Dare to Chance: A #HHN26 Social Media Meet-Up

Dare to Chance: A #HHN26 Social Media Meet-Up

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Would you ever dare to Chance an experience if it meant stepping through the gates at Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights 26? At this year’s #HHN26 Social Media Meet-Up, 32 guests accepted the invitation to what they thought was just a lights-on tour of a haunted house, but they were in for much more than they bargained for.

Intrigued? See the story…

Their night began like any horror flick: with the lights on. The setting, much to their surprise, was American Horror Story, this year’s top rated house. The tour was conducted by Halloween Horror Night’s creative masterminds who gave insights on the real life version of the show.


Just like scares, the night’s next activity came unexpected. These guests were the first to step into the new horror based virtual reality experience, The Repository. In groups of four, they explored unnerving environments and interacted with haunting live actors.


The horror-ificily fun night continued with tasty treats and beverages to help calm any nerves. But not for long…it was Chance’s turn to play. The queen of horror interrupted to take center stage and pose for a group photo with her minions.

Now that you know the story, it’s time for you to see it for yourself…

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