American Education Week: How We Turn Our Theme Parks into Educational, Standards-Based Classrooms

American Education Week: How We Turn Our Theme Parks into Educational, Standards-Based Classrooms

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It’s no secret that Universal Orlando Resort’s Youth Programs take learning to the next level. We know how important it is to develop relevant education programs that directly connect to what students are learning in your classrooms. Not only do our programs align with national and state standards, but they establish real-world career connections that inspire students to think futuristically as they continue to develop their skills and strengths.

Because we have quite the collection of programs to offer, let’s take a look at which programs are an ideal fit for you and your students.

Universal Orlando's Your Classrooom in Motion - A STEAM App Series

Your Classroom in Motion: A STEAM App Series is a collection of five different app-based programs related to some of our most exciting experiences. With tablets at their fingertips, your students get a chance to interact with one of our attractions (or more, if you choose!) as we delve deeper into the skills needed to bring the experience to life. These programs help students deepen their understanding of how Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Math are integrated throughout our theme parks. Among our most popular applications are:

  • Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit Science takes your students to new heights with a hands-on physics lesson about the thrills and chills behind potential and kinetic energy forces. Whether they’re hearing about the engineering design process or discussing the important role music plays in getting adrenaline pumping, this program helps tie all the elements of STEAM together.

Aligns with: Next Generation Science Standards, Common Core State Standards for Math 

  • Transformers ROLL Out teaches students about the engineering principles of the 6 Degrees of Freedom, and applies that knowledge to a hands-on analysis of TRANSFORMERS: The Ride – 3D. Students use their new skills to reconstruct the ride vehicle’s motion sequences, bringing the experience to life.

Aligns with: Common Core State Standards for Math and Florida Career and Technical Education

We also offer Mummy Dig-Site Detective which aligns with National Curriculum Standards for Social Studies & Next Generation Sunshine State Standards for Science. Kongtrol Panel aligns with Common Core State Standards for Math & Florida Career and Technical Education. Jurassic Paleobotany aligns with Next Generation Science Standards.

Universal Orlando's The Business Learning Series

The Business Learning Series is comprised of three content-rich modules designed around CNBC’s The Profit and Marcus Lemonis’ business principles. Each module can be taken together or separately.

  • Career Exploration & Preparation provides self-assessment tools to define several areas of interest for students. The program then covers the entire process from application to interview and professionalism to work values.
  • Leadership Skills & Personal Development students are asked to take a good look at influential leadership characteristics and assess the impact they have on others. They are provided tools they can use to positively influence their school or work environments, and improve their people and leadership skills.
  • Business Development: People, Process, Product introduces these principles and builds upon them to teach students about the internal and external factors that affect organizations.

All modules align with: National Career Clusters Framework, Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts

Marketing is Universal: Keeping the Guest at Heart teaches students to understand the role of research and data when discussing the importance of guest engagement, while exposing them to the process of developing a marketing strategy in the current business climate. With real-world examples of our integrated marketing campaigns, students learn the significance of staying true to brand values and always keeping the guest at the center of decision-making. This program was developed with and endorsed by DECA.

Aligns with: National Career Clusters Framework, Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts

Storytelling: It Starts With a Hero gives students the opportunity to explore Joseph Campbell’s outline of The Hero’s Journey, and discover the visual and language arts behind character development and storytelling.  Created in partnership with Full Sail University, students analyze the hero archetypes and immerse themselves in the story of one of our most popular attractions.

Aligns with: Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts

Food for Thought: A Taste of Careers in Culinary Arts gives students a chance to explore our unique food operations. They’ll discover our resort’s unique food flow process from purchasing to receiving to how food gets from the warehouse to your plate. Students learn about food safety and storage and careers in the industry.

Aligns with: ServSafe curriculum, Florida Career and Technical Education

Thrilled to get your class or group over here to experience our immersive classroom? Learn more about our Education Programs, Contact Us for more information, and use #UniversalYouth to keep up with us on social.

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