Full Details Revealed for Relaunch of The Incredible Hulk Coaster

Full Details Revealed for Relaunch of The Incredible Hulk Coaster

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A new story.

A new ride vehicle.

A new queue experience.

A new entrance.

The only things you’ll recognize when The Incredible Hulk Coaster at Universal’s Islands of Adventure re-opens in late summer are the world-famous twists and turns of the ride track.

This fan favorite is undergoing thrilling, new enhancements that will make it feel more immersive and high-tech – but will still have the same “Incredible” personality that makes it one of America’s most popular coasters. For the first time ever, we’re sharing details about the revamped coaster.


Massive New Marquee
From the moment you walk up to the beloved coaster, you’ll see the huge changes that were made to the attraction. As you enter the ride, you’ll pass underneath a towering figure of The Hulk, using his colossal strength to hold up pieces of the coaster’s track. And fun fact, these track pieces were salvaged from the original ride.


New, Original Storyline
General Thaddeus Ross is calling for volunteers for a new experiment. Your only warning is that you’ll be subjected to high levels of gamma radiation through a process called Hulk-a-fication – a potentially life-altering process first introduced by Dr. Bruce Banner.

The end result is said to give subjects magnificent strength and a forceful amount of energy. Will you emerge as the military’s next super soldier…or something else entirely?


Completely Redesigned Queue
Your part of the story begins the moment you enter the building – which has been redesigned as a state-of-the-art military research compound, commanded by General Ross.

Inside, General Ross is conducting an array of questionable, bio-radiological experiments. You’ll pass by laboratories containing high-tech equipment his team uses to execute his mysterious tests.

Next, you’ll arrive at the Gamma core – an intense energy source that sends pulsing waves of radiation upward to fuel General Ross’s experiment. Not to worry – a thick pane of glass will protect you from direct exposure to the radioactive core. 😉

As you move along, you’ll witness the transformation of your predecessors as they undergo the perilous Hulk-a-fication process.


Finally, you’ll be rushed to a loading platform, sparking with electric bursts as the Gamma accelerator powers up to blast you with superhuman strength. Prepare for the ride of your life…


Totally New Ride Vehicle
From there, you’ll step into an entirely new ride vehicle. The changes start with its sleek, modern new look. Once on board, you’ll discover a brand new, in-seat audio system that booms an original ride score created by Patrick Stump, front man for the internationally-renowned rock band Fall Out Boy.

The next thing you know, you’re rocketing through a new launch tunnel, packed with amazing special effects, as you’re propelled out over Marvel Super Hero Island with super-human force.

It’s the ride you love, but not like you’ve ever known it before. Stay tuned here for all the details. And I’ll see you in late summer on The Incredible Hulk Coaster!

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  1. Stacey glover


    This ride was supposed to be open early summer.. now your saying late summer very disappointed!!!

    • Kristie

      They were always vague about the date, and never said when in the summer. It was “around the summer of 2016”. It could have even been early fall, and it still wouldn’t of been a lie. Something this massive, it would be hard to give an exact date. Our patience will be rewarded though. Look how amazing it looks like it is going to be.

      • MJ

        Untrue. I still have the e-mail saying that it would be open in January 2016. When I asked about it at Guest Services at IOA, they evaded, but glibly acknowledged that things were “taking a bit longer” than they originally thought. THAT’S what prompted them to start being coy with actual dates.

        • Laura mccarthy

          Would you rather have them rush and make an unsafe coaster??!

          • MJ

            Of course not. What made you ask that? Stacey’s referring to them announcing a date that wasn’t met, and she’s right. That doesn’t have anything to do with rushing, though. Naturally, people will be disappointed when they’re told to anticipate something that doesn’t come to pass. I’m sure you don’t find that unreasonable, right? Or, do you, somehow?

    • richard cotton

      its now open, went on it like 6 times, it’s awesome!
      We went on the first day it was open to the public!

  2. chris wallace

    looks amazing do you think it well be open in august ?

  3. McCoy

    I don’t think “full” means what you think it means…

  4. Iris

    22 of August counts as late summer? I wish it’d be opened when we’ll go, because it’s only one opportunity in a lifetime taking count that we’re living in the other part of the world…

    • John

      Last day of summer is September 21… So um, yeah, August 22 would be middle-late summer.

