Tickets for Deal or No Deal at Universal Orlando Resort are Now Available

Tickets for Deal or No Deal at Universal Orlando Resort are Now Available

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Deal or No Deal is making its triumphant comeback—and you can be in the audience.

CNBC and iconic host Howie Mandel are teaming up to produce 30 all new episodes of the popular game show, being filmed right here at Universal Orlando Resort. We want you to help root along the lucky contestants in their battle against The Banker.

Click here to sign up for tickets and come be a part of the live studio audience. The minimum age to attend is 13 and anyone attending under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. NO ONE UNDER 13 WILL BE ADMITTED.

In one of the most exciting game shows on television, contestants either test their luck in the hope of winning the top prize or accept a tempting cash offer. Should they play all the way through, their fate is contained in one of 26 sealed briefcases that contain a value from $0.01 to $1,000,000.

The new season will consist of 30 original one-hour episodes, and it will join CNBC’s primetime lineup airing at the end of 2018. Keep checking the site for information on upcoming tapings.

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  1. Robert Martinez

    I would Like to be part of the live audience

  2. Melinda Billet

    We will be at universal aug 7-15. Would be very interested. We are a family of 5, all kids are over 18.

  3. Brian

    Do participants need to have a pass for universal to be part of the showing? When Ninja Warrior at Universal, then a pass was not needed so is it needed here?

  4. Mark L Douglas

    I didn’t know how to print a ticket from my phone and I lost the screen? will information be sent to my email account regarding my tickets for July 20th at 10 am?

    • DEB

      Mark, did you go to the taping? how long was it? did you need to wear something nice or just as long as it was a solid color, no logo? We’re going tomorrow so trying to prepare. Thanks!

  5. Brian Barnhouse

    Is a admission ticket to the park required to be part of the show??

  6. Jess Amann

    I would also like to be apart of the audience.

  7. Cathy Benitez

    Would love to attend a taping

  8. Richard Ables

    I would like to be in the audience it would be a great thing to see in real life

  9. linda

    we would love to be part of the audience. we love Howie

  10. Mark Engram

    My wife and I will be at Universal Oct. 8-12 and would like to be in the audience if possible.

  11. Tom Shoemaker

    I’ll take 6 tix please… Deal or no Deal? 😉. Mid September if possible

  12. Melvin McGill

    I would love to have two tickets or my wife and I. Please email me details on how to purchase or get tickets

  13. Rebecca deleon

    I want to play in Deal or no Deal.I hope you guys come out to San Antonio tx.

  14. Rosario Seelen

    Being at Deal or No Deal is MY DESTINY! I can’t wait to meet y’all. 🙂 Please email with details on how to get tickets. Thanks.

  15. Brandy N Justice

    How long is the taping for each date ?

  16. Carmen

    I would like to be part of the live audience for the show deal or not deal

    Thank you

  17. Vickie

    How do you become a contestant?

  18. Kyle Lublin

    I would like two tickets.

  19. Suresh

    Me and my to be part of the live audience today. Total 4 persons.

  20. Phil orcssitas

    I would like to get tickets and go on the show and when $1 million

  21. Bridget

    When is the next casting call to be a contestant.

  22. DONISE

    How are contestants chosen?

  23. David Schweinlein

    We would like to be in the audience for deal or no deal let me know

  24. Zeynep

    If we are going to go to universal anyways do we get a free ticket?

    • Hello, taping for Deal or No Deal has concluded. Therefore, this event will no longer be included with admission.

  25. Billy leon clark

    How can I be a contestant

  26. Laila anwari

    Hi I just want to know how much is the tickets and how to apply and how long it take and how I know if my name come up .

  27. Pam Marino

    How can I get in the audience for the show Deal or No Deal ? Please contact me

  28. Barbara Brostmeyer

    We will be in Orlando for the month of March 2019. Would like to be in the audience if possible .

    • Hi barbara,
      Tapings of Deal or No Deal have currently ended. We apologize for any disappointment this may cause.

  29. Debra Raymer

    We are in Kissimmee February & March of 2019 & we will be back in January to end March in 2020. We would like to get tickets to be in the live audience. If could I will need 4.
    I will very excited to be part of the live audience. This would make vacation in Florida the cats meow. Looking forward from hearing from you.

  30. Delores Jester

    My name is Delores Jester. My wonderful partner & I would love to be a contestant on DEAL OR NO DEAL. We are loyal watchers of the show. We are both retired and can come at any time. If we can’t be a constestant, we would like to get tickets to a taping.

  31. Hi Dolores, thanks for your interest. The filming for the show has already been completed. Sorry about that!

  32. Paula Allen

    Hi my name is Paula Allen and have tried to applie to be on the show but no answer. Please I would love to be on the show . Iam bringing my Zumba class to Orlando Florida for are girls trip this year in September the 11th to the 15 . And would love to be on the show one of those days are if not would love to attend there will be 10 of us. And we all love the show . So please send sign me up for either one think you . ( it is very hard to try to sign up to be in the audience I been looking for that as well . ) ok thank you hope to hear from someone soon

  33. Hi Paula, thank you for your interest! The taping has concluded and no more contestants will be picked at this time. Sorry about that!