Halloween Horror Nights 24: An Update From the Trenches

Halloween Horror Nights 24: An Update From the Trenches

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Well, the dates for Halloween Horror Nights 24 have been announced and I suppose the rampant speculation is now in full force.

This is always an interesting time for us creating this event. Right now our brains are walking the line between excitement that we are getting close and PURE FEAR that we are so close. There is still so much to do. We are in daily talks with horror property licensors, creative sessions with the team, finalizing treatments to be budgeted and all the while keeping our eyes on the goal.

We are surrounded by maze and street concepts, penciled in graph paper layouts, thumbnail sketches, constantly adjusting calendars and lots of coffee. I’m always amazed that a majority of this team has been working 18+ years on this event and there is still the same enthusiasm for its content. Still the same passion. Many of these qualities I know HHN’s fans also possess.

This week, I find myself locked in a room with one of our designers, Kim Gromoll. We are creating one of the last mazes left for this year’s event but more importantly and even more so bittersweet, this will be the last maze he, the team and I create together.

Kim is leaving our Art and Design family as he fulfills some dreams of his own. Kim has designed an untold amount of content for HHN, including the look for our greatest icon, Jack. I find this week that we will pay close attention to the little things in our process together and remember that this is the last entry in a horrifically wonderful album of creative memories together.

In the coming months, many details will be revealed about the content of this year’s event. Whether here on this blog or Facebook or Twitter or the HHN website, there are so many outlets to get the info. As always, we are excited about this year’s event and can’t wait for all of you to enjoy it.

And I say this quite often on our HHN Twitterfeed, @HorrorNightsORL—you are the best fans in the world and we all can’t thank you enough for the support in our event.

More to come …

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  1. Gary

    “Update from the trenches”?? Are the nightingales coming back??? 😀

    • tim

      no i think the trenches means from inside halloween horror night place not a clue

  2. Ernie

    Can’t wait. Any idea when HHN 24 tickets go on sale? Will the new Diagon Alley be open on the nights of HHN 24? What about the Scare Zones, will they be back? Oh, and will the Rocky Horror Show return this year?

  3. UUOP Darren

    Can’t wait! I hope it’s toned down on zombies this year. I would like to see some straight up psychopaths on the streets!