      • Rachel VanDemark

        Here in central Florida, where Universal is located, school starts August 10 or 15. “Summer” is over by then.

        • rplrx

          Summer isn’t just for students.
          So it’s still game on for us adults until Labor Day which unofficially is the “end” of Summer.

        • Rob

          That’s a pretty ridiculous statement. So now seasons are based on school schedules? When I was in college our ‘spring’ semester started on Jan 3rd, so I guess winter ended Jan 2nd and spring started Jan 3rd then, right? Also, why does central Florida school schedule matter? Tons of people visit from all around the world, and certainly many from around Florida.. Just because it is located in central Florida doesn’t mean those are the only people that go.

  5. NeNe M

    So glad our trip isn’t until October! This is my favorite coaster ever! Cant wait to get to IOA!

  6. kyle h


    Universal always does this with expansions/ refurbishments. They say it opens one time but then they bite off more than they can chew and push the opening back. This was supposed to open early summer as in may/june, now were looking at Late summer? July/August? did the same thing with Diagon alley. Was supposed to open in spring and they pushed it back to Summer. I guess you cant really compete with Disney. Everything they say they are going to do they do and on time.

    • A

      You mean like the Frozen attraction at Epcot, which was supposed to open Spring 2016 but will end up opening in June?

      Or how about Animal Kingdom’s Nighttime activities, which were announced as an April 22nd opening date, leading to people booking trips for it, only to postpone it roughly 2 weeks before opening date. Heck, Rivers of Light still doesn’t have an opening date, and is so far off from being ready that they have replaced it with a temporary show for when they do start nighttime activities the end of this month.

    • Gorilla


      Rivers of Light at Animal Kingdom anyone?

      That has been majorly delayed. Happens to the best of them.

    • Joe M

      Yes except Disney takes years to do anything when Universal does these massive flips in Months. Avatar Land has been being built for how many years????
      Diagon Alley was a massive expansion with lots of moving parts. Universal does it right nothing Disney has compares to Diagon Alley to date and in the future.

      • kyle h

        ummm try star wars land lol that will blow the wizarding world out of the water..

        bank on it

        • Keith

          Expect delays for Star Wars Land then.

          • kyle h

            but my point with that is they have not yet released a date or even a season for that. Cant be delayed if they don’t tell you when its opening. That is what universal should have done until they were ready. King Kong will probably be the same thing too

    • G

      I have no axe to grind with either Disney or Universal, I enjoy them both as they now provide different entertainment..However if you look back I’m sure you’ll find Disney are just as guilty of missing original deadlines.

    • Bobby


      What has Disney opened in the last few years? NOTHING

    • John

      Dude.. Universal puts up attractions faster than any other company. Both diagon alley and the wizarding world were put up pretty fast. Transformers took 12 months start to finish. First day of summer is June 21st (end of June!), how did you come to the conclusion that ‘early summer’ included May? You’re complaining about 8 weeks later than scheduled? Disney is going to take over 3 years (that’s scheduled 3 years) to complete Avatar Land. I bet they run 8 weeks late, minimum. Weather in florida isn’t exactly big metal crane friendly 24/7.

      • Mark


        Transformers is a copy of Gringotts and exactly how many other rides at Universal. Of course they can make a copy faster than an ORIGINAL attraction from start to finish.

        • Rob

          That doesn’t make sense.. Transformers came out before Gringotts..

          That aside, even Gringotts isn’t a copy of transformers.. If anything, you could say transformers is a copy of spider-man..

        • Andrea

          Wow….Transformers is a copy of Spiderman just with a lift to a second story where Spiderman is 1 level and the pod tilts you. Transformers was built before Gringotts. Gringotts is a combo of Mummy and Spiderman. I like Gringotts but I think Harry Potter Forbidden Journey is much better.

          • Galadriel

            It has nothing to do with the Hulk, but I agree that Forbidden Journey is better than Gringotts. All seats face out, so there is never head blocking my view.

    • Lincoln

      Plus the fact that it’s the SAME ride… They didn’t change anything but the visuals. Just like the Harry Potter dual roller coasters… Before they were “Fire & Ice: The dueling dragons” and all they did was incorporate the theme into harry potter… But the tracks are exactly the same as they were before. 18 thumbs down!

      • ben

        Wrong! The track is completely brand new as is the propulsion system. The ride is literally brand new and different. Where do you get your info?! Lol.

