Grandmother Video Series: The Incredible Hulk Coaster

Grandmother Video Series: The Incredible Hulk Coaster

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It takes a seriously brave grandmother to face The Incredible Hulk Coaster—and that’s exactly what we found this week.  Continuing our celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month and coming to the theme parks with grandma, this week we’re celebrating fearless grandmas.

Grandma Diana—alongside her three grandsons, Davis (23), Davin (17) and Mario (11)—took on one of the fan favorites at Universal’s Islands of Adventure. Check out the video below to see their incredible reaction:

Make sure to check back next week for another video celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month and our appreciation of our abuelas.

How do you celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month? Tell us in the comments below.

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  1. Candy Hull

    The Hulk has always been my favorite ride at Islands of Adventure. I was surprised to hear they decided to unmantle it but was anxious to ride it this weekend this first time with my daughter! The look of it was great, but the ride itself was not as good as the original HULK I’m afraid! The SWOOSH sound it was known for was gone!!! I would have hated to work close to it but people riding it or watching it would get excited hearing it! That is gone! The ride itself seemed faster and rougher because my head hurt the entire ride and for awhile after!!!! So I’m guessing it’s faster which unfortunately made it less enjoyable!!! The original Hulk I could ride 5 times in one day before my neck got tired and my head started bothering me. I only wanted to ride the New Hulk ONCE, it hurt my head too much and it wasn’t enjoyable to ride anymore!???????I thought maybe it was me but my daughter who is 24yrs old said the same thing! So sad that my favorite coaster is no more!!!! If it wasn’t broke why did you change it????? It’s not the same! We have been fans since 1999 when it opened but unfortunately it’s no longer fun to ride but very uncomfortable due to the speed/ intensity! Disappointed!
    PS Also missed the male’s voice in the tube prior to take off and what he said and the green lights!!!