Snapbot Has Arrived at Universal Orlando Resort

Snapbot Has Arrived at Universal Orlando Resort

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Get ready to see Universal Orlando Resort in a whole new perspective because Snapbot has landed right here in our parks.

You may be wondering…what is a Snapbot? Well, Snapbots are friendly machines where you can purchase Snapchat Spectacles. Spectacles are smartglasses dedicated to recording video for Snapchat so you can easily share your favorite memories. They are specifically designed to help you capture a moment – without taking you out of it!

There are three different locations where you can snag a pair for yourself:

1. Universal CityWalk – Located next to the splash fountain and across from The Cowfish

Snapbot Universal CityWalk Map Location

2. Universal Studios Florida – Located in San Francisco Wharf next to Alcatraz Bar

Snapbot Universal Studios Florida Map Location

3. Universal’s Islands of Adventure – Located across from Toon Lagoon Games

Snapbot Universal's Islands of Adventure Location

In addition to the three locations, there are also three different colors of Spectacles you can choose from.

GIF Snapbot Spectacles at Universal Orlando Resort

Be sure to say hello to the Snapbots next time you’re at Universal Orlando Resort and get ready to capture your adventures with your own pair of Spectacles!

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  1. Lynda Turner

    Be nice to know how much they are? I can’t find a price

    • Andrew

      They’re $129.99 Plus Local Tax

  2. Steven King

    These are a great idea but, I walk by those machines often and though they have been there for a while they do not say what they sell. 1000’s of people walk by these yellow boxes daily with no label whatsoever(I haven’t even seen any guests show interest in them). If guests new what they were they would be more inclined to make a purchase from them don’t you think? I see the latest attempt to inform patrons is a person standing out there which isn’t that effective.The first thought a guest may have is somebody is going to try sell me a timeshare(I have been in their shoes) and avoid a salesperson. Let people see how cool the unadvertised thing your selling is and they will catch on.

  3. Elisa

    How much are those glasses goin back in August

  4. Christine Rescigno

    Can o order a pair to be shipped to me ?

  5. Toons4

    According to the Snapbot website, the Spectacles cost $129.99 per pair and come with a charging case and cable.

  6. Daniel

    Great, now we know which people to avoid recording us without our permission.

    • Andrew

      There is a white indicator light when the Spectacles are recording