      • T. J.

        The twists and turns are the same but it’s a completely new track, so that’s still time taken bringing the old one down and installing the new one.

      • Curtis

        For The Hulk They Had To Take Down The Tracks Make New Tracks And Put New Tracks Back Up. And The Queue Was Re Done As Well. And A New Storyline Was Incorporated And They Designed And Built New Ride Vehicles And Visuals. I Mean C’Mon You Gotta Give Them Some Credit! And The Time They Took Was Pretty Decent, If You Ask Me.

      • Daisy

        You think they’ll just put a fresh coat of Harry Potter magic paint, change the name, then call it a day? I expected more from you. Join us! LOL

    • Pete

      I must disagree with you….I guess you forgot about “avatar land” and every other expansion they still haven’t opened…

    • Chander

      They rebuilt an entire freaking rollercoaster from the ground up.

      • PK

        At the end of the day, it’s still just a roller coaster. Just with new themed decorations. Yawn.
        Though the original was a pretty good coaster.

    • Jeanne

      Seeing as how most of June is in spring, I never expected an opening before late June. Late summer could include anything through Sept. 21st. It’s extremely frustrating for people with fixed travel plans, but safety first. I hope there are no more delays, but I want a safe AND thrilling coaster experience. Personally, I hope the new track has the loud noise. The Hulk could be heard farther away than most coasters, and the sounds, including some of the old dialogue, effects, and soundtrack became widely associated with this ride.

      • Emily

        I hope it opens soon. I went in October 2015. Closed. Went in late June 2016.closed. Please hurry

    • Harrison Edinger

      Not understanding your statement about “cant really compete with Disney. Everything they say they are going to do they do and on time” Really? Do you care to comment on Disney’s Hollywood Studios where Disney can’t give you a completion date for Star Wars land and just says “Hollywood Studios will be a theme park in limbo, undergoing a lot of construction work.” Try to plan a family vacation on that information. By the way, reading through Universal’s blog it would appear that the Hulk is ahead of schedule.

    • Phil

      Umm I think Shanghai Disney is like a year and a half behind its original opening date? Oh and lets see.. Frozen ride at Epcot, how far behind is that 9+ months now… hmm what else Avatar Land also behind schedule.

      You can only open once, do it right the first time. This is not the state fair run by a group of carnies.. Things happen, things must be tested and proven safe regardless of its Disney or Universal.

      • PK

        You mean an entire theme park in a foreign country vs a roller coaster revamp?

    • Chris

      That’s because Disney takes 5 years to open a ride. At least Universal does it in a year or two

      • PK

        How much concrete did they pour and sculpt vs Expedition Everest (@199 feet tall)?

        Roller coasters are simple. As are motion vehicles moving past projection screens.

        How many Universal attractions use projection screens as the main component? Quite a few.

        Universal does have some great attractions, their construction is just admittedly simpler and redundant if you examine their technical composition.

  7. Rob Alvey

    I really hope the old soundtrack is used, even if it’s just around the area rather than most of the ride. Also, I hope the iconic: “I think it’s going to work…” is still kept in some way, again, even if it’s not part of the main ride. They are both very iconic and it would almost take the soul out of the ride if these were to go.

  8. Mike

    Sooooo disappointed this won’t be opening in time for our visit late May 🙁

    • Buddy Rich

      guess you’ll just have to come back… ;0)
      I haven’t been in a few years, guess I will just have to get my annual pass, make my plans for late Sept, and go feed my inner child!

  9. Bonnie Dooley

    Sounds awesome!!! Can’t wait 🙂

  10. Bud

    This time, do you think it’s going to work?

  11. Martin Marino

    Looks very cool…How about us big riders….There were big boy seats before…are they still there….

    • Mama Fran

      They are usually always there, I’m sure they still are there 🙂

    • Kristie

      They wouldn’t forget about that. Universal seems to care a lot more about anyone not exactly average size then other theme parks. I am sure you won’t have anything to worry about.

  12. RS

    I hope that they have considered big & tall ppl when they built the new cars… Universal is notorious for ignoring big & tall folk and believing one size fits all… This is an area Disney definitely does better at. I could just fit in the old big person seats but can’t fit into either HP attraction seat their bar just will not come over my shoulders.

