One Direction Coming to Universal Orlando Resort on November 17

One Direction Coming to Universal Orlando Resort on November 17

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Do you hear that squealing? Right there, that high-pitched scream of glee? That’s my daughters because they just found out that One Direction is going to be at Universal Orlando Resort on Monday, November 17.

1D-FourI don’t know if you’ve ever been dubbed a “global pop sensation” (I know I haven’t….yet), but the boys of One Direction sure have. And they’re bringing all that global pop sensation-ism with them to celebrate the release of their new album, Four, with a special performance right here on NBC’s TODAY at Universal Orlando Resort.

The best news? You can be there. Public viewing will be available throughout Universal CityWalk on November 17 and no admission is required.

Alright, I gotta go. I need to go stop my daughters from hyperventilating. I think they might be a little excited…

To book hotel and theme park admission tickets to Universal Orlando Resort, click here or call 800-575-1643.

For more information, click here.


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  1. Antonella

    If i buy an admisión for the park, i can see them more near?

    • Hey, Antonella! Park admission won’t get you a closer seat. It’ll just be open admission in CityWalk. Good luck!

      • shelly

        How is security going to handle this? it’s not like 1D isn’t the big band in the world right now? really it needs to be in universal on the concerts stage. I feel like people will be jumping in the water to get a closer view

  2. Karla Briyith Rojas Gaitan

    Hi, I want meet One Direction, It’s my dream… It’s my wish, I don’t am a fan, No! I am Directioner… I’ve waited for this moment for two years .. Please, it is my great dream, I know, I’ve never been to a concert of 1D, I am from Colombia, Yes, they came to my country, but, I can’t go …. Please ! I want to meet… you do not know how much I want to say that I love them!
    please understand, it is my dream …. Please… I want meet One Direction Please! Never in my life I’ve seen to Harry,Liam, Louis,Zayn and Niall.. No! Never i’ve meet to them.. never… so, please.. I want make my dream come true, please Help me! I beg! Please… I want meet 1D.

  3. Priscilla

    I am a little confused. Will the boys be PERFORMING at Citywalk or is it just being broadcast? Also I have read articles saying there will be meet and greet opportunities throughout the day. any truth to this? also will there be any sort of contests that will include fun things for the day?

    • Hey, Priscilla! They will actually be performing LIVE at CityWalk as part of the Today show. More details to come—check back here or follow us on Twitter and Facebook. Thanks!

      • Renee

        Hi! there’s only 7 more days… my daughter is driving me NUTS! lol!!! Is there ANY updates on this? I have read they will be hanging out in the park (which park?) and doing meet and greets (again where?) its all very vague and in a way not cool- I’m the one who is coughing up all this money but I still don’t know for what.. Yes call me a FOOL it’s all good IF I get to sit peacefully at the pool instead of freezing my but off in New England! Anyway, I’m trying to make all the right moves here so this kid gets as close to her dream as possible- and I get a few bahama Mama’s.. Where does she need to be, by what time and for how much- yes the concert is free but im sure i’ll be buying park tickets anyway )!

  4. Stephanie

    SO EXCITED FOR THIS! THEY ARE FINALLY DOING SOMETHING BIG IN FLORIDA! Does anyone know if you are allowed to camp out in Universal?

    • luv mullingar

      no.. I just called Universal.. that was my plan too..

  5. I Love One Direction

    I absolutely love One Direction, and I mean, probably more than any other fan. I live in Orlando and have been a massive fan of them for over two years now. I am going to be there but I was wondering if there is any possible way to meet them… seeing them up close would be amazing but it would be absolutely incredible if I got the opportunity to actually meet them. Anyone know if it’s possible or do they leave immediately after the show? Do they interact with fans during the interview?

  6. Kelly

    What time will it be?? So to go the the concert u DONT need to pay for anything right? Oh and also would there be any way we could meet the group, even if it’s not planned like just finding them walking around the park??

