Deal or No Deal is Coming Back at Universal Orlando Resort—And You’ve Got a Shot to Win!

Deal or No Deal is Coming Back at Universal Orlando Resort—And You’ve Got a Shot to Win!

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CNBC has announced that popular game show Deal or No Deal will be returning along with original host Howie Mandel—and it will be taped here at Universal Orlando Resort. Contestants make tension-filled decisions on which briefcase to open with a chance at winning a fortune or losing it all.

And guess what: you’ve got a chance this weekend to be one of those lucky players (details below).

The hour-long show features a contestant who chooses one briefcase from a selection of 26. Each briefcase contains a value from US $.01 to $1,000,000. During the game, the contestant eliminates the other cases and is periodically presented with a “deal” from The Banker to take a cash amount to quit the game.

Legendary host Howie Mandel is back to help battle The Banker and ask brand new contestants the million dollar question, “Deal or No Deal?”

CNBC’s new season of Deal or No Deal will consist of 30 original one-hour episodes, and it will join the network’s primetime lineup airing at the end of 2018.

Beginning in July, guests of Universal Orlando Resort will also have the opportunity to be part of the studio audience and experience the energy and excitement of the high stakes game show. Stay tuned for more information this summer on how you can be a part of the Deal or No Deal studio audience.

Deal or No Deal Contestants- Open Casting Call Information

There will be an open casting call for contestants this Saturday, May 19, at Universal CityWalk. If you are fun, energetic and want your shot at a fortune, we want to meet you!

Saturday, May 19, 2018- 9am-2pm

Park at Universal Citywalk – 6000 Universal Blvd, Orlando, FL 32819

Upon arrival, walk towards Blue Man Group theatre next to Universal Studios Florida. Look for signs pointing you towards the Open Casting Call. Entrance will be to the left of the Universal Studios entrance near the Blue Man Group box office.

You can also apply online at:

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  3. Danielle

    Will there be anymore? Oh man we missed it

  4. Sherri-Ann Prince

    Will there be any more casting before July II would love to be one the show

  5. Dora Douglas

    Would love to get tickets as we are in the Orlando area most of the year and don’t stay at the resort. My disabled son watches it all the time on the reruns and says what he would do if he got a chance to play all the time. Please advise how I can get studio audience tickets at the very least. Thanks

  6. Larry

    How do I get tickects to the taping show ??
    Any one know!!! In Orlando !! I live here at Orlando

  7. amanda goddard

    hi coming out 21 jly would love to be part off the shoe let me know how

  8. KC

    HOWIE, You have been Many parts of My life through Many Happy times During Your diff. time Sinereos in Not only your life, but Mine too!! Being Able to have the chance & Be able to Play The Contestant on Deal Or No Deal would be Such an Amazing Opportunity! And to be able to AGAIN have ANOTHER time of YOU being a part in which I SOoo enjoy, watching you in diff.things you have done. But Now, if you could make this rare opportunity happen…Me, a contestant would be SO blessed with having to be in or along something you are doing….it would be Just Amazing!! And a *rare opportunity* & again, “blessing to get an opportunity to win” some money So in Need to fix many things. To be able to afford & See & my Mom that is So Many States away & can’t come to see me”. She is on oxygen & Won’t fly to come see me or anywhere. Winning a large amount of $ or even some small, could make that difference! Please Howie this would be an amazing Holiday gift to be chosen to be able to go on Deal Or No Deal!!! I understand the role call was past, but I had No idea that it Even Was given 🙁 Howie YOU, couldn’t “YOU” or Who? Make this Dream Opportunity happen for me!!?! Love You Howie”
    *** Please, Could You Let HOWIE be Aware of this Email Comment!! Ik he could make this happen!!

  9. Nancy Dusza

    Evert page I go to for signing up to be on Deal or No Deal says “no long available”. Where can I go to get an application?
    Nancy Dusza

  10. Hi Nancy, the recording of the show has ended, so this is no longer available. Thank you for your interest!

  11. Naveeda Bibi

    I am looking for applying tto be contestant for deal or no deal. I clicked on the link u gave above, but it say, this page is no longer available.. now how and where to apply?

    • Hello!
      This application was for 2018. Please keep an eye out on our Official Universal Orlando Blog for any updates or information.

  12. Hello Rani, this casting call is currently closed. I would encourage you to stay tuned to CNBC’s official social channels for any updates.