  13. Caroline Cabrera

    Why Is it still The Hulk when Marvel is owned by Disney?

    • MeOhMy

      Universal currently has the license rights to use certain Marvel Characters in it’s park…there is a ‘so many miles’ radius that even Disney cannot use those characters in their park (without permission)…not sure when those rights will expire, but you can bet they will not be licensed out again.

      • RS

        Marvel licensed their characters to Universal long before Disney bought them for East of the Mississippi and in Japan. There is no end date to the deal as long as Universal keeps paying the licensing fee to Disney they can continue using the characters. At some point Disney may offer Universal a deal to end the agreement or Universal may want something from Disney but until then bottom line Disney can use the characters outside the parks but not within Disney World parks or Tokyo Disney.

        Now Disneyland on the other hand can use Marvel characters within the parks…

      • Person

        Universal has grandfather rights so they can use any of the marvel characters whenever they want and Disney can’t stop them. There is no expiration because the deal was made before Marvel was sold to Disney and its in a legal contract so both companies will have to agree to get rid of it which won’t happen anytime soon.

      • Beth

        I have heard recently that while Universal has the rights, they are only limited to the “cartoon” likenesses of the characters. Either way, Disney can’t use them in WDW, but that is also why we don’t see any of the characters as they appear in the movies. I do like the cartoons, it’s what I grew up on. But I’m really liking the live action versions too. Too bad we can’t have both in one park, both companies would be raking in the $$$$$!

        Although, I’ve also heard that the merchandise is labeled with the Disney version of the Marvel logo. Maybe that’s why Disney doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to pry the liscensing away from Universal.

    • Mama Fran

      The Marvel Franchise is only owned by Disney, such as products and movies. Marvel Superhero Island is a Marvel site that is located in IOA and they still own their own rights. Also, Marvel Superhero Island was there since IOA opened and Disney just bought out Marvel Franchises recently, they wouldn’t take it all down, lol

  14. Ross MacLean

    Very disappointed as I’m over at the end of June. Thoughts of going on that rollercoaster again kind of made me change my holiday from Greece to Orlando.

  15. Jeff

    Be prepared to get wanded down and not be allowed to even take your keys on the ride in a zippered pocket. I wont go back unless they change this stupid policy. Its not about safety as you can take a hat or flip flops as long as you set on them. If they were concerned about safety you would be required to wear safety glasses on the ride.

    • Elisabeth

      Universal offers free lockers, usually about an hour past whatever the current wait time is. Put your stuff in the locker, ride the ride, get your stuff out of the locker. You won’t pay a dime unless you keep all your stuff in there too long. They have locker kiosks right next to every major ride.

    • Rob

      it takes 2 seconds to walk through the metal detector. Who cares? I’d rather get hit with a hat or a flip flop than a cell phone, keys or coins.

    • PK

      Couldn’t take ANYTHING IN ANY POCKETS last time I was there! How ANNOYING!!! Get serious.
      Definite PUNK policy and a negative on the Universal experience.

  16. Helen Conwell

    How disappointing! Coming all the way from Alaska we waited until June just to “make” the Hulk ride because they said early summer! I wish for people who travel great lengths they could be more accurate on the opening dates. Maybe King Kong will be open by then?????

  17. Dee

    Very disappointed as well, I was told opening early summer so we booked late June.

  18. Otto Octavius

    Will this ride have Fatty Seats?

  19. Big B

    It very disappointing . I will be visiting in late June only to find the Hulk shut down 🙂

  20. Jeanne

    If it’s not open by mid August, I’m postponing my trip. This is the one new/refurbished ride that interests me. I eagerly anticipate the Hulk’s return!

  21. Tami J

    Ride initially was suppose to open early summer, now this video is stating opening late summer.
    Very disappointed 🙁

  22. John

    I wonder if the policy for admittance will change. One person in my party was not allowed on with a medical boot for her foot, but then in front of us stepped a man with a whole knee replacement brace and went on with no issues. Consistency issues to say the least!

  23. Michelle Smith

    So disappointed that Hulk wont be open for our trip in June and July : (

  24. M &G Tpa

    Wooooooooooooooooo Hooooooooooooooooooooo

  25. Amanda

    I for one think they should take all the time they need to complete this coaster. You are talking about peoples lives here and I am glad they take extra time to make sure everything is done correct. Love this park and LOVE this coaster. Best vacation destination on earth!