    • Kelly, admission is free to the public for the concert, but space will be limited. Details to come on everything else. Check back or follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

  7. RaeAnn

    ok so will we actually get to see them in person or just on a TV screen? Is Universal Studios Resort the park itself? Will they venture out into the park?? I am a annual passholder so either way I will be there 🙂

      • Samanthaa

        Hey Doug , So were not allowed to camp out ? outside of the gates? because i will be front row !!! hopefully and what is the 18th going to be? what are they doing ?

  8. Tammy

    Does anyone know how early you can arrive to city walk?

  9. Suset Vecchi

    Hola !! tenemos pensado ir a Universal para el fin de semana del 15 al 17 de noviembre ,ya que tenemos PREMIER PASS ANUAL a los parques .Somos de Miami ,mi hija Luciana es fan numero uno de 1 DIRECTION ,quiero saber si tenemos algun beneficio por la RED CARPET de los pases.Le cuento que en diciembre cumple 15 anos y su mayor deseo es conocerlos ,pues hace casi 1 ano que sacamos las entradas para el recital del 5 de octubre en el SUN LIFE STADIUM. Le agradeceria cualquier informacion que me pueda mandar .Muy agradecida . Saludos a usted atentamente . SUSET VECCHI

    • Hola Suset, al momento toda la información que tenemos disponible acerca de la presentación de 1D es la que incluimos en este blog. Más adelante se brindarán más detalles, así es que quédate atenta al blog!

      • Suset Vecchi y Luciana Naretti


  10. ana

    Ok so are they gonna perform onstage in universal or is it only an onscreen thing?? Can people watch them onstage?

  11. Laura

    Thank you for your information! I’m trying to figure out if you need to buy Admission to Universal Studios as well as City Walk. Also, Do you go into Universal studios and walk to City Walk? How long would that take from the Main entrance? We have never been there before. We were planning a trip to Orlando for different dates but changed when we saw they were going to be there on the 17th. My seven year old son is obsessed with One Directions. He even tries to do his hair like one of them in the mornings with my blow dryer and way, way too much hair spray, so cute! He also tells me all about each band member and we have to listen to their CD every single time we are in the car. He is so excited! Lucky for me I told him he needed to stop talking in class if he wanted to go and so far so good. He says it’s worth it. I’d agree!

  12. Lacey Chisham

    Hello. Is the concert going to be in the morning or at night?

  13. Lacey Chisham

    Hello. Since it is going to be on the today show is the concert going to be in the morning or at night?

  14. Pam DeMit

    Hi. I am going to see One Direction and I was wondering if people have to line up or they are just let in. Also, is it hard to get good seats? What time would I have to arrive in order to get good seats?

  15. Kathryn

    Will there be any opportunities in the future to get any form of meet and great or backstage pass?

  16. kris

    Need more info on the concert for my daughter.

  17. Maia

    So no admission is required for the concert? and will it be in universal or city walk? I am a massive 1D fan oh and what time does it start and end?

  18. Dani Sanchez

    Hi sorry if this has already been asked but at what time will they perform? Will it be during the day or at night ?

    • Carol Moreno

      it’ll be in the morning

  19. Ruby Theodore

    I love onedirection I am tots coming

  20. Marina

    When will more details be posted?

  21. Sabi

    hi! what time will the boys be performing and are we allowed to camp out? thank you so much if u answer this :~)

  22. Hey, everybody. Just wanted to pop in since a lot of people have been asking for dates, times, etc. More information will be coming and we’ll post it here as soon as we can. Subscribe to the blog or follow us on social media to know first. Thanks!

