The Twisted Tales of An American Horror Story Will Become Your Nightmare at Halloween Horror Nights 26

The Twisted Tales of An American Horror Story Will Become Your Nightmare at Halloween Horror Nights 26

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I’m still in relative shock on what we’ve been able to assemble for this year’s slate of content. The lineup for Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights 26 is something special.

So this brings us to our last reveal and one our team has been excited about bringing to Halloween Horror Nights for quite some time – FX’s American Horror Story. This all-new house will feature Season 1: Murder House, Season 4: Freak Show and Season 5: Hotel.

Since this fantastic series began we’ve been watching and calculating how – if ever given the chance – we would translate it into a haunted experience. The most engaging aspect of American Horror Story is the fact that every season is a completely new storyline, with brand new environments and characters, not unlike Halloween Horror Nights.

First, we needed to decide how to capture all that content into a single house. The uber-maze or larger template we’ve adopted, most recently with our popular 25th Anniversary maze last year, was the most ideal format.

You’ll be confronted by the horrors that reside within the walls of the newly bought Harmon residence and evade the abominations that call it’s basement home.

You’ll witness the atrocities that befell many of the unfortunate souls of a roadside Freak Show and encounter Twisty, a maniacal and deformed clown performer.

Lastly, you will check into the Hotel Cortez and unlock the domain of The Countess, as she ensures your stay is anything but pleasant.

These three seasons will be vividly recreated in every detail – environments characters and moments. We’ve worked extremely close with the series creator, Ryan Murphy and 20th Century Fox, to insure it captures the series in every way possible.

This reveal rounds out the most eclectic slate of brands we’ve ever had. Combined with our original content houses and our scare zone and show slate, Halloween Horror Nights 26 is shaping up to be one for the books.

You won’t want to miss this year’s event so make sure to grab your tickets now and I’ll see you there!

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  1. Chris

    Too bad. I’m disappointed that there is no Walking Dead and it seems like it will be only in CA from now on. I personally didn’t like American Horror Story after the first season which was original, but each season seemed to get worse than the one before it. But hey, there will be Halloween and the Exorcist! Can’t wait to see Regan McNeil. 🙂

  2. Tim

    Love the American Horror Show Series! This is going to be awesome… *smiles*

  3. Liz

    There doesn’t neecd to be a Walking Dead featured Haunted House because they already have Walking Dead as a permanent attraction as of July 4th – its in the center of one of the parks, too. Cool stuff, right?

    • Hi, Liz! Just so you know, the permanent Walking Dead attraction is at our sister park, Universal Studios Hollywood, in Los Angeles. There is no permanent attraction here in Orlando.

  4. Connie H

    At last. My dream has come true. I would have loved to see Season 2 in there as well but I’m grateful for what they are going to give us.