  26. JSanok

    I can’t WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!
    It’s still looks like a very cool ride even if we have to wait a little longer.

  27. Kim Williams

    They never know what may come up or how the weather and other things will effect how long it takes to have a new ride up and running. Some times things are just out of people’s control.

    Universal is my favorite Amusement Park!!! And I can’t wait until I have the chance to go again!!!

  28. Cindy G

    Very disappointed, we will be in Florida from August 7 through the 20th, we will miss it by a day, bummer.

  29. David

    Can’t wait. Will be there in October. Will be the first ride I take.

  30. christina

    Oh darn. I go to Islands of Adventure every time I’m in Florida just for this ride and you mean to tell me I cannot ride when I get there in late July. (Enters sad face emoji).

  31. Jenny

    Will be there July 4th and this was the ONLY ride my 11 year old is excited about!!! This was the entire reason we booked this trip and already bought airline tickets !!!

  32. Jenny

    This is the Only ride my 11 year old is excited about and we already bought airline tickets for July 4th !!!
    I am extremely upset that was told early Summer and made our reservations because of that!

  33. James

    Cant wait, love this ride -rode it 5x in a row! 🙂 I hope they beefed up the initial take off or as much as possible …

  34. Angel Rod

    When is “Late Summer”?

  35. Lisa A Vollberg

    I wish I could afford to go every year twice a year!!! My family and I love it. It is the one place we can agree on and love! I am the biggest universal fan. I cannot wait to try this some day soon Will need to wait till maybe next year.

  36. Susanne Bovee

    I heard Universal lost it’s rights to Marvel and ride themes would need to be changed. With this ride re-opening as Hulk again, this rumor seems untrue.

  37. Rachytah

    I think this coaster will be worth the wait!! Sounds AMAZING!! It was already one of the best coasters in Florida so I can’t wait to see the improvements. You cant compare Disney and Universal they are totally different.

  38. Fruity

    I feel bad for people who didn’t go on the original hulk ride but the new one bout to me LITTTTTT!!








  40. Happy mum

    Hi I’m just back from holiday, yes I was disappointed that the Hulk or Kong were not open but we had a fantastic time…it’s not about the rides you go on, it’s about what you make of your holiday. This makes me more determined to save hard for our next visit.

  41. michae

    i think everyone is tired of hearing about the Hulk reopening but no date especially those of us who are soon visiting. please give us a date and at least we will know

  42. Erick

    I was in Island of Adventure in march, but the Incredible Hulk Coaster was closed. Damn it! I’ll be back in Orlando soon.

  43. Jana

    This only means one thing…we’ll be headed back to Universal!!!

  44. Derrick

    My family and I are very disappointed that the ride won’t be operational for our trip the second weekend in June. This is one of the main rides we were looking forward to. Love the park, but really, planning should’ve been made in advance to have such rides as this ready to go when the summer starts. It is after all when most people take vacations with their family due to school being out.

  45. Julia

    Looks great! Went t universal this weekend but it’s still not ready! Arggg

  46. Mark Glyph

    Gah..the cheesy marketing speak is strong with this one. Regardless, am excited for the updated ride.

  47. Paula

    I wonder if the height restriction is still the same? My son is just a few inches short.

  48. Anthony Cooper

    guess we will miss out on this ride since were going week of June 6 very disappointing one of the major thrill rides will be down for our first visit.

  49. Fran T

    Gutted coming in 12 days till 8th June from UK. This is my daughters favourite ride, only learned last week it was closed bad enough Soarin at Epcot shut. At least we get to see the new Transformers as this opened week after we left last time and all the the changes at Harry Potter Universal Studios.

  50. james w seputis

    my niece lives in orlando icome twice a year from chicago we do 2 to 3 times ea at universal no love for Disney go hulk

  51. Daisy

    Thank God we’re season pass holders. We’ll see you again soon Hulk.

  52. David Taylor

    Hopefully the redesign made it so you don’t get a concussion from the restraint bar banging your head from side to side, giving the rider a head ache for hours after riding.

    • Common Sense

      Put your head against the headrest, as the signs state, and you won’t have an issue.

      • PK

        Vibrates your head excessively.

  53. Carlos

    How about more better, newer buses for hotel shuttles

  54. Dan

    I’ll be very disappointed if the iconic launch audio is gone.