    • jessica

      I have a question is the performance at city walk still free? or are they making it private? im so confused

      • shelly

        sounds like it will be free, but you’d maybe have to pick up a wristband or something in advance

    • Nigel

      Hi will they have vip so we can meet them

    • Tami Goodman

      just followed you on Twitter….can’t wait to hear more of the details…

  23. Amanda

    Oh my god! I want to go so bad. i can’t go tho cause, my parents own a restaurant so its getting in the way. My sister won’t take me either so my dreams are ruined. I already knew i couldn’t go this always happens. I never really get my hopes up cause if i expect to much i’ll be filled with disappointment. I’ve always wanted to meet them.
    lately i’ve been having trouble with diabetes;I got my diabetes a couple months after one direction was formed. Recently i said i didn’t want to live but one direction made me realize that if im having trouble they’ll be there for me. Ever since i’ve always to express to them how much they mean to me and that what they’re doesn’t just save one person it saves every girl with troubles. They say they wouldn’t be here without us but little do they know most of us wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for them. Well i can drop the dream of meeting them cause it won’t happen. Well at least i’ll be able to see them on a screen made out of pixels.

  24. Alexis

    I told my mom about this 2 weeks ago and the same day I told her she booked our hotel! I’m so excited (and so is she. Harry is her fav)
    We have a group of 10 of us going and we cant wait!!! SEE YOU SOON 1D

  25. Rosanna Cedeno

    I wilk like to know if one direction on nov 17 if they are going to have a meet and greet tickets, we are coming from NY we already bought the flight tickets to go to Universal to see one direction performance. Please let me know, thank!!!!!

  26. Alice

    Hello everybody! How much is the place? And do you know if they would have a showcase in France in 2014 or 2015? Thank youuuuu (:

  27. Alice

    Hello! I just want to Know how much is the price of the place for the showcase?
    Thank’s a lot

  28. michelle Vernetti

    We live in North Florida. My daughter is a huge fan so we will probably make the trip down. Question….do you know yet if universal is going to allow camping out. Rest assured they will have a very long line 2 to 3 days ahead of time.

  29. Please Answer


    The band had has recently said that November 17th & 18th is when they will be at Universal Orlando. Does this mean they will also be performing on the 18th?

    • shelly

      looks like they will be doing their own thing when its not during the today show

      • Shelly

        well I guess they decided the later they announce the better it will be, they just sold and sold out of tickets to an event on the 18th on th music plaza stage

  30. Carol Moreno

    so their is no fee in seeing one direction’s live performance?

  31. autumn

    Will they be going on rides at the park or only performing? Like is performing the only thing they do ? And will we be able to meet them?

  32. liana

    My cousin lives across the street from Niall’s dad and is really good friends with Niall I meet him once.

  33. Jenny

    Is there gonna be any contest for this, to like meet them or something? 🙂

    • shelly

      i believe thats what the 17th & 18th that the guys mentioned will entail, so hopefully they give out alot of winners

  34. Ashley

    Hi I’m Ashley and I’M a huge One Direction fan and I really would like to know a bit more information on this. Where exactly in city walk will they be performing? Are we able to camp out? Are they selling meet and greet passes ?because I would die to meet them. Also will they be staying at that hotel?
    If any more info please get back to me. Thanks

    • Maia

      They will probs do the preforming on tht stage thing xD

  35. Sarah

    Anyone know what time city walk will allow people to enter, that morning? And will it be at the amphitheater?

  36. Julia

    Shhh … don’t tell my nieces! 😉

  37. shelly

    What is the hotel that is going to be 1D themed? Will people that stay during the 17th & 18th, get anything special(other than what was already stated)?

        • Shelly

          Cabana, and for fl residents they have great deals

  38. Fo'i

    Hello Doug! First off, thank you for all the information! I was wondering if there was an update on admission to the concert at city walk? I know it’s free, but do we know how they will be limiting the audience? (First come first served? Will camping out be possible?) Thanks again!

  39. Erica

    I have a question , so is one direction going to be at citywalk or universal the theme park ?

    • Shelly

      City walk on The 17th, universal the 18th

  40. Tiffani

    So excited for this! Will the boys be performing on the stage at City Walk or is the “public viewing” on screens?

