding classic instruments such as mandolin and accordion into a more classic rock sounding song. We did a lot of four part harmonies and took a lot of influence from queen with the vocals. All the guitar parts and solos were very cool to come up with as well.

Which venue has been your favorite place to perform?
Hollywood bowl and Red Rocks were monumental, while we always have fun doing clubs and theaters in Chicago. Sydney is one of our favorite cities to hang in.

Did all of you want to perform when you were young?
We did! We’ve all been playing music since such young ages and all went to college for music, so there was never a backup plan.

Besides the instruments you guys currently play, do you play any others?
Collectively we play guitar, bass, melodica, banjo, piano, mandolin, saxophone, trumpet, drums, and are currently experimenting with dulcimers and ouds.

Do you guys have a routine before the show?
Kind of boring — but we put our hands in the middle and scream out a different random phrase each night. I do plenty of vocal warm up before each show and we used to do funny dances back stage.

What do you guys do after a show?
Hang out with friends and party a lot of the time. Because we come from all over the country we have friends all over the place. There’s rarely a show where we don’t know a few people there.

What has actually been the best day of your life?
There have been plenty. First late night television performance, sold out shows, traveling overseas to perform, and finding out our song went number one. We are thankful and fortunate for everything we have accomplished this far.

When you guys aren’t recording or on the road, what is your favorite thing to do?
Everyone’s pretty different. I love to snowboard and surf.

You won’t want to miss their performance this Sunday, March 15, with MKTO on March 13 and Styx on March 14.

You’ll also definitely want to head to the French Quarter for some N’awlins cuisine and delicious beignets.

Click here for more details and to see the full list of Mardi Gras performances.

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