  55. John Griffin

    Does anyone think it will be open mid July, like the 13-17

  56. Beth

    Does anyone else feel that the change in story line was a last minute decision? Seems odd that they waited so long to reveal that bit of information. They knew people have been highly anticipating its reopening and allowed the rumors to fly of an earlier reopening date. Almost rather have been given a date and then have it post-poned, Disney-style, than to be suddenly disappointed like this. Please, don’t get me wrong, the changes sound great. But I’m very disappointed in how they handled this.

  57. Sabrina

    Really hope it will maintain that “roaring” sound as it rides along. It was such a brilliant noise, that could be heard from far away and really added to the Hulk experience.

  58. july

    At what date do we will have the incredible Hulk rollercoaster again?

  59. Seth

    Reading the comments, it seems that everyone’s definition of when summer begins and ends is different. To me, summer begins when school ends and ends when school begins again. Living in the South (United States) this is mid May to mid August. I’m 30 years old and I still think this way even though I know when summer really begins and ends. Universal giving an “Opens Summer 2016” gives them a larger range of time for delivering the product “on time.” I know some will be frustrated because they booked their vacations months in advance, but it is what it is.

  60. Dee

    I’m very disappointed myself… I am there Memorial Day weekend and this would’ve been the perfect time to open this ride and king Kong, but nooooo… It’s late July/August. Horribe!!!

    • Jaden

      Hey I have a question for you. Is Reign of Kong open yet, or are they doing tests and stuff? I’m arriving Monday, Memorial Day and really want to ride it.

  61. Eider

    I don´t care about the release date.
    I just know that this ride is awesome and I can´t wait to ride it again

  62. Ellie Merriman

    This ride looks awesome! Too bad I can’t ride it when I’m going in two days 🙁

  63. Brandon Williamson

    will this ride have modified seating for larger guests?

  64. TS

    Will there be an express line when The Hulk re-opens?

  65. Jeremy

    Opening for the July 15th ?

  66. Maria

    This is probably the wrong place to ask this but will we be able to wear glasses on this ride? I wore my glasses on the dragon roller coasters in Harry Potter World and they disn’t fall off.
    And as a 15 year old I admit I got a little excited at the mention of Fall Out Boy…

  67. Ethan Mills

    I heard somewhere that they will open it either on July 2,2016 or July 22,2016. I hope it would open on July 2 cause I will be going there alittle after that date but will not be there for July 22. Hope it’s not a bumber for me.

  68. Shelbi

    Will bigger people be to ride???? Because I want to ride this next year!

  69. Shani F

    WILL IT BE OPEN MID AUGUST!?!?!?!?!?!? I need to know

  70. neil

    whennnnnn are you going to lunch it…….stop keeping us waiting….

  71. Burgess

    I emailed universal 3 times asking when it was opening. They finely phoned me and left a voice message and all they told me was they are not sure when it is opening. Very disappointed in universal. This still don’t answer my question. Thank god for YouTube. At least someone is keeping us updated.

  72. Galadriel

    The Hulk is my favorite coaster. I even almost canceled a mid-August trip because it won’t yet be ready … almost! I guess I’ll just have to return the next time I have a three-day-weekend! I’ll return in November, well past the projected opening date!

  73. Steve Seymour

    Out to Universal from the 9th – 24th August….does anyone know if the Hulk will be open in that time period. Thanks

    • Richard Kemley

      It was open today, for what they badged technical testing, but everything was working as normal.
      Only thing missing was an express lane, and the signs did warn us that there may be delays, glitches etc.
      In truth, the ride is almost exactly the same as before. The queue experience is a bit different, and the launch noises different.
      Still great

  74. Annoyed

    So Universal employees tested the ride all day Monday Aug 1st with paying customers watching. I totally understand testing the ride and allowing to workers who worked on it first dibs but ALl day to hear their screams of joy was a bit much. When is the paying public going to enjoy it?

  75. Tithya

    It was opened yesterday, because I went on it. It was soooo much fun!!!!

  76. MS

    Hey, is it possible to see the perilous Hulk-a-fication process videos that you mention in your blog post? I live across the Atlantic so can’t visit Orlando but would love to see these!

  77. LaurieBeth

    I know they revamped the seats/cars….is it still a harness and the seatbelt like strap? Or is it now just the harness?

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