  41. Tami Goodman

    Do you know when we should arrive at Citywalk for 1D’s TODAY show performance on November 17th? I assume it’ll be early in the morning, and seating will be very limited. Are there any passes for the event even though its on Citywalk?

    Tami Goodman

    • shelly

      We don’t know anything yet.

      • Shelly

        No it’s first come first serve

  42. Ashley

    When will we know what time the show will be and what time they are opening the gates?

  43. Anissa

    Hi I was wondering if they are also having a meet and greet and if we need tickets for that and also if people are able to get VIP tickets to meet the boys backstage or something

  44. via

    how close will you get to One Direction at the Resort

    • shelly

      unless they are staying at a resort, not close, bc they play in city walk. but if they do stay at one of the on site resorts rest be assured it wont be the most inexpensive one. so play the lottery if you want to stay at the same one.

  45. Jaden

    Hi! I was wondering who early can we be the? How many songs will they be performing?

  46. Jessica berry

    I really have to go its my dream to see them and I have scoliosis

    • Shelly

      You can’t get into the parking garage until 3am as there will be no camping out

  47. Jaden

    Hi! I was wondering how early can we be there? How many songs will they be performing? Are we aloud to camp out?

  48. Isa

    Hey ! I think I might be going to this. but I have a question ! Are they just performing or are we going to get to meet them ?? Please answer. And do you know the time ?

  49. Maria

    HELP!!! Visiting from the UK for 2 weeks and have planed day to day where will be going. We had planned to go to universal on the 17th November. But not a one direction fan! Would you recommend to change our plans or are we going to be able to get into the park without any hassle of screaming, crazy 1D fans as concert is in city walk don’t we need to walk through there to get to park? And is the park going to just be crazy on that day? Thank you in advance.

    • Hi, Maria! Yes, you do need to walk through CityWalk to get to either theme park. And since One Direction will be playing in the morning at CityWalk, I imagine it will be quite crowded. You might want to consider switching up days if that’s a concern. I hope you have a great time while you’re over here.

      • Maria

        Thank you for confirming what I thought.

        We will be changing our days around now. I´m sure we are going to have a great time, can´t wait counting down the days 😉

      • Valencia

        Hi! so how early may we arrive at Universal city walk?

  50. Izzy

    will the boys be going into universal theme park to ride rides after the concert???

    • shelly

      after the concert? not sure! but will they be riding rides? yes

      they have fans voting for what rides they will get to ride, but that’s probably just the only ones that will be during public access. Or maybe filmed or something

  51. Shannon

    I have an annual pass for both parks. Can i still actually hang out at the parks at the same time they are? Therefore, would it be possible to get a picture or meet them? Or is security going to be super strict?

  52. Brianna Lyn

    I’m going to the performance! I’m so excited. Thank you so much for the answers to all my questions. Been a big help. 🙂

  53. Maia

    Hi im a big fan of 1D but will there be seats or will we have to stand.. and i also heard that 1D would do a meet and greet but im just asking to confirm this info Thanks 🙂

  54. Jane

    How will I be able to get into the show? I heard somewhere that I need to make reservations. Is that true?

  55. Mary

    Hi!! Doug
    I’m a Directioner from Guatemala they never come here i’m waiting for 3 years and they not come :'( but now i’m very close to come true my dream, i just want know what time they are perform?? Please please please… Help a this little directioner (ok no .-. ) sorry for my bad english but i’m learnig.
    Thank you for your time, i wish your answer

    • shelly

      I believe the today show is on roughly between 6 and 9, not sure exactly, and the performances are spread within that time. Not sure if they are just recording the today show 1D performance or the whole show though

  56. Anna

    Hii! Well I have a big doubt, I’ll be traveling from Mexico to Orlando just to attend to the One Direction’s performance at Universal… I heard that they will be there on November 17 and 18. The first day I know it will be the live concert but my big question is, what about the second day? Is there any activity or something planned? Thank you and hopefully I’ll get an answer from you. Have a great day!

