Inside The New Universal Orlando Annual Passholder Look

Inside The New Universal Orlando Annual Passholder Look

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Everybody likes to have a place where they belong. A place where everyone just gets you. And where you can share some of your most precious and memorable moments.

That’s what it’s like when you’re a part of the Universal Orlando Annual Passholder community; it’s like family. And this month, we’re celebrating 25 epic years by giving our Passholders a gift. Since you’ve shown us unwavering love through the years, we want you to know that the feeling is truly mutual with the shiny, new UOAP branding.

Annual Passholder logo comparison

Original and new Annual Passholder logos.

As Art Director on the new UOAP branding, I can honestly say that it was definitely a labor of love for several members of our team for the past year. But that long process has been completely satisfying when you see where we are today.

To take on an important job like rebranding the Annual Pass program is a daunting assignment. I mean, this is for our most loyal fans; the people that know us inside and out. As a designer, you realize the importance of this task and you just know that, when you get this kind of a project, it’s going to be a beast.

At the onset of this project, after all the research and briefing was done, five designers and a handful of writers were put to the task of finding a new and unique way to rebrand this program. I was lucky enough to be one of them.

On and off for the next several months, we strategized, brainstormed, designed, and presented. To then go back and do more of the same.

A table full of ideas was eventually whittled down to five. Which then became three. And after more critiquing, by everyone from senior management to focus groups, a final selection was made.

What was exciting for me was that the initial idea for the concept had struck me early on. It was thrilling to see the idea persevere and be selected.

Annual Passholder doodles

The author’s early sketches.

What made this design so special was that it centered about an abbreviated name of our Passholder program. It’s a clean, bold mark that our Passholders could proudly wear as a badge of honor.

With our path chosen, we set about digging in to all the details of creating a new identity system. Is the layout properly balanced? Is the logo the right size? What’s the right shade of blue? Do we need to spell out “Annual Pass”? How will all the different pieces family together?

Annual Passholder PassportThese are just a few of the questions you need to answer to help you reach the best possible solution for a branding project of this magnitude. But in the end, it’s all worth it to create something special for our Passholders.

So come on in. Enjoy the logo, crack open the new Passport. And welcome to the family.

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  1. Paul Amico

    I like the old logo better than the new one. Should not have changed it.

  2. Vicki Liszewski

    we love universal my one grandson has autism and he has just love going there for yrs his first visit he was two he is now going on sixteen.We would love to be able to afford season passes , our last visit was June of this yr.he rode his first water ride with his brother for the first time boy did he have fun !Now he wants to come again that is why passes like those would be best but to hard to get when I only get social security ( I raise my grandsons ) hoping to get there this yr.again love your park and Cabanna Bay was the best!

  3. Kristi

    Loving the new logo and branding, I think it definitely is a step up and more modern, and overall I appreciate all of the things UO is doing to improve the annual passholder experience. Can’t wait to see what else is in store… (hopefully some plastic passes instead of paper? One can dream!)

    • Tracii

      i JUST posted about that before seeing this

  4. Alicia Stella

    Absolutely love the clean new logo! And thanks so much for the Magnet!

  5. Mary

    Will we be issued new passes with the updated look? I’ve had mine for close to 10 years and the numbers and info printed on it are rubbing off. Was once told it’ll be $15 to replace it but it’s the same pass issued to one day ticket purchasers. How are your loyal annual passholders somehow expected to keep that piece of paper forever?

    • David

      Probably the best bet is to let your pass expire and when you re-up, tell them you threw the old one away. There is no way they would charge you for a lost card for being a NEW passholder.

    • Sarah

      What do you mean? I get a new printed pass and booklet every year I renew!

  6. Kailey Kuhl

    I absolutely dig the new logo! Thank you for sharing the thought process with us, makes me feel like I am part of the family for sure!

  7. Jim & Vicki Cottrell

    We are already passholders. How do we get the new one?

  8. Bruce mackie

    Yes I have been a annual Pass holder for about16 years and I love it I wish thay would do more for me but I will always be a pass holder

  9. Alejandra

    I would love have a better annual passes.. No more Paper version passes.. Please

  10. Adam Jawer

    Nice logo. It would be even nicer on a plastic AP card.

    • Genie Morris

      I like the new logo but I would like to have it on plastic instead of paper. I also love UO. Enjoy all the concerts

  11. Gordon Galbraith

    Preferred passholder for almost fifteen years , but unless theres a serious discount may not renew over the continued removal of iconic rides to be replaced by “limited appeal” ones.. Removal of the Beetlejuice show may be the final nail in the coffin, pun intended, plus flimsy passes that fade easily , overpriced fast passes and insanely long waits in all outdoor queues, a parking system that puts your car in over 100 degree temps on the roof when whole floors are empty.., no water bottles, but bring in all the poison smoke cigarettes you want, Universal is nothing like the park I fell in love with years ago..

  12. Stephanie Smith

    Looks great. Can’t wait for it to become a reality.

  13. greg w

    i like the old one and we need plastic tix so we dont have reissue all the time when the others fade out

  14. Brenda

    I Love Universal, what ever logo is used is OK by me, BUT, Paper annual passes ??, that is nutty. I an lucky to have a plastic pass, because I’ve been a season pass holder for nearly 13 years

  15. Gary von Behren

    I think you had a logo that was good when you sent out our bumper magnets last summer. The new branding upgrade is a bit crowded for me and is actually a downgrade from summer’s version. I look at your picture in the post and wonder what it is for. Will it be for newsletters, for new plastic tickets or for cover material for park brochures? If it is for new plastic tickets, then you need to add the preferred (or other category) so your employees can recognize the discount levels. If it is for the newsletters you email or mail or web publish. it is OK. The new style of newsletter should be Web only to minimize misdirected mail, older profile info and save postage.

