A Halloween Horror Nights Soul Collector Social Media Meet-Up

A Halloween Horror Nights Soul Collector Social Media Meet-Up

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This year at Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights, we demanded more than just screams. Sixty-four teams were up for the challenge. The game ended with one, and you won’t want to miss what went down…


Game 1: Latitude and Longitude Puzzle Halloween Horror Nights Social Media Meetup

Their night began with a riddle. Solve the location and match the correct latitude and longitude numbers. The answer led them to the next game location, where the first 32 teams to arrive continued on.

Game 2 & 3: Scare Zone Scavenger Hunt & Bug Eating

Halloween Horror Nights Meet Up

The next game presented the challenge of locating an item that does not belong in the Festival of the Deadliest scare zone. This item was a clue that led them to Universal Studios’ Classic Monsters Cafe. At this game spot, 16 teams were presented with not one, but 10 worms for a mid-game snack. Let’s just say no one hesitated, and the field of 16 was cut to 8.

Halloween Horror Nights Social Media Meetup

Game 4 & 5: Loyalty Test and Digging for a Riddle Halloween Horror Nights Social Media Meetup

A clue led to the next location, where one member of each team was pulled aside to question their loyalty. They could continue on, or take a $100 gift card to bail out on their partner. Of the 8 teams, 7 moved on with a clue to the next challenge location, where they had to be among the first four to arrive.

For the four teams that arrived first, there was a crate filled with “poop.” You read that right, they had to dig their hands into a big pile of “poop” – smell and all – where the first 2 teams to find the clues would be led to their next location.

Game 6: The Hunt for Atlas for Victory

The last 2 teams used their wit to discover the location of the Atlas clock. From there, the final clue was given, leading them to Mel’s Drive-In for a question to determine the ultimate Soul Collectors.

Halloween Horror Night Social Media Meetup

Upon victory, the last team was interrupted by Bone and his Bloods who lured them into a horrifyingly awesome Q&A with the Halloween Horror Nights Creative team.

To make the night totally excellent, it ended with a private Bill & Ted moment after their last show of the evening. Totally excellent, dudes.

Halloween Horror Nights Social Media Meetup

Thanks for the sacrifice, Elite Soul Collectors. See you at #HHN28.

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  1. David

    Nice job making it almost impossible to get a ticket to this event!