    • Karen

      Nothing has been announced for the 18th, so I assume 1d will be doing there own thing on that day.

  57. Samara

    OMG! I am so existed. I just went to there concert in Tampa and I can’t wait to see them perform in universal Studios! I really want to meet them so bad.

  58. Tara

    What time do they go on? Also what time should I get there?

  59. Bianca

    Do you know if they will be going in the parks after the Today show?

    • shelly

      They will at some point be riding rides because they have a poll of sorts asking what rides they should ride bc they have a limited amount of time in town. With that said, I would guess they will or could if they want be allowed in after/before hours to enjoy it in peace, but they ride those rides that were chosen with either the contest winners or the general public(in the parks)

  60. María

    Hi. Well I just wanted to know if the concert is public or do I have to pay something to see the boys, please let me know what time is going to start the concert, and I also need more information please!! I really want to be there,
    Thank you 🙂

  61. Marybeth.s

    Hi Doug! Thanks so much for keeping us updated! I am so excited to be traveling from new jersey to florida to see one direction(I’m a hug fan) and the Disney parks.How would you go about getting a good seat or being close to the stage to see the boys??!
    Your the best, thanks again!

  62. Jessica Garcia

    I have 3daughters who would love to see 1D we live 45min away from orlando what time should we be at city walk to be able to see The Boys as my daughters call them

  63. Aero

    There’s info on the Universal website now. Parking lot will be open at 3AM. CityWalk at 4AM. You can’t just stay in CityWalk, they’ll make you leave and come back.

  64. Yas

    If I want to get tickets for some one and me WITHOUT an parent what do I do please answer I need HELP

  65. Imani

    Are there any contests still going on?? I live like an hour away and it would be so cool to finally have the opportunity to see them after being a fan for years! Also is there a time it starts? Thank you!

  66. Angie Marie

    so how does this work? Do i have to buy a citywalk ticket? or a theme park ticket? Or do i just show up and get in free? Please answer asap!!! my daughter needs to go,its her dream!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. Fo'i Meleah


    So for clarification the boys will be performing IN City Walk correct? Not Universal? It’s coming through a bit vague as if they will be performing in Universal while there will be live stream viewing in areas at City Walk.

  68. Michelle

    What time will One Direction perform and what time do you recommend we get to Universal to wait in line to be part of this event?

  69. Ashley

    Do we have to buy Universal tickets to see them?

  70. Marisabel

    Well will the doors open for people to come in? and at what time it is schedule to start?

  71. Eli

    i can’t find the time anywhere. Can you tell me at what time it starts. I want to make sure to get there early.

  72. stacey

    Hi! Thank you for answering our questions! Its helped my mom and i out a lot! Would you happen to know where they were playing in Citywalk? like maybe the amphitheater? We just want to get an idea of where to go when we get there so were not wandering around trying to find them hahaha

      • stacey

        hahaha yeah i figured that XD but i wanted to know exactly so we can go straight there when we walk in. I was there the other night and was trying to figure out where they might be but…. i wasn’t sure. Again, Thank you so much, I appreciate it!

  73. Annie

    Is the park going to be closed for the day? I’ve heard from someone because they are riding rides at the park, is this true or people who have tickets can go?

  74. Monica

    Do preferred card holders get anything extra? Like able to meet them?

    • The only meet and greets are for contest winners. For details on the contest and a chance to enter, visit

  75. Ann

    Will this be a stage where you can be in front of one direction or is it televised on a monitor?

  76. lexi

    what time should we get there?

  77. Brooke

    how do you get the VIP tickets to meet them?

  78. Sarah

    Do you know what time in the morning will they be performing?

