Thank You For An Incredible 25th Year of Halloween Horror Nights

Thank You For An Incredible 25th Year of Halloween Horror Nights

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I can’t believe Halloween Horror Nights 25 is over. It feels like a blink of an eye since it began.

This year has truly been a memorable experience for all involved. The event promised to be something fitting of a 25th year. And through the amazing talents of so many people—armies of people all across Universal Orlando—it was better than I could have been possibly imagined. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

This year saw the biggest house slate we’ve ever had. It contained the largest scareactor cast in our studio streets. And our 25th brought back our main maniac, the master of our scaremonies, the Horror Nights icon among icons—Jack the Clown. With him came chaos and the “Dark Fantastic” in all its gory glory.

On behalf of the entire team, I want to thank everyone from all over the world who chose to attend our Halloween event. From the die hard fans to the first timers, your support and love allowed this event to grow from its three-night beginnings in 1991 to the beast that it has become.

I also want to thank the amazing people who, night after night, gave their all in performing as monsters and maniacs. Your dedication and commitment to delivering the fear is truly what makes this event what it is. Those who performed one night or all 30, I can’t thank you enough for being with us. It’s not lost on me what it takes to do what you do. As a former Scareactor, I know the triumphs and the challenges these roles bring. The life blood of this event is our cast and crews, and our success is due to your efforts. Bottom line—thank you.


This year will surely be one for the books, including the first ever Social Media meet-up—The Last Laugh—held last night (highlights coming soon!).

And while I of course can’t go into detail, I can say we’re already hard at work on Halloween Horror Nights 26.

In fact, mark your calendars now: Halloween Horror Nights 26 will be on select nights Sept. 16 – Oct. 31.

Happy Halloween, everyone. Here’s to the next 25 years of fear!

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  1. Maria

    It was awesome! Can’t wait until next year!

    Thank you!

  2. StephenDechert

    Thank you so much for giving us Halloween Horror Nights every year! My wife and I absolutely love the houses where we can finally walk through the horror movies that scared us as kids growing up. For the first time since Ive been coming at the age of 12 (now 29) I was actually terrified. Not in a jump scare type of way but in a true fear type of way, when I came face to face with the werewolf in American werewolf in London. Every primal instinct in me told me I shouldn’t be looking that creature in the face and expecting to walk away. We will certainly be back next year! Halloween Horror Night rivals Christmas morning, each house is a twisted present waiting to be opened.

  3. Darlene

    Loved it! I cannot wait until next year! Keep up the good work guys!

  4. Johnnie Ann

    I. Had been wanting to go for years. Best time ever!!!! I loved looking at all the wonderfully put together houses!! Can’t wait till next year. Great job guys!!! The shows were awesome.

  5. Lisa

    We had a BLAST at HHN25 this year. My siblings, my best friend and I traveled from WI, MN and Washington, D.C. to attend and it was so worth it. I am already looking forward to next year!

  6. sonia

    I am NOT a big fan of clowns and sometimes won’t go because of them. Not this year, Jack HAD to be there to host or it would not have been right.
    Thanks for the scares and fun.
    just wondering, is there someplace I can still buy souvenirs I couldn’t find in the park?

  7. Gg

    Reduce the prices JUST a little bit so we can enjoy it more 🙂 SOOO READYY FOR NEXT YEARR! YES!

  8. Robert Allard

    WAS AWESOME I HAD SO MCH FUN WITH MY WIFEY AND KIDS CANT WAIT FOR HHN26 wooohooo thank you universal studios ! always put a big smile in my face and please bring the hulk right back i missed this time! THAT OUR FAV RIDE! ! ❤️PEACE

  9. Renee

    Halloween Horror Nights was firing on all cylinders this year. Great scarezones, houses, and overall atmosphere. The entire event was top notch and everything you hope to get out of a Halloween Horror Nights experience. I am eagerly anticipating next year and me and my family are already tossing around theories and ideas on what the theme for next year could be! Thank you to the entire team for bringing us an another amazing HHN event!

  10. LisaN

    Thanks so much for another great year. I have been going every year for the past few years and this year was the best!! The Scareactors were great, I love the Purge area. Every single house was outstanding, I’m not even sure if I has a favorite, they were all great. I kept telling myself “it’s just pretend” but my heart was jumping out of my chest after every house. So much fun!! Can’t wait until next year!!

  11. Carl R

    My wife and i have gone 5 years in a row and we have never been disappointing. It’s always a blast!!

  12. Rossen

    We had a wonderful time you guys did a magnificent work.

    Thank you so very much


  13. Gina

    Thank you for making it the BEST and MOST MEMORABLE 13th Birthday EVER for my daughter and her BFF. The only thing she wanted for her birthday was a trip to HHN and you all did not disappoint. Everything was amazing and we had an incredible evening filled with fear and laughter.

  14. Daniel Trent

    Let me just start off by saying that this miraculous event has forever changed my life. I first attended Halloween Horror Nights in 2012 and I was simply blown away. From the moment I walked through Universal’s grand luxurious opening gates, I have devoted my life to all matters Universal and especially Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights. I have made it my goal throughout high school, and now college to one day be a part of Halloween Horror Nights. I just wanted to say that this year i am so incredibly proud of the Halloween Horror Nights team. Halloween Horror Nights 25 was a phenomenal, thrill-packed, grand year that will leave a huge mark in Halloween Horror Nights history. The houses where immaculate, and the scare zones where phenomenal. I was so happy to see how much love and care the creative team had put into the event. Thank you to you Michael Aiello, the Universal creative team, the scare-actors, and all those involved in helping bring this horrifying year alive. I dream of one day where I can be fortunate enough to be part of your wonderful team and this glorious event. Thank you once again for yet another extraordinary Halloween Horror Nights.

  15. John Sayles

    Thank you for making Universal, and HHN, a continued part of my life. I used to live in the Orlando area, and got to go a lot, on account of the fact that my father used to work at the park as one of the character actors. His name was Gary Sayles, a lanky guy, he usually did characters such as Frankenstein’s Monster or Harry Henderson. He’s passed on I’m sorry to say, but being back after a few years brought back a lot of those old memories from when I was a kid. Thank you for making this year and all the others a truly spectacular experience.

  16. Devon

    Thank you so much the hallaween ovre disney its was good I have a good night ovre I like to come back and do hallaween all the time xxxx the best hallaween the funny and fun so cool

  17. Sergio Gutierrez

    Never been, you mentioned “selected nights”, I want to start planning our trip, can u tell me what days will be best to experience Halloween horror nights?