Behind the Design: Universal’s Aventura Hotel Exterior Design

Behind the Design: Universal’s Aventura Hotel Exterior Design

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Universal’s Aventura Hotel will be unlike any of our other on-site hotels. Each of our hotels does an incredible job of immersing you into an amazing story. But Aventura will be a fresh new experience for our guests and affordable too.

Upon arrival, you’ll be greeted by a sleek high rise. The clean lines and simple colors give off a modern vibe. Aventura’s architectural design was created with purpose: we wanted guests to feel relaxed and at ease. It’s the perfect place for you to rest and hangout after a thrilling day in our theme parks.

GIF Universal's Aventura Hotel Behind the Design Exterior Architecture

If you see the building from an aerial view, you’ll notice that there are three overlapping wings of the hotel that are all anchored by a center circle, called a “trefoil” shape. This not only gives architectural interest to the building, but it affords great views from all angles.

Details like pops of blue in the entry tiles add visual interest while maintaining the simple and modern aesthetic. Lush, green foliage adds natural colors to the exterior of the building while reminding guests of the natural beauty of Florida.

Universal's Aventura Hotel Pool Sketch

As a kid, I remember flying to Orlando for vacation at Universal Orlando Resort. My favorite part of the flight was seeing all of the pools from my window. So, of course Aventura has an amazing pool, visible from the floor-to-ceiling windows in the lobby.

Aventura’s pool will be a relaxing location for everyone, complete with a kid’s splash pad, poolside bar, and a fire pit for making delicious s’mores. The pool will even feature underwater speakers so if your favorite song is playing you’ll never miss a beat.

Aventura’s height means it’s perfect for a rooftop bar and restaurant, so we couldn’t miss out on that opportunity. Located on the 17th floor, the rooftop bar and grill will offer guests incredible views of our entire destination and beyond – you can even see clear to downtown Orlando!

The architectural design and exterior hotel details have definitely been a fun and fresh change for me. I love seeing all of the final touches come together, and I can’t wait until the hotel is finished so you can come and check it out!

Have you seen the rooms at Aventura yet? If not, check out my last Behind the Design post. And make sure to book your stay soon so you don’t miss out on this offer – save up to 35% on 7 nights and receive a free $100 hotel dining credit by booking here.

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  1. bill

    Meh. Could be a hotel in any city in the world. Vanilla glass and steel building. Seen it already in a zillion cities.

  2. Matt

    A roof top pool would have been a better idea than the bar…

  3. GMC

    Will the restaurant be enclosed to keep rain, wind from ruining your dinner?