  79. Kelly McCann

    Hi! I live in Tampa and I am wanting to go to the free one direction concert on the 17th. Do you know of any tips at all that could help me and my friends get closer to the boys? It would mean sooo much to me! Also, will the park be open for guests that day? Please respond! Any help given would be so greatly appreciated! 🙂

    • Rylee

      hey, I can’t answer your question because I have no idea but I wanted to ask you a question myself! Is the covert on the 17th free to anybody? I really want to go but HAVE to make sure it’s free first! Please let me know as soon as possible!

  80. Dhruvi

    What is the earliest time we can arrive at city walk?

    • Karen

      according to the website. City walk won’t open until 4am.

    • Kelly

      Parking opens at 3, city walk opens at 4

  81. Rylee

    how can I get tickets to this? Is there a website or something? Please get back to me ASAP! Thank you so much:)

  82. Debbie kivett

    Do you know how many fans they are letting enter ? It’s limited to a certain number. I bet there will be thousands and thousands.
    Any system to get in as you line up or just mass crowd running !

  83. Luann

    Will there be any priority access for guests staying at the universal on site hotels? its going to be a madhouse and we would have to end our night before at the parks early if we want to get up early enough to fight the crowds…

  84. Laurie

    I will be there anyway. What are times?

  85. Debra

    Looking at the forecast for Monday it shows 70% chance of rain. Hoping this changes before then. If not, any idea if they will still perform outside at citywalk? Thanks for any guidance!

  86. Britt

    Do you know what time the event will be going on? So I know what time to be there by.

  87. Lesley Noel

    Doug – any news on the private concert on the 18th? When you purchase the bundle you automatically gain access to the private concert on the 18th – but it doesn’t specify times – any information about that???


    • That bundle isn’t sold or fulfilled by us. You’ll need to follow up with the company you purchased it from. See you there!

      • nicole

        What bundle is this and where so you but it?

  88. Amber

    Who knows what time? I have to take a bus from my apartment! I live 45 minuets away but it take 2 hours to get there. If I miss them because the earliest bus doesn’t get there till 7 I will cry!

  89. manuela

    ok, i know that they are closing the park on the 18th for them and i know some people will be allowed to go in with them. How can i be one of those people?!

  90. Leah

    If I have an annual pass that has free parking as one of the benefits will I be able to get free parking for this event?

  91. Jenn

    Does anybody take the time to READ the comments?? Hundreds of you are asking the SAME questions over and over when they’ve been answered 50 times already. Pay attention already… Geez.

  92. Sarah

    3 MORE DAYS!!!!! Where exactly in city walk will they be performing?

  93. Amber

    Where exactly will they be performing and what is the earliest time we will be allowed in?

    • They’ll be performing on the lagoon stage in Universal CityWalk as part of the TODAY show broadcast. The parking garage opens at 3am and CityWalk will open at 4am.

  94. Ed B

    Hi Doug,

    I have 2 quick questions for you. My sister bought my daughter a ticket for the private performance and the proof of purchase has my sisters name on it, will that be an issue? The other question, do you know where the release form can be obtained? I tried to contact but they have been unresponsive. 🙁

    • I’m sorry, Ed. We don’t have anything to do with the MyPlayDirect bundle, not sure how the name works. As for the release, looking at their website, it says, “You will see this form appear once clicking ‘ADD TO CART’.” I’d suggest your sister check her email confirmation. Good luck!

  95. Please reply as soon as possible

    Hi Doug, my mom works there and she told me only annual pass holders get the closer seating is this true,She also said that we will have to go by the upstairs shops and Dipping Dots and we wont be able to see the guys i really want to see one direction because i have never saw them before please reply as soon as possible.

  96. Monica

    Hi ,
    My name s Monica ,my Daughter is a One Direction fan and she is dying to go to Universal to see them, she was begging and crying please Mom…. but unfortunately I wont be able to take her on Monday because I have to work . Can someone tell me if Tuesday or any other day is possible to meet them, I heard they are having a private concert o Tuesday. I really would like to make my Daughter’s dream come true. Please let me know how can I make that happen.