Healthy Food, Healthy Mind and Healthy Meetings at Loews Royal Pacific Resort

Healthy Food, Healthy Mind and Healthy Meetings at Loews Royal Pacific Resort

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Healthy eating has gained momentum with different focuses over the years—gluten-free, paleo, vegan—and I’ve made it a mission to bring my passion of healthy and tasty banquet and restaurant menus to Loews Royal Pacific Resort at Universal Orlando Resort.

Royal Pacific Resort Salmon

We started buying from local farmers back in 2002, when the hotel opened. It was challenging at first, being a single hotel, but we believed in buying local and we had some great farmers to work with.

To get the freshest, tastiest ingredients, we built relationships and worked with the available supply of the farmers. We don’t give them a list of what we need for our menus. Rather, we see what they have available and build our menus around that.

Next, we educated our servers and our staff about the healthy, nutritional options that attendees were requesting for their menu items. Then, our chefs went table-side to ensure we’re meeting the needs of our guests and providing a culinary experience that exceeds their expectations.

Since then, our program has expanded from locally-grown ingredients and healthy menus to creating as much as we possibly can in-house and from scratch.  We now have an on-site butcher, saucier and baker to go along with our passion for making the right menu for any event.

I consult with Meeting Planners every day who are looking for healthy breaks and meal options. In fact, we just did an entire meeting with an all-vegan cuisine.

As chefs, it lets us work with what we love: helping the local farmer, helping Florida and, most importantly, creating healthy food that you’ll love to eat. You can view the Banquet Menu options for Loews Royal Pacific Resort here.Royal Pacific Resort Kale Salad

One of my favorite ingredients right now is Kale. It’s a super-food that is rich in nutrients and so versatile – cooked, juiced, raw, you name it—you can really get creative with it.  I like to start my day off right with ‘Super Boost’ Juice, a recipe I created with super-foods. It’s healthy, tasty and you can make one for yourself to try.

If you’d like to explore what healthy options we can prepare for your meeting or event, just get in touch with us here.

Here’s to delicious food that’s good for you, too!


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