Thanks for the Scares: Halloween Horror Nights 26 Comes to a Close

Thanks for the Scares: Halloween Horror Nights 26 Comes to a Close

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The chainsaws are revving for their final night and the foggers are winding down. Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights 26 is coming to an end.

I want to thank all who participated in Halloween Horror Nights 26, from our guests to our Team Members. We all were a part of some dark magic. This year’s event was a place where we all shared moments of spine tingling terror and fun while escaping the realities of everyday life.

Hear what fans have to say about this year's Halloween Horror Nights

I want to thank you, the fans. From the die hard to the newbie, each one of you has supported this endeavor we call Horror Nights. It truly is an honor to be counted as one of you.

It takes an army of talented people across Universal Orlando to reanimate this event. Thank you to each Team Member for delivering on each part you played. A special shout out goes to all the scare actors. Know that you are the backbone of the event. Your sweat and hard work is what creates lasting memories for each guest who enters our gates.

Come face-to-face with Chance, the mistress of horror at Universal Orlando's Halloween Horror Nights 26.

We took some Chances (pun intended) this year, on some of the content. Those moments ended up being some of the most terrifying and highest rated in the history of the event. From new technology to a continuation of our icon story with Chance, we expanded our brand of horror.

What will next year bring? I can’t spill the beans yet, but I can say we are already working on it now. Stay tuned to the blog for all the scary details.

See you next year. Happy Halloween!

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  1. Joe

    Thank you for all the scares and entertainment.

  2. Ricky

    I can’t wait for next year and hope you bring back Academy of Villains, they were amazing.

  3. Kenny Davis

    Just a few comments universal, while the event itself was great. The queues were dire, made excruciatingly painful by your continuing exploitation of the fast pass, express lines. Surely for events such as this all should be treated equal. It’s expensive enough without this and creates an atmosphere of elitism. Food and drink prices were pocket numbingly out of reach. 15.50 dollars for a can of beer and tiny shot of dubious alcohol, come on, greed is greed in any language.