    Where are we headed here? Is this like an old radio serial where we wait for the next episode to find out more?

  16. Tom Maxwell

    We thought when we got older we would grow out of the Universal Park attraction. But , we didn’t. We love visiting and pretending we are still young. You guys have helped us to maintain our youth. We thank you for that experience. Don’t ever stop helping people feel young. God Bless you. Take care. Thank you again. Tom & Nancy Maxwell ( 71 & 68 yrs. young. )

  17. Dave Detscher

    Good Job! We have been loyal since it opened.

  18. Chia

    I am an annual pass holder and we still use the paper ticket method to get inside the house. I love the new look and all. But something that baffles me is that we all have technology i.e. our phones. As an iPhone user, I have access to the Wallet app that lets me store my Credit cards and Rewards Cards. Why don’t you make it digital and use the magnet/paper a last resort and use ID to verify the holder? Just my 2 cents.

  19. Barbara Vires

    I used to have the old plastic pass, with my picture on it. Had it for ten or eleven years. Can’t stand the paper ones.

  20. Noreen Barnett

    Love the new logo.

  21. Paul Rankin

    The new Universal logo looks good and you can see the work that has gone into it.
    Keep up the great work

  22. Tracii

    Seriously?? A year and thousands of dollars to redesign an app that no one sees? how about putting some effort into something that benefits annual passholders, like re-designing the Annual Passholders ID/Passcode system so that we can log in with our e-mail and user-created password rather than some archaic 25 digit ID followed by 12 digit passcode that pretty much requires you to keep your pass on you at all times or write those numbers down somewhere. And God forbid you put the pass in your wallet, because the ink wears off of the cardboard after a few months and you have to hassle with waiting in a long line to get it replaced. Seriously, I have had annual passes from several of the attractions here and in other places that I have lived, and although I love what’s inside Universal, I cannot fathom why US is the only one I’ve come across to use this system for annual passholders to access the restricted area of the website, or paper passes. And since I was told by a customer service representative just a few months ago that “Good news, when your pass renews you are locked in at your current price – the prices have gone up but you won’t have to worry.” only to get an e-mail a week later saying that I WILL have to pay an increase when my pass renews, I’m seriously considering taking an extended break.

  23. Quint.S

    love the new logo, this may not be your call but you guys should look into going to plastic annual passes. I go to universal about 3 times a months and with the getting it and out of my wallet and water rides, they get beat up pretty good.

  24. Brandon

    How about a digital wearable waterproof band that holds all passholder info, including any package info like dining club and express pass that can be scanned when needed. It would be nice to have everything in one place and not be just pieces of paper. Or a plastic card, I suppose.

  25. christina

    I have been a season passholder since 2005 and i loved the plastic annual passes. Can you please bring them back!! I hate the paper passes

  26. christopher smith

    i have had an annual pass since i moved here from nyc almost 20 years ago. i love universal and island’s and appreciate the park taking this to the next level. other parks in orlando could care less, but it feels like you guys are truly dedicated. thanks and take care.

  27. Tracii

    Apparently the moderator didn’t like my last comment, so I doubt this one will be posted either. But I tried to point out that rather than spending a year and thousands of dollars on redesigning a logo, they should be doing something that passholders actually care about. Like the paper passes (as has been mentioned SEVERAL times), or the archaic way you have to log into the Annual Passholder website that requires you to have the pass handy, unless you can remember two lengthy strings of random numbers. I’ll leave the other complaints out this time in the hopes that this may actually get through.

  28. Frances Iglesias

    I love it. Thank you #UniversalOrlando. It’s innovative, it shows your dedication and appreciation to your annual pass holders and the important role they play in making Universal Orlando their ultimate playground. Keep up the good work. My husband and I are excited about what the future will bring.

  29. Susan Nielson

    I recently talked one of my co-workers to get a Annual Passes frothier kids. He is a single parent and told him it was well worth it. We are now going on our second year for our Annual Passes. How do we get the magnets for the Annual Pass Holders? Is there any ideas of getting passes on a plastic card.

  30. Yovette

    The logo is good but you should at least put the annaul pass picture on a plastic card like before.
    Only annual pass holder should get the plastic card since they do you use it frequently. The card would
    last longer. Just a suggestion.

  31. Sarah

    Thank you for giving us 16 years of great lasting memories. Keep up the good work.

  32. Dreadneck

    Just look how Disney does it. Not only do they have nice plastic passes but they have options for wrist and running bands. They also did a very smart thing by allowing customization on colors, names and images for an extra fee. So they monetized the passes, very smart. Universal is a bit behind.

  33. Dreadneck

    I seriously hate the hands making a heart thing. Are we going to emote the thing next.

  34. Gina Avery

    We just bought 3 premier passes a couple of weeks ago and never got a car magnet,where can I get one at?

  35. Martha Williams

    We have a group that might want to go on the VIBE tour. Is there a way to make a reservation? Is it only on Wednesday. Would think the group might want to then stay for lunch or have lunch prior to the tour. Can someone contact me